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39 Terrible Bosses That'll Make You Appreciate Your Own A Little More

No matter what the job, no one is safe from the possibility of working under a horrible boss. Whether you're a student working part-time at a fast food joint or someone slowly climbing the corporate ladder, you've probably experienced your fair share of power-tripping management who weren't exactly worthy of Michael Scott's "World's Best Boss" mug.

Here are some of the internet's most terrible bosses so you can feel a bit better knowing your own isn't this bad.

The most tragic picture possible.

Reddit | igor9212

This person's boss won't let anyone take any food home, even after a pizza party. Which somehow seems like the kind of massive waste of money a boss would usually try to avoid but maybe that's just my broken heart talking.

Please, take a seat. All of them, actually.

Reddit | Inqubate

This person's boss wasn't a fan of the color of the chairs in their workroom. So naturally they got rid of all the chairs and now everyone gets to stand during their lunch break.

I spy Nicolas Cage.

Reddit | Ambi0us

After noticing their boss set up an IP camera to spy on them, this person decided to give them something worth watching. Everyone loves a Nic Cage movie, right?

Thought you wouldn't notice.

Reddit | BrokenDice16

This person returned to work after a day off to discover their boss had taken their computer monitor and replaced it with this tiny one. The worst part is this person has to make prototype models and engrave products , so a miniature monitor doesn't exactly make for great results.

Also thought you wouldn't notice this, either.

Reddit | col3s1aw

This person's boss replaced everyone's desk with a dresser, a sheet of glass, and added saddle chairs, just for good measure.

This is why you look at your pay stubs, people.

Reddit | JDMRexTI

This person got a $50 giftcard from their boss from Christmas, and then it showed up on their paystub as a deduction.

Thankfully, it was also put back, but that's because if the boss puts it on an employee's paystub, they can get a tax write-off.

When your boss is a real di...fficult person to deal with.

Reddit | awfulrob

This person was called in on their day off to set up the tables for a meeting, so they decided to get a little creative.

A time to give thanks.

Reddit | EyeOfOwl

This is how you get your employees to respect you: type up threatening messages, circle them in pen, and add just enough capital letters that people can picture you shouting this in their face. A good boss this makes for sure.

Pictured: how you can tell your boss really just doesn't care about you at all.

Reddit | John_Aitch

After their boss ordered 6000 pepper packets instead of one shaker for a work event, this person was tasked with opening up every single packet. My question is, why did they even need to be opened?!

Something doesn't add up here.

Reddit | ebjazzz

Some bosses think they're pretty sneaky, but forget that most people can do basic math and will realize it costs more to buy a pack of six macrons than to just buy six individual ones.

Their boss' response? "You weren't supposed to notice that."

How to make yourself look like the most ridiculous boss possible.

Reddit | Dog_Sees_All

This person said they'd like to think their boss is bluffing, but I'd suggest calling them on their bluff and order them as many of those pens as possible, enough to maybe fill their car. Hey, we were just doing what the note said to do.

Oh, were you going to eat that?

Reddit | Ciclismo4185

After this person brought a pecan pie to work and discovered it missing, they eventually tracked down the empty plate to their boss' office. I get maybe stealing a slice or two, but an entire pie? Just for yourself?

And here I thought Canadians were nice...

I feel like saving a life should be exempt from most company payroll policies.

What's the problem?

Reddit | theDoroshow

This person's boss refuses to fix this structural pole, and I hope their excuse is good because if that things come down, bringing with it tons of concrete, that excuse will likely have to hold up in court.

Then why is there a chair in the first place?

Reddit | jarrettisnotaferret

A lot of retail jobs have rules about not sitting during your shift, but this boss took it more than a few steps too far by inserting a screw into the bottom of the only chair. If you sit, you hurt.

I'd hand the boss a quarter. That'd cover a few months of charging.

Reddit | Rich-P24

It makes sense for some companies to have no phone policies, but this is pretty extreme for a few cents of electricity. Not to mention, it would be illegal to garnish wages for something like this.

