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8+ Celebs Who Regret Getting Plastic Surgery

With Hollywood being as critical as it is, it's no wonder why some celebrities turn to plastic surgery.

Even so, there's bound to be some regrets — especially when procedures get totally botched.

To give you a prime example of that, here are 8+ celebs who regret getting plastic surgery.

1. Kylie Jenner

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Despite lip fillers being what ignited her billion-dollar makeup industry, Kylie wishes she didn't go so overboard.

When she first had her lips done, fans weren't too happy.

She was only 17-years-old, and a lot of people felt that she was too young.

It turns out that she didn't love them either.

"When you first get them done, you’re like, 'Oh, it could be a little bit bigger on that side,'" she said.

"I'd go back and be like, 'They went down' and think they could be bigger."

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"But I went too far. It was very painful," she confessed.

2. Heidi Montag

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The Hills star shocked the world when she got 10 plastic surgery procedures within 24 hours.

"I had to look at myself in the mirror every day healing, and be like, ‘What did I do to myself? How did I get here?"

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This became a rock bottom moment for the reality star.

But thankfully, it helped her realize what was really important.

Here's what Heidi looked like before and after her surgeries.

3. Nicole Kidman

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After years of being the center of many "face doesn't move" jokes, the actress is happy she kicked Botox to the curb.

"No surgery for me," Nicole told Italy's "La Repubblica."

"I did try Botox, unfortunately," she said. "But I got out of it and now I can finally move my face again."

4. Courteney Cox

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It took some time for the Friends star to realize that fillers weren't her friend.

But when she did, she didn't look back.

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"I’ve had all my fillers dissolved. I’m as natural as I can be," she said.

"I feel better because I look like myself. I think that I now look more like the person that I was. I hope I do."

Can you believe that she's 55-years-old?

She looks amazing!

5. Kourtney Kardashian

The oldest Kardashian sibling has always been super real about having a boob job — and regretting it, too.

"I was so cute before. I've realized that I was made to look a certain way and I'm considering removing them," she said.

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6. Khloé Kardashian

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On her former show Kocktails with Khloé, the reality star got super real about regretting the face fillers she got in 2015.

"It did not work for me," she said.

"I looked crazy, and I still think the effects are in there — I went to have it all dissolved like three times."

Even though Khloé has had fillers, she's still on the fence about getting a nose job.

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“One day I think I’ll get one because I think about it every day,” she said. “But I’m scared so, for now, it’s all about contour.”

7. Reid Ewing


It may come as a huge surprise to Modern Family fans, but Ewing (who plays Dylan) struggled hard with body dysmorphic disorder.

It made him undergo several surgeries before he was even 21 — a decision he now regrets.

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"I wish I could go back and undo all the surgeries," he wrote in a column for the Huffington Post.

"Now I can see that I was fine to begin with and didn't need the surgeries after all," he said.


8. Kathy Griffin

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After two botched procedures, the comedian learned the hard way that plastic surgery is not for her.

She recalled her nose job at 26: "I was told repeatedly, ‘You would be pretty if it weren’t for that nose. You’d work more if it weren’t for that nose. Hey have you considered getting a nose job? You would think I had a nose the size of Texas."

"I was young and impressionable and I was told that enough that I started to believe it, so I got a nose job," she confessed.

"I am a comedian. I'm not on the runway in Milan," she said.

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"What I can't figure out is why I wasted time worrying about my looks."

9. Jennifer Grey

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Even Jennifer Grey has called her infamous nose job the "nose job from hell."

“It was the nose job from hell. I’ll always be this once-famous actress nobody ­recognizes because of a nose job,” she said of her 1989 trip under the knife.

"I went into the ­operating room a ­celebrity and came out anonymous," she said.