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A Cake Artist Creates Edible Embroidered Cakes And They're Just Too Pretty To Eat

Cakes have always been a major part of any kind of celebration. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, graduation, going away, or wedding, decorative cakes have always been around to mark a milestone.

In recent years, cake decor has become so detailed and extravagant that it's taken on being an art form in and of itself. Cake artists are always finding new ways to "wow" their customers and social media followers, and Leslie Vigil is no exception when it comes to her tapestry-inspired cakes.

Cake artist Leslie Vigil makes sleek, vibrant, and realistic cakes.

Instagram | @leslie_vigil

Her attention to detail when it comes to florals, succulents, characters, and objects is just out of this world incredible.

While her floral arrangements on her cakes already look realistic, so do her embroidery-inspired patterns.

Instagram | @leslie_vigil

They really look like thread and hand-embroidered stitches! And these cakes are just too pretty — how can one simply just cut right into this beauty?

She must have really studied the directions that threads weave in and out of fabric to make it look so realistic.

Instagram | @leslie_vigil

But I'm sure with her talent it really didn't take her long at all!

I just really can't get over how real the thread-like piping looks.

Instagram | @leslie_vigil

As someone who loves needlework, I definitely know what kind of cake is on my wish list for every special occasion.

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