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16+ Pics That Made Us Say 'That's A First'

Sometimes, a photographer will get absurdly lucky and take a one-in-a-million shot. After all, not only are they capturing something rare and exquisite when they do this, but the stars align and actually ensure their photo is clear and of high quality.

I think we can all think of times where we saw something special, only for the scene to change before we can get a good shot of it.

And while they were lucky to get some of the incredible shots we're about to see today, we're lucky that they decided to share them with us. Otherwise, we might have never believed some of these striking scenes were possible.

It's not unusual to see images in the clouds, but we're not likely to see anything like this for a while.

Reddit | _bajma

Not only does it seem rare for dark clouds to form such recognizable shapes, but this one definitely looks like some kind of evil Pac Man.

Maybe we're seeing him from the perspective of the ghosts?

It's funny how pure chance can make fairly mundane things seem ridiculously unlikely.

Reddit | SkicoNow

Not only are two very similar birds perched in the shadows of two cars parked next to each other, but those cars are the exact same model and color.

Not only does Mexico apparently have its own version of Sesame Street, but their answer to Big Bird and the original have actually crossed paths.

Reddit | P_U_K_E_K_O

The Mexican show is called Plaza S├ęsamo and the giant, colorful parrot standing next to Big Bird is named Abelardo.

Obviously, whoever was in charge of printing new Red Sox tickets sent a photographer to Fenway Park at the perfect time.

Reddit | GiloronQT

Normally, one of the flood lights may not be the most striking subject for a photo, but that changes a lot when a rainbow just happens to drape around it like this.

What a golden opportunity.

This seems like a charming little street, which means that whoever designed it did their job very well.

Reddit | ParzivalsQuest

In reality, this is a nursing home made to look like an indoor town with a pub and a movie theater. And that should explain why the theater's playing John Wayne movies.

In Germany, it's possible to stay at a hotel that is also a fully functional bus.

Reddit | sjekx

If you've heard of the capsule hotels in Japan, this takes a similar concept on the road and lets visitors check out remote areas that otherwise wouldn't have any place to stay.

It may be a little ghoulish to stop and stare at car accidents, but it's pretty hard to blame anyone for doing it in this case.

Reddit | rosettastone92

After all, it would take a pretty thorough investigation to understand exactly what happened here.

Two cars ending up on their sides is unusual, but understandable. I'm not sure we'll ever explain how that third vehicle ended up on top of them, though.

Apparently, one fine day in Rome became a lot more hectic once this intense flock of birds showed up.

Reddit | michaelbuerger

While it's hard to imagine how many we would need to block out the sun, the fact that enough gathered here to turn the sky into TV static is still pretty mind-blowing.

There's no way those cars will be able to get through this unsullied, though. The car washes were probably busy that day.

By putting a steak in their truck, one postal worker proved just how nightmarish their working conditions are.

Reddit | tugboattomp

Their truck doesn't have any air conditioning, which meant on particularly hot days, the inside of their truck became unbearable enough to cook a steak within an hour and a half.

Moreover, that steak has to be at least medium well.

Somehow, this person was able to take to the streets in a completely transparent bike.

Reddit | Bedrockstar

It's unclear how well this thing turns, why the rider needs to wear this clear plastic suit, or why it exists in the first place, but it definitely makes an impression.

It would already be impressive if someone managed to draw this perfect circle on the floor, but this happened by pure chance.

Reddit | Kaiji700m

Apparently, the light happened to come through the window at such an angle that it formed the circle around this table leg.

You may not have much trouble finding a gecko encased in amber if you know where to look, but this one's special.

Reddit | willburn61

That's because this particular gecko managed to get itself stuck like this about 54 million years ago.

Uh oh, it looks like we have a bold challenger who wants to start their own holiday.

Reddit | RLG_James

It's unclear exactly what it covered up to make Moth Day, however, since Mother's Day isn't usually celebrated anywhere near May 20.

If you've ever noticed that dragonflies don't usually land on you, that fact wasn't lost on this person either.

