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15+ People Who Just Don't Seem To Get It

Ignorance is bliss, or so they say, but I would definitely rather not spacewalk through life, wandering from one gaffe to the next like a cringe-generating idiot.

And hey, we all have our moments when we do boneheaded things, of course. But hopefully not without any sense of self-awareness, and not without the ability to recognize when we've messed up.

The folks behind these, however, just don't seem to get it.

When your roommate finally helps clean up, but does it a little too well.

Reddit | nochinesecrawfish

So well, in fact, that they scrub all the markings off the toaster oven's dials. Guess it's a future of watching the toast so it doesn't burn now.

Beach weddings are a crap shoot, but usually you just have to worry about seagulls.

Reddit | Calego

Nice that the lady wanted to enjoy this couple's love, I guess? But dang, not the best spot to admire the ceremony from.

This solar panel is just missing one key ingredient.

Reddit | Urban_Commander

I mean, going solar is definitely a step in the right direction, but it would be even better with a couple of dozen steps to the left before installing that panel.

Likewise, cool to see that electric cars are catching on.

Reddit | demotivatedminion

But having to charge them at power points fueled by diesel generators kind of defeats the purpose.

Whoever put up this sign, or established this place's "all day" breakfast might want to re-think things.

Reddit | iansolidgoldie

Because if I wander into a restaurant that advertises all-day breakfast looking for French toast at 3:00 in the afternoon and can't get any, we're going to have some words.

Seen on a school's computer, Duolingo, a website for learning languages, was blocked for being "educational."

Reddit | comemosmonos

Which begs the question: what exactly is school for again? Seems a bit counterproductive, no?

Maybe whoever printed off this form has a second job as a too-literal cake decorator.

Reddit | ZinfoTheIdk

At least the box is indeed non-descript and not obviously party supplies — apart from the ridiculously obvious note.

If only there were some way to hold a candy apple without getting your hand sticky.

Reddit | BenjaminQuadinaros

That's the sort of innovation that would be a great selling feature, don't you think?

Wow, talk about rubbing salt in a wound.

Twitter | @NYScanner

This car had all four tires stolen, which makes it awfully difficult to move, so...yeah, parking ticket. Of course.

I get wanting to cool off in the heat without working A/C, I really, really do.

Reddit | cipher0_

But does anybody actually believe this will work better than merely lowering the windows? And wouldn't it just increase the noise factor by about 1,000%?

I know senators are busy people, but holy smokes, if you can't read the article, don't comment.

Reddit | deckeym

I get it, you want to score political points against Venezuela, but don't you think it would be more effective to get things right first?

When you order a movie online and it comes with the anti-theft packaging still on it.

Reddit | Heisenberg14

I assume it was packaged up and sent out by the incompetent teenager on The Simpsons, or someone who just learned something the hard way.

Thanks, tips.

Reddit | Bolaf

Sadly, this is probably on a bumper sticker somewhere, because, well, it's not wrong.

Yeah, this person's key hiding skills need some work.

Reddit | Urban_Commander

Although under the doormat is definitely a classic, you have to give them that.

Costco parking lots can absolutely drive you to extremes.

Reddit | fah_cue

And I will give the driver this: that's a convenient spot, close to the entrance and with unparalleled access to the cart return.

Also not a parking spot? Crosswalks.

Reddit | RoseJekou

With these sorts of fails it can be hard to know whether the person is an idiot or a jerk. But we shame them anyway.

They didn't even leave enough space for the correctly parked person to get into their car.

A geography lesson might go a long way for this lady.

Reddit | UnsweetTeaMozzStix

I mean, it does seem like the least of her worries, but maybe someone should let her know that Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States and Puerto Ricans are American Citizens.

No, girls, no. Stop. Now.

Reddit | k3kskuchn

I'm amazed nobody tackled these girls on the spot, or at least forced their arms down. What were they thinking?

When you're about to get inked, double-, triple-, and quadruple-check all your spelling and dates.

Reddit | wagsforever

It's hard to say whether this is a case of a parent completely forgetting when their kid was born or a simple mistake when writing the date out, but either way...oof.

When working high above street-level, safety harnesses are important tools in case of accidents.

Reddit | SuperSlimySalamander

Though usually the harnesses are worn at the waist or hips and don't basically guarantee death upon falling.

One comment on the Reddit post said they think this image is from a safety video, so I'm going to choose to believe this is from the "What NOT to do" portion of said video.

This is actually a little bit heartwarming.

Reddit | lucatchu947

This person is so excited to have discovered a thing called the library and just had to share it online. They're right about how awesome libraries are; it's just funny how they're so excited.

When faking a drug test, you should really try to find a urine donor that isn't pregnant.

Reddit | mycatisnamedemmie

Especially when you're a male athlete.

Or, you know, you could not do drugs in the first place.

For the record, if you came across this on a dating app, you should have stopped reading after the age.

Reddit | EntitledParents666

But if you didn't, you'd discover that 13-year-old Hailey is a bit confused.

Um, I think I see your problem, miss.

Reddit | GemMiner49er

It must have blown her mind when she got more retweets than the population of the Earth!

Well, what did they expect?

Reddit | Swifty_meme_content

According to the person who shared the pic, there was a sign indicating that the spot was reserved for trash collectors. So the owner of this car thought they could just throw out the sign and no one would care.

So the neighborhood turned the car into a dumpster.

This entire review is one sentence, and yet there are so many mixed messages.

Reddit | spicyboi2007

One star, but superlative description, then followed by enough periods to start to make you doubt the description again.

Then WHY are you even wasting your time answering questions?!

Reddit | lindserrific

I see this all the time and I cannot fathom what possesses a person to waste their time answering questions clearly meant for people who have actually bought the product.

I know we're trying to cut down on unneeded packaging, but there are limits.

Reddit | Swarhammer

If you order an expensive laptop online, you assume that it's going to be put into another box both as an extra layer of protection from bumps and weather, and to not advertise to porch thieves.

Food delivery drivers have one job and this guy failed it.

Reddit | JorangeChicken

Bring the food to the correct address, give to customer. How hard is that?

Not only was this driver at the wrong address, he just left the food on a random porch.

The communication is not strong here.

Reddit | lightningbuggie

A single was 97¢, and a six pack is now $2.50. The way the sign is displayed makes it seem like somebody doesn't know how clearance pricing works.

Still at Walmart, this sure makes it look like they don't know how investing in jobs works.

Reddit | FormerSlice

Because self-checkouts are not job creators, unless you count making customers do the cashier's job.

The person that did this isn't dumb. They are a monster.

Reddit | DJgamerr

How do you even look at a cereal box and think this is the correct way to close it between servings?

Also a monster? People who eat Oreos like this.

Reddit | r0s3bl00d

It's not uncommon to see people lick out most of the frosting before completing the cookie, but to eat only the frosting and discard the cookies is sacrilege.

Just eat a can of frosting with a spoon if that's what you want.

Not the best look when you appear in court for shoplifting.

Reddit | amlarson1111

Sure, maybe she just forgot to take the tags off, but for some reason I have some doubts.