People Are Sharing Their Picks For Worst Architectural Design

When someone combines stunning architecture with functional design the world rejoices. But when some poor soul creates a design that can only be described as an abomination we can all either laugh or cry.

When one twitter user recently asked people to post pictures of the worst architectural nightmares the internet surely obliged and then some.

Sarah Schauer challenged her Twitter followers to post the worst offenders when it comes to architecture and the pictures started pouring in. She had over 50K people talking about it.

She had over 50,000 people talking about it.

Why would you need to climb not one, but three steps to get to the toilet?

And when you sit the window is right behind you? OMG, the nerve.

Is it just me or does this bathroom decor and wallpaper look like someone threw up all over it?

This is starting to turn my stomach the longer I look at it.

Hmm, I like the idea of an open concept and all but this is all too much for me.

And what's with the blue tiles in the whole entire place?

I don't understand how is anyone able to even use this toilet?

Twitter | @MeBeGacona

Sitting on it would be so uncomfortable. And climbing over it to get to the shower? Bizarre.

Because everyone loves to poop where they eat. Am I right?

Twitter | @MeBeGacona

OMG, I'm losing my appetite as I look at this. But at least you don't have far to go.

I think whoever allowed someone to decorate their bedroom like this needs to get their money back ASAP.

Twitter | @MeBeGacona

If they did it themselves I feel bad for them.

What in the heck is going on here?

Twitter | @MeBeGacona

Is this a bedroom or some sort of worship type of thing? I'm so confused about what they were going for here.

I'm blinded, I'm blinded.

Twitter | @MeBeGacona

LOL. I don't think I could stand any more than 2 minutes in this horrid space. I'm already regretting even looking at this. Yikes.

OMG, because everyone wants an audience when they're sitting on the throne, right?

If someone invited me to this place I would never speak to them again. For real.

Help, I'm trapped in a house of endless memorabilia.

Twitter | @GiGiNethers

If Matthew McConaughey looks at me one more time I swear I'm going to lose it. Who's gonna rescue me?

You know this is bad when the Department of Planning can't even get their name placed correctly on their own building.

Twitter | @Yinyangfooey

What? Who's the moron who approved this?

I challenge you to find anything worse than this nightmare design. Go ahead and try.

Wow, the bunk bed above the bathtub is definitely a new low. Why?

At least this one comes with a privacy panel, right? Well, no. I dunno how much privacy you would actually get here.

This is just too weird for my taste.

This is probably the most inconvenient slip' n slide that I have ever seen. I feel so bad for the person who needs to fish out their toothbrush.


I really don't know where to start with this place. Whether it's the bizarre stained doors that look like this place is ancient or the horrible mess.

Twitter | @IceSeason101

Total disaster.

Can you picture yourself living in this green house? I can't say I can. I mean, why would they paint the entire house in this particular color?

Don't get it.

Can someone explain to me why is the toilet facing the shower? Are you supposed to watch someone shower while you're sitting on the can or vice versa?


Now, this seems like a totally impossible situation. There's absolutely no way using this toilet can be comfortable. I understand saving space but this is ridiculous.

Am I right?

What the heck is this? Is this supposed to be a children's playground slide that's on top of a building? Now, that's really safe.

What were they thinking?

I dare you to try to figure out what floor is what in this elevator.

I already hate elevators so this one is a total nightmare for me.

Just when I thought I've seen it all, I laid my eyes on this room. It wouldn't be so awful if it wasn't for their choice of colors.

Twitter | @GiGiNethers

That's bright.

If you didn't think the previous elevator was crazy enough, I give you this one. I love the color purple but otherwise, everything is just wrong here.

What's floor 3m?

This is quite a peculiar bathroom design. Isn't it? I can't really figure out the whole shower, awkwardly-placed bathtub and visible toilet layout.

What you think?

Why would someone keep the sink locked up in a cabinet like this? What purpose does that even serve? I'm totally baffled by this.

Adding to the "bizarre" list.

I guess when they said this house had "charm" they really meant it. Because I can't explain this any other way.

This house is an eyesore and logistical nightmare.

You know there's something wrong with this house architecture when they use an actual tree as a support beam. Really? I can't believe they actually did that.


If you're going to put up a gate like this, why put up a gate at all? Do you think someone is actually going to use it?


No, this house is not an optical illusion.

I would be so embarrassed to invite pretty much anyone to come over.

Wow, I can't even believe what I have witnessed here.

Just when I thought I've seen bad designs before then come these. Now I appreciate my own place even more.

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