10+ Mistakes In The Disney Classic 'Peter Pan'

Peter Pan (1953) is a childhood classic to most. At the time, the animation was all drawn by hand. Every. Single. Frame.

So can you blame them for getting a few things wrong? How many of these mistakes did you catch the last time you watched Peter Pan?

Chalk Blocked

Walt Disney Productions

The pirates practice their dagger throwing skills on a chalk drawing of their captain.

But just seconds earlier, the drawing is missing. They must have a really fast chalk artist on board.

Hook's Magic Sword

Walt Disney Productions

During the duel at Skull Rock, Captain Hook almost slips off the cliff and drops his sword to stop himself falling.

But later on, it's back in its sheath.

Hook's Magic Clothes

Walt Disney Productions

When the Tik Tok Croc finally swallows Hook he is fully clothed.

But earlier, a lot of his clothing had been ripped off. I wish my clothes could self-repair like this.

Hooked Or Nah?


When Hook is swallowed by the Tik Tok Croc, he is shown with a left hand and a right hook when it should be the other way around.

Time Travel

Walt Disney Productions

Peter and the Darling kids land on Big Ben at 8:15.

And when they fly off, the small hand has moved so the time has magically changed to 7:15.

Growing Rock

Walt Disney Productions

Wendy first lands on a rock so small she has to precariously balance on it.

Two seconds later the rock is much bigger and a conch shell has appeared.

Magic Blow Dry

Walt Disney Productions

The mermaids of Neverland splash Wendy and get her hair all soaked.

The camera cuts away but when it cuts back to Wendy again, her hair is miraculously dry!

Hangman's Noose

Walt Disney Productions

The secret door to The Lost Boys hiding place, Hangman's Tree, is rather morbidly accessed by pulling on a noose.

But it disappears by the time Captain Hook comes knocking.

The Dress

Walt Disney Productions

Wendy sings 'Your Mother and Mine' to put Michael to sleep.

She lays him down and her gown changes from blue to white for a moment.

Michael's Pajamas

Walt Disney Productions

They also briefly turn from pink to white when he and the other Lost Boys are captured.

Ghost Ships

Walt Disney Productions

This aerial shot of the pirates' ship makes it seem empty but the next shot shows it is swarming.

This is most likely because of how difficult it would've been to draw the pirates so small.

And Again...

Walt Disney Productions

After Hook's present to Peter explodes, the explosion rocks the ship and it once again seems empty.

But in the next closeup, Wendy and the other kids appear.

Mustache Magic

Walt Disney Productions

The pirates attack The Crow's Nest and fight the kids.

One of them cuts off a pirate's mustache with a sword. And later on, it's grown back.

Bottle Blunder

Walt Disney Productions

Right at the start of the movie, Mrs. Darling reaches for a hairpin on the table.

Between shots, a bottle disappears and reappears on the table.

Knife To Meet You

Walt Disney Productions

During a fight scene with Captain Hook, Peter flies away to taunt him.

When he flies off he is holding his knife, but in the next shot, it's back in its sheath.

Cat Caught Her Tongue?


When the mermaids splash Wendy, she says "If you dare come near me again."

Except her mouth isn't moving when she says it.

Poor Nana


After Mr. Darling destroys the building blocks that Nana made, there are tons all over the floor.

But in the next shot, some have disappeared!

Horror Wendy


A few shots after Peter says, "Second to the right and straight on 'till morning", Wendy's face has disappeared.

As she flies closer, only one eye appears on her face.

Painted Foot


When the pirates are singing on Captain Hook's boat when we first meet him, the pirate's foot is painted.

In the next shot, it's not.

Tinkerbell's Position


During "You Can Fly", Michael grabs Tinkerbell and holds her upright.

But in the next shot, when he sprinkles her over Nana, she's upside down.

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