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Little Girl Tells Her Mom She Found A 'Bra' In Daddy's Car And Twitter Loves Her Hilarious Mistake

Kids say the darnedest things sometimes. While it can be funny at times, other times, it can put us in some real sticky situations.

Recently, one dad learned the hard way that his daughter's imagination can run way too wild.

After getting into his car, his four-year-old noticed something a bit suspicious.

She told her mom that she found a "bra" in her dad's car.

Obviously, this would get any husband in trouble as not many wives are leaving their bras in their husband's car.

I'm sure this husband was starting to sweat.

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Accusations like this can cause a huge riff in a marriage.

Not to mention, if it was your daughter who found the bra?!?

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Obviously, she would be scarred for life.

So the entire family went to investigate.

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My favorite part of this story is that the whole family, even the little girl, went to the garage to check.

But, it definitely wasn't a bra that she found in his car.

Instead, it was a face mask that resembled a bra cup. However, his wife didn't know this at first.

Obviously, to us, it's hilarious.

A four-year-old mistaking a face mask for a bra and trying to rat on her own dad? Priceless.

Clearly, the husband was not as amused as we are.

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Imagine you're about to lose your entire marriage over a complication like this? Sheesh, I'd be sweating.

He probably looked nervous, just being accused of such a thing.

Even though he did nothing wrong, anytime you are in hot water like this — our face says it all.

Which, probably didn't go over too well with his wife.

Any nerves can be misconstrued as guilt, you know.

Luckily, the whole thing was a mix up!

Unsplash | Caroline Hernandez

And, it just shows how vivid this little girl's imagination really is.

People on Twitter were quick to point out some clear facts.

One person reminded the dad that his daughter's loyalties clearly lie with his wife.

One person was relieved that it wasn't a bra.

Imagine getting caught by your own daughter?!?

Someone else said that it must have been a high anxiety situation.

Retracing all of your steps like...

Another said this little girl is a savage.

Basically, she'll snitch on her daddy in a quick second.

One person even joked that she was trying to play them!

Two Christmases is every kid's dream.

Of course, one mom said just wait.

The teenage years are even worse.

And, another reminded him women stick together.

That's facts!!

Word to the wise: never trust your kids with your secrets.

You never know where or when they will blow up your spot!

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