Terrarium Candles Are The Only Fake Plants We Need In Our Home

House plants continue to be all the rage, and I'm not mad about it. But what I'm mad about is the fact that I can't seem to take very good care of mine (typical perfectionist Virgo trait). Oh, and trust me, I've heard that I should own succulents. But those have caused me the most trouble, actually.

One candle maker is here to solve all of my life's problems, because she makes the cutest terrarium-inspired candles that might just be too pretty to burn.

How adorable are these terrarium-style decorative candles?


They're made by Zoe Tang, a candle maker located in Vancouver, Canada.

Her terrarium candles are an homage to nature.


Even the candles' scents are very reminiscent of natural earthy scents.

The cactus terrarium candle is pine and vanilla scented. Customers say this scent is amazing!

The poppy terrarium is a delicious white tea and jasmine scent, which goes perfectly with the floral design.


These candles would look perfect on a desk, on a bookshelf, and would be the perfect gift that is both functional and a pretty decor piece.

Note to family and friends who read this article: my birthday is coming up. Please?

They're $20 a pop, but considering they're hand-poured by an independent maker and are one-of-a-kind, it's a great price.


Check them out for yourself on the website, and get your credit card out while you're at it. I know you won't be able to hold back!

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