Questionable math.

Reddit | isingPhoenix1172

If you ever walk into a new place of work and see a sign like this, turn right back around.

What kind of place would have this kind of sign and still give a 30 minute coffee break and an hour for lunch? Mixed signals, there.

Cold-blooded boss.

Reddit | rememberyikespencils

Judging by the suit jacket on the chair, this isn't the sort of office where tank tops and flip-flops are allowed in the dress code either.

Minute adjustments.

Reddit | shalaura

Sure, those minutes can add up when you have dozens of employees, but how much are you paying the payroll clerk to manually change them each week?

"For motivation."

Reddit | zombiebreath77

"If you all work really hard to reach our profit goals, I'll be able to buy a second vacation house!"

It's called delegating, duh!

While a good manager shouldn't micromanage, they should also, you know, work.

Please be sarcastic.

Reddit | parawh0remal

My favorite is "Given the chance to keep working here... I would gladly accept a cut in pay!"

Yeah, no.

Very specific.

Reddit | Na22eR

6:52 would trigger the payroll system to round up to an extra 15 minutes. I get the wish to prevent people from "stealing" that extra time, but these are the sorts of offices where I would refuse to open my email until exactly 7:00.

Resignation guilt trip.

Reddit | marriedtothemob26

So let me get this straight: your employee is pregnant and suffering from migraines, which you believe "should be manageable somehow". She gives her two weeks notice and you accuse her of doing it in a rush.

Yeah, she should rescind the two weeks and just quit now.

"Everyone has to donate something to the silent auction."

Reddit | Rivieraalex

Fine, but then why is the boss' donation a half-empty bottle of pickle vodka?

Not every company can afford fancy Christmas gifts, but this is silly.

Reddit | apocalypse31

Two pieces of chocolate, a pen and post-its the uploader says are freely available in the supplies room, and a "coupon" to wear jeans one day that has an expiry date.

You have got to be kidding me!

Just close the office. People will understand when there is a national tragedy happening.

And if you must have someone stay, let them stay up to date.

This is funny in only very specific situations.

Reddit | viidubsir

Any other time, this is proof that your boss doesn't care about your feelings or opinions and is willing to openly belittle them.

Safety first?

Reddit | zachboy95

When the person deciding to drive while playing a mobile game is your boss, it can come down to a choice between your safety and your job.

No granny panties allowed.

Reddit | silverdrop

"Ladies, I'm happy to keep looking at your butt, but you have to wear sexy underwear. Effective Monday."

Isn't equality hilarious?

This is why so many guys won't admit to being feminists. It's bad enough when your friends make fun or you for it, but when it's your boss, it's really bad.

Missing the point of tips, dude.

Reddit | dont-choke

If you're taking advantage of laws that allow you to pay less than minimum wage to employees who earn tips, then this is illegal — even if you are paying them minimum wage.

Three minutes too many!

Was the boss watching the clock for that whole 33 minutes?

This wouldn't be so bad, except for the context.

Reddit | Lord_Shaqq

The current shift manager was just diagnosed with colon cancer.

"This position could turn into a regular FT position." **Oof.

Recording device found under break room table.

Reddit | Egomzez

The Redditor that shared this thought their boss was spying, but it's worse. That's a camera and someone at the office is trying to get up-skirt shots.

Full disclosure.

Reddit | JordanAsshole

Is this a professional way to quit a job? Nope, but if your boss won't deal with another employee who is clearly trouble, then all bets are off.

And hopefully they also called the cops?

Reddit | ProfessorPancakes

Artists at a tattoo parlor left this parting note for their boss after spotting a motion detector camera in their unisex bathroom.

Calling him out.

Besides listing a few of this former boss' worst transgressions, she also tagged him right there in the post. Boom!

Drink up.

Reddit | OG-Velociraptor

This is what this employee's drinking water filter looks like, which their boss refuses to replace because it's "still doing it's job." Okay, fair enough, hand me a glass, boss. Tell me how it tastes.

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