15 Life-Changing Hacks You Need To Know If You Suck At Doing Your Hair

If you're like me, you are constantly flabbergasted by people who have consistently amazing hair!

I honestly couldn't tell you how many times I've told myself I'd wake up early and do my hair, only to rock yet another messy bun.

But I promise that these tips and tricks are pretty much effortless and will totally up your hair game.

1. You probably only need to use conditioner on the bottom three-quarters of your hair. 

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Unless your scalp is really dry, your head probably provides enough moisture and oil for your roots. Concentrate conditioner on the ends of your hair instead!

2. Spray your bobby pins with dry shampoo or hairspray before you use them. 

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This hack is honestly life-changing if you're constantly dealing with the frustration that is sliding bobby pins.

3. Buy yourself a wide-tooth comb. 


If you're like me, you've been combing the tangles out of your hair with whatever brush you have a home for years. Try using a wide-tooth comb instead because it will cause way less damage.

4. Find the perfect dry shampoo. 

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Dry shampoo is an amazing way to save time, but only if it's the right kind for your hair. Nothing looks worse then having visible white powder in your hair, so make sure to buy one that matches your hair color.

5. If you have naturally curly hair, you might want to try cutting out shampoo. 

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Seriously! Most shampoos contain sulfates that are stripping your hair of its natural oils. Try swapping out your shampoo for apple cider vinegar.

6. And if you have curly hair, you're probably getting your hair cut wrong. 


Curly hair should never be cut while wet, so find a stylist who is comfortable with cutting your hair when it's dry! Cutting curly hair wet is basically just a guessing game...and it never goes well.

7. So you want to rock a super long ponytail like Ariana Grande but don't have super long hair? No problem.


You can fake it! Create a longer and fully pony by hiding a lower pony underneath a high ponytail.

8. Learn how to use your tools to achieve different looks.

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Your curling iron and straightener are capable of more than you know! Take a moment to learn about the different kinds of curls you can create or how to avoid losing volume when you're straightening.

9. Start brushing your hair before you wash it. 

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You hair is so much stronger when it's dry then when it's wet. If you're constantly brushing your hair when it's wet, you could be doing a lot of unintentional damage.

10. Fight baby hairs and cowlicks with a toothbrush. 

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Baby hairs and cowlicks can be super annoying, but there's a way keep those unruly hairs in line. Try spraying some hairspray on a toothbrush and combing them down.

11. Fight frizz by drying your hair with a t-shirt. 

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Drying your hair with a t-shirt is a great way to reduce frizz. Regular towels can cause a lot of friction that disrupts your hair's cuticle and causes frizz.

12. And the same goes for your cotton pillowcase. 


Using a silk pillowcase instead of a cotton one can actually protect your hair from a lot of breakage and damage that happens when you're tossing and turning. Plus, you will feel like a literal queen.

13. For the best hold, insert your bobby pins wavy side down. 

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Wait, what? If you're just realizing that you've been putting your bobby pins in wrong your whole life, you're not alone.

14. Learn how to create at least one look really, really well. 

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If you've always wanted to rock a killer french braid, now is the time to learn. There's no real hack for this tip, but it's always good to have one clutch look in your arsenal.

15. Make sure that you're using the right amount of your products.


Chances are you are using way more than you need. Using too much product in your hair not only weighs down your locks but it also costs you more money!

Now get out there and slay!

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Practice makes perfect, but always remember that as long as you are comfortable, it doesn't matter what beauty rules you follow!

What's your favorite hair tip or hack? COMMENT and let us know.