11+ Weird Vintage Fashions Women Actually Wore

Are you a fan of vintage fashions? I definitely am. But having said that, not all vintage fashion should be judged by the same token. Some pieces quickly became favorite classics and others faded away for a good reason.

Here's a look at those unusual pieces that women wore back in the day that didn't exactly make the cut.

1. Big Collars


It was very popular in the 1950s to stand out with your unique collar that showed off your neckline. Not sure if this style would translate today.

2. The Ruff

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This look was made popular by Queen Elizabeth back in 1565 and it was worn by men, women, and children. It got bigger as time passed on.

3. The Eyeball Dress


If you think this dress is eyeballing you,(Get it? Eyeballing you? Ha, ha!) you'd be right. This vintage gem was designed by Orry Kelly.

4. Knitted Hat


Lately I see a lot of knitted fashions coming out everywhere so perhaps this unusual headpiece would fit right in? I'm not sure about this.

5. Parachute Pants

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Perhaps there's something familiar in those wide-legged pants you see these days. Maybe, in fact, they took something out of this interesting design. What do you think?

7. Victorian Era Dresses


Wow, talking about a voluminous dress here. I can't even imagine what it would be like to walk around in this huge dress. Pretty difficult probably.

8. 16th-Century Fashion


It seems to me that sleeves were big in 16th-century fashion. Maybe that's where the idea for bell sleeves came from? That could be it.

9. Metallic Fashion


This look is so reminiscent of Cher, isn't it? I bet this is where her inspiration for her iconic outfit came from. This is quite the look.

10. The Flapper Look


The 1920s were all about the flapper look and there's something really fun about this style. In the end, it's too much fabric for my taste.

11. '70s Fashion


'70s fashion was full of head-to-toe prints and those prints were bold. This type of style definitely made you stand out, but it wasn't for everybody.

12. Victorian Hats


Hats played a huge role in the Victorian era's clothing for women. The bigger and the more elaborate the hat, the more prestige the woman had.

13. Uggs With Miniskirts


If even Beyonce can make this fashion faux pas then you will be forgiven for making one too. However, I never quite understood this look.

14. Spaghetti Straps And Maxi Dresses

There was a time where Mary-Kate and Ashley were THE style icons of the day. Could you still rock this look?

15. The Hobble Skirt

As flattering as this skirt or dress was on the wearer because let's be honest it totally slimmed you down it also made walking quite challenging.

16. Cloche Hats

The 1920s gave us the most unusual women's hat trend, the cloche hat. But unless you wanted to resemble a grown baby this look is a no-no.

17. '60s Baby Doll Dresses


Not sure how this '60s trend took off because dressing like a life-size baby doll when you're a grown woman is well, a bit creepy.

18. Neon Mini Skirts


If it wasn't bad enough for the skirt to be a fluorescent neon but it almost always came with a matching top. Too much excess?

19. Futuristic Fashion


No doubt inspired by some sort of Barbarella obsession this futuristic fashion trend just needed to get buried and left behind. There was no future for that.

20. Metallic Fabric


And on the same token, back in the day whenever people tried to dress space-age they just wore very shiny fabrics that flattered no one.

21. Head To Toe PVC


How did this trend even take off? I mean can you imagine sweating in this most uncomfortable fabric on earth in the summer heat?

22. Leg Warmers

As fun as they looked in the '80s, this style had absolutely no purpose. I mean, when do your calves ever get cold working out?

23. Safety Pin Face Jewelry


I have to give it those rebels who managed to pull off this '70s trend. That's one way for no one to talk to you.

24. Benetton Style


Remember when The United Colors Of Benetton was the coolest place to shop at? Unfortunately, the clash of colors in one garment was not that cool after all.

25. Blossom Hats


I don't blame you if you fell in love with this cute hat trend because Blossom was awesome back in the '90s. But sadly this didn't last.

26. Popcorn Shirts


Admit it, you too had one of those shirts that looked like they would only fit a baby but then stretched like nobody's business. I confess.

27. Velour Tracksuit

If you didn't own this brightly colored velour tracksuit in the early 2000s you really missed out. It was comfy and fly at the same time. Not.

28. Low Rise Jeans

If you weren't about to show your a** crack when you bent over in your very low rise jeans did you even experience the early 2000s?

29. The Corset


I have a love and hate relationship with the corset. On one hand, it makes your silhouette so nice and slim, but then, how do you breathe?

30. The Bullet Bra

I never thought this was actually a good look. Even Madonna tried to bring it back in the '90s but thankfully it didn't stick. Bang, bang!

Isn't it so much fun to take a look back at the fashions through the eras?

So many different styles and ways clothing has evolved. What's yet to come?

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