Reddit | ZeVenomousViper

So this was already a pretty unusual occurrence without the added twist of landing so close to the dragonfly tattoo.

Aww, maybe it thought it found a buddy.

It only took one look at this woman's incredible skill for me to confidently declare, "Yup, I can't do that."

Reddit | LOL_Emoji

For those who can't tell, she hasn't taped a balloon to the end of her toothbrush.

Instead, she's managed to brush her teeth and spin a basketball on the tip of the brush's handle at the same time.

Believe it or not, the inclusion of Eric Cartman in this photo of an urban landscape is a pure coincidence.

Reddit | Haaisee

It turns out that there just happened to be a lens flare that put red, flesh-colored, and blue sections in exactly the right places.

It had the side effect of giving Cartman three eyes, but the likeness is legitimately incredible other than that.

Maybe this is just impressive to me because I could never hope to do this as a kid, but I can't see anyone beating this person's high score.

Reddit | Caudill42

For those who haven't had the pleasure of enjoying one of the coolest rides Disney World has to offer, this was taken at the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin in Tomorrowland.

This certainly isn't the first time that a bunch of soda has long outlived its expiration date, but there's something strange going on in this case.

Reddit | OrangeMamba97

Even though the cans haven't been opened and there were no obvious holes in the bottom of any of them, they're all empty.

If the can bottoms rusted out, they did it in a very subtle way.

This doctor's office may seem like it has a randomly shaped window, but there's a reason behind it.

Reddit | Katastrophe2

The doctors in this office are obstetricians who specialize in high-risk pregnancies, so the window is shaped like a pregnant woman's body.

This person's phone fell out of their pocket while riding their bike and this is how it ended up.

Reddit | australia-on-redditx

This is a good time to remember that being the first to do something isn't always so rewarding, especially when you start thinking about how much a new phone will cost.

When this person recalled their chess move, they just happened to do it an this unlikely way.

Reddit | Neo_IIVX

It's certainly possible to balance a chess piece like this, but it usually takes deliberate effort and more time than it's worth. This time, it just happened.

It seems like this would be difficult to pull off, but somebody managed to make this building's paint blend in perfectly with the sky.

Reddit | pietety

At this point, their only hope of not being doomed to a fate of hurting entire flocks of birds is for this to normally be a much sunnier climate.

While I agree that there are far easier ways to balance this device than the one they picked, it's still amazing that they pulled this off.

Reddit | SamJam900

Next time, just turn the other chair around and let it help prop this thing up, you're freaking us all out.

It's pretty cool that these dental care tools just happened to form this shadow.

Reddit | luckysisi

I suppose that we do need a reminder to brush our teeth sometimes and these two just confirmed that they're perfect for the job.

As amazing as it would be for this fire truck to barely avoid falling into this gap like it's in the movie Speed, it started like this.

Reddit | MiniPasza

Still, what actually happened is about as intense. Apparently, a section of this parking garage collapsed under the truck and it lined up just perfectly enough that the truck didn't fall with it.

As handy as it would be to own a hovering pillow, the unfortunate truth is that we're not at that stage yet.

Reddit | iboughtachicken

Instead, it seems that the material on this chair built up enough static electricity that the pillow clung to it.

It actually makes a kind of sense that nothing is coming out of this glass because the water has nowhere to go.


However, it's still pretty amazing that the glass not only landed without shattering like this, but at just the right angle to keep the water from spilling.

Getting a double rainbow on camera is already no small feat before this blink-and-you'll-miss-it surprise.

Reddit | BBBxWest

Yup, right as this person took their shot, a lightning bolt flashed across the sky and they just happened to get it as well.

If you think that this backless airplane seat doesn't look safe, you're absolutely right.

Reddit | gapmunky

Fortunately, nobody expected passengers to fly like this, as CNN reported that the airline, EasyJet, disallowed passengers from sitting here and moved the passenger pictured to another seat before takeoff.

According to the uploader, they have two particularly long fingers on their right hand, but only their right hand.


That might seem a little tricky to get used to, but these kinds of unique body features usually show up at birth, so that provides a lot of practice time.