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16+ Questionable Things That Made Us Do A Double Take

Sometimes, we can go through a situation where things seem just normal enough that we don't notice the one thing that should be obviously wrong with that picture at first.

But whether we suddenly come to a realization or our friends are so stunned by our non-reaction that they tell us about it, we eventually remember that yes, it is weird that the guy in the motorcycle helmet was trying to breastfeed a chicken.

I'm sorry to tell you that none of the images we're about to see have that going on in them, but there's a good chance they'll leave you just as confused.

It seems to come out of nowhere, but there's at least kind of a reason why this wall has a word cloud about STDs.

Reddit | robinkak

Apparently, this is the "British Room " in a South Korean hotel that charges by the hour so couples can have some privacy.

It then makes sense that they'd want to put some sexual terms in English on the walls, but they also happened to land on the biggest mood-killers.

If nothing else, this image has given me something to check for before I get on a Ferris wheel now.

Reddit | Ayayoska

Remember, folks: If one of the sides on the structure supporting the ride is being held up by a loose tower of bricks, that ride is not for you...or anyone.

No matter how much I see this picture, I doubt I'll ever figure out what's going on here.

Reddit | Breno_17

Unless there's some weird perspective trickery happening here, that guy definitely has a shoe in his mouth.

And if the answer for why isn't "because he likes the taste," I'm sure I'll never know it.

It's nice to see that someone out here appreciates slugs, but this seems like an inconvenient way to show it.

Reddit | Frumpyandstupid

At least, I know I'd start to get annoyed after a while if people either kept batting away at my head or urgently telling me what I already know.

As much as I'd like to say that someone figured out how to make a limo float, this one's really just sitting on an existing boat.

Reddit | Aalexander_Y

One one hand, I'd like to give them credit for finding a way to keep it from falling off.

On the other hand, I don't want to take the risk that they haven't accomplished that as well as they thought.

I'm sure this idea appeals to somebody, but it's definitely not me.

Reddit | nooshxd

Maybe it's just because I'm not a big spam fan at the best of times, but the idea of eating it like an ice cream bar just makes me shudder.

As if the Teletubbies didn't look weird enough the first time around, there's something really "off" about these ones.

Reddit | naquino14

Part of it is the fact that they're nowhere near their regular setting and part of it has to do with the racked faces, but I think the biggest problem is that they're not even tubby!

This little forgotten detail will probably make some customers uncomfortable.

Reddit | mskatme0w

That is, unless they intentionally left little clues as to what happened here so curious passers-by will come in and ask.

Ah ha, I'm onto this restaurant's little game!

Yeah, just go ahead and take this one in because there's a lot to unpack here.

Reddit | danustrollus

Not only do we have paintball man in the back doing his mid-dump guitar solo, but I'm pretty sure that toothbrush holder normally has another use.

Judging by the look on that possum's face, these guys won't be having fun for long.

Reddit | imliterallyuseless

Those critters can do a lot of damage when they get pissed off and I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it's not exactly finding the hooting and braying happening behind it pleasant.

Unfortunately, somebody learned the hard way that there's no shame in just admitting you don't have the materials you need for the job.

Reddit | ChrisonCroissant

The taxidermist bravely tried to forge ahead with what I'm guessing is a bench made from a wildcat, but now it looks like they brought a second grader's drawing to life.

There was actually a pretty fierce debate over whether we should worry about this man riding the train with a pickaxe.

Reddit | Gjab

Some felt the uploader should've just left him alone, but the four cops who ended up arresting him apparently didn't agree.

Well, this warning isn't kidding. You definitely want to remove this gas cap slowly.

Reddit | castleking212

Preferably, that should be done while wearing a beekeeper's outfit because it looks like the simple act of getting gas opened somebody up for a nasty surprise.

This kind of tiling works well in a bathroom, but that's not necessarily true for the whole house.

Reddit | OpenBrainedProf

At the same time, if whoever did this wants to clean mildew out of the cracks throughout their entire house, more power to them.

If anybody had some business over at this window, let's just say they don't anymore.

Reddit | catman678

This may be hard for some people to accept, but it belongs to the spiders now.

Apparently, this car was modified like this to raise awareness for Lyme Disease.

