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15+ Bizarre Things People Have Seen At The Beach

What's summer without at least a beach day or two? If I go a whole season without a trip to the lake, I feel like my summer was incomplete.

I have to say, though, that my local beaches are never as interesting as some of these.

This took some dedication.

Reddit | BaconRabbit

Moving a couch is hard enough, but trying to drag it across wet sand cannot have been worth the trouble. Also, unless they took it home afterwards, it's some serious littering.

That's more like it!

Reddit | yudoit

Instead of dragging a real couch through the sand, just make one out of sand.

Hey, buddy, got a dollar?

Reddit | capecoddaveb

It's unclear how the crab got the dollar, but I do know that the photographer managed to get it out of the claws without injury.

I have a few theories for this one.

Reddit | Auginer

Here's what you hoped happened: a miracle, and someone is now able to walk free of their walker.

Here's what could have happened: Judgment Day, and this person was a-go for heaven.

Here's what probably happened: grandma forgot her walker at the beach again.

Knock knock?

Reddit | elastizitat

I'm going to assume this is some sort of art installation, because otherwise, I've got no other explanation beyond it being a portal to another world.

"Banana for scale" gone wrong.

Reddit | oh-cyrus

Either those are very tiny people and lawn chairs or that is a very big banana.

21st Century SOS.

Reddit | boxjohnson

Not that the beach needs WiFi. Really, you should avoid playing with tech near so much sand and water anyway.

This beach is clearly over it.

Reddit | RajBandar

They must have been asked a lot before posting the sign. It has that distinctive whiff of fed up.

Seems legit.

Reddit | irishiwasdrunk86

This ATM van was spotted parked in Panama City beach during spring break. And I'm sure it somehow got lots of customers because drunk teenagers aren't all Einsteins.

No language barrier.

Reddit | mrthordavis

If you pee on the beach, you will be filmed, and you will be shamed on the internet.

Damn seagulls.

Reddit | Arbayest

I can see the shot they were trying to get: round donut with the water and Ferris wheel in the background. It would look nice, right?

But you never just hold food out on the beach. This happens.


Reddit | Jacksonspace

This beach sign lets you know the order of events in case of a tidal wave. Kindly stay calm while arguing your hotel bill with the desk clerk because you know for a fact you didn't eat anything from the mini fridge.

You don't even have to hold it out very far.

Reddit | All-Seeing_Elon

This is an entire story in three simple frames. The kid has learned a valuable lesson about why seagulls are The Worst.

The latest and greatest beach fashion.

Reddit | myfinnegan

Yeah, the shorts half-down is weird. But check out his feet in the second picture. This stylin' gentleman is sporting sand socks which are somehow a real thing and the perfect addition to this ensemble.

Why you should listen to "No Parking" signs.

Reddit | killermonkey87

This person is going to find out the hard way that this beach doesn't let people park in that area for a reason. Hope it was worth it.

Must have gone to Costco.

Reddit | JiveMonkey

Admittedly, I kind of love the idea of one big towel, but this is probably taking it a big too far. Does it even fit in a washer?

Thanks for the suggestion?

Reddit | stainless13

I'm not really sure why this sign at a Singapore beach is a thing, but at least they apologized for the brief confusion.

The couple that gets arrested together stays together.

Reddit | jerkidiot

I think it's fair to say these two lovebirds are currently under Bay Watch. Or perhaps they're on beach house arrest.

Hope it's not windy.

Reddit | depuTy13

This is a man selling beach toys in Thailand. It looks like he could easily fly away if there's more than a slight breeze.

A hot day at the beach.

Reddit | Yoko8th

I know the saying is "do it for the 'gram", but I'd be curious as to just how far this photo-ready woman is willing to go to get such a crazy, like-inspiring pic for Instagram. I'm not saying she started that fire...but I'm also not not saying that, either.

When you try your best but you don't succeed.

Reddit | elfcp

Dodge attempted to film a truck commercial at this beach and discovered just how un-beach-ready their product is. Might want to mention that in the ad.

This sign isn't here to play.

Reddit | Jetemple

If you think you can get away with sporting shades at night at this Singapore beach, you better think again.

Just chilling.

Reddit | vivienne178

This seal's name is Argiro and the beach leaves the lounge chair out specifically for his use.


Reddit | Lewy-G

It's not uncommon to see a boyfriend snapping a pic of their girl on the beach, but three at the same time merits a good chuckle.

This makes me a little uncomfortable.

Reddit | gsuberland

I know this is just a good picture of a quick moment. I know that. But doesn't it make you think of this dog just straight up walking like that down the beach? And doesn't it make you feel all kinds of wrong?

When you take your ginger girlfriend to the beach.

Reddit | dmcneary

Hey, we all gotta do what we gotta do. And clearly this girl gotta stay as far away from the sun as possible, which I'm sure made for a fun beach-going experience.

Now I'm confused, what season is this?

Reddit | Reliance376

Remember in Frozen when Olaf said he wanted to feel his "snow up against the burning sand"? He made it guys. He made it.

Beach doggo.

Reddit | GallowBoob

Such a good boy for sitting still long enough to have the sculpture. I know mine wouldn't let me do it.

Mount Ruffmore.

Reddit | slytherinyourazkaban

If one dog sitting still is surprising, then four is clearly wizardry.

What's going on in Bikini Bottom these days?

Reddit | SammyDanacy

I'm genuinely concerned for all parties involved here because (and this is just a theory), it looks like Squidward and Spongebob ran in to some unsavory people who sent them on a one-way-trip to the surface.

C is for Contemplating Existence.

Reddit | czarcaztic

I can imagine Cookie Monster's existential crisis:

"Do I eat cookie or does cookie eat me?"

Want some Fritos?

Reddit | [deleted]

Seagulls are a common sight on the beach, but a whole pack of racoons is a bit more unusual. Of course, if people keep feeding them, that could change.

That neck, though...

Reddit | kass32

Don't worry. That's a mannequin, not an armless dude with a long neck. That doesn't make it less weird; just less morbid.

Who knew mannequins had such shapely butts?

No model required.

Reddit | Survivorbelt

This man is getting a very fancy photo of his vape pen. You do you, dude.