Reddit | alexandrsuprtrmp

Of course, the only way we'd know that is if we somehow managed to spot that "#TestForLyme" message in the window.

Of course, it's not like there are any giant ticks on the roof to distract us or anything.

Let's just say that a lot of the people who came across this prank were less than impressed by it.

Reddit | danisnothome

At the same time, it's hard not to admire how much they were able to accomplish with just a stolen mannequin leg and a little red paint.

The reflections from this window are confusing enough that this might just seem like a dealership, but nope.

Reddit | lastlevel23

The reflection shows a parking lot and your eyes do not deceive you. That car somehow made it into an indoor pool.


This shouldn't be as funny to me as it is, but what can I say? I like a good real-life pun.

Reddit | PadreChanka88 3 hours ago hmmm

You see, they're Domino's delivery scooters... That have fallen over like dominos...

Admit it. It's funny in a dumb way.

Speaking of puns... this one is more of a facepalm.

Reddit | spicerldn

I really, really hope this guy gets something like "Brit" or "Desti" tattooed on his other knee, because otherwise why bother even getting the first one?

Either this woman is made of steel or this photo's timing is impeccable.

Reddit | Maelarion

Like, did they manage to snap it in the half-second before she registered those teeth biting down on her boob?

Because that must have hurt.

I might question the taste of someone who puts a giant, smiling Arnold on the back of their car.

Reddit | hobobab

Until you realize that his forearm is attached to the rear window wiper and suddenly it leaps over bad taste into awesomely bad taste.

Well isn't this just a nice... shrimp chaise.

Reddit | TheBiggestZeldaFan

Okay, to be honest, it looks really comfortable. If you took off the tentacles and made it a different color, I would totally cozy up with a book.

You can find some really unusual stuff as flea markets, but there probably should be a line.

Reddit | medjarray7

Is this an old movie prop with a fake blade, or are we really just gonna leave that sitting there waiting for one stupid kid to stick their head through the hole?

I would just get right back off the train if I saw this.

Reddit | EpicChickenMemer

Those poor regular passengers clearly didn't expect to end up in a literal clown car.

I really want a transcription of the conversation the homeowners had with the contractor for this.

Reddit | infShaner

Owner: "The road is up at my second storey, so put the garage there."

Contractor: "But the road doesn't connect to your street or driveway."

Owner: "I don't pay you to argue!"

Contractor: "Fine. Enjoy being infamous on Reddit."

Kitty is just bashing in the love.

Reddit | zero_andrei

Does it matter that the love them bask in is that of an anime cat from the moon? Nope. Kind of makes it better, actually.

I'm glad nobody was seriously hurt and that the driver has the sense to look embarrassed.

Reddit | AWildOop

My assumption is that this is a case of confusing forward and reverse that somehow manages to be both unfortunate and lucky.

I know that this isn't really something Planet Fitness can avoid, but it's still funny.

Reddit | ItsFrenzius

The owners must have been so annoyed when they realized this was going to happen every time the sun was out.

Yeah, it's probably time for this person to do something about that window.

Reddit | OyeSimpson

Car windows aren't cheap to replace, but I can't imagine that this solution is doing much to protect the interior.

It's probably very effective at deterring thieves, though.

You know how the doctors always ask if you have dentures or loose teeth before they put you under for surgery?

Reddit | Al-Andalusia

This is why you should always be honest! If you don't remove your dentures, you may find them in your throat 8 days after surgery, like this guy did.

Apparently, this man was arrested after trying to take hostages, but that's not the strange part.

Reddit | lunargeass

It turns out that the metal device strapped to him was supposed to work as a bulletproof vest. Considering that it's a door hinge, it's probably for the best that he was just arrested.

This looks like a screenshot from a post-apocalyptic video game, doesn't it?

Reddit | Kingestien

It's not, though. This is a hotel that shifted during an earthquake in Thailand in 2018. It's hard to say whether this is lucky or not, but if you were in the building's higher floors, it might have saved your life compared to the whole thing just collapsing.

As you look at this, I just want to ensure that you keep one thing in mind: It's a can opener.

Reddit | stubbornmoose

I know what it looks like and I have no reason to believe that you don't know what it looks like, but it is actually a can opener and nothing more.

That's an interesting design approach, huh?

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