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17+ Men Divulge Which Manhood Myths Bother Them The Most

When you make assumptions about someone of a different sex or gender than you, misconceptions can run rapid and spread like wild fire.

A lot of the things that we use to distinguish between genders socially are taught behaviors that we've just come to believe are inherent, but are really just stereotypes and misinformation.

The men of the internet recently took to Reddit to clear up the myths about manhood that they find the most infuriating. Their answers range from minor annoyances to life-ruining misconceptions, so you'll definitely want to sit down for this one.

Snuggle Bug

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"We actually love the attention just as much as women do," this man shares, "And cuddling too."

Stranger Danger

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"That only creepy men enjoy being around children," this person writes, "For women, wanting to be around kids is a personality trait, but for men it's a red flag."

What Goes Up Must Come Down

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"That every erection means that we are horny," one person writes, "It's just a physical reaction. We can't help it."

Turn That Frown Upside Down

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"That we are emotionless," this man shares, "Sometimes it is not the right situation to show how you are feeling. Just because I am not showing it doesn't mean I am not feeling it."

Between The Sheets

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"I have personally never talked to a guy friend about how their girlfriends are in bed," this man writes, "Or really anything about their sex lives."

Clear Cut

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"That men love it when women drop hints instead of being blunt," one guy writes, "No, it's confusing."

Spring Cleaning

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"I wouldn’t call it a myth, but when a guy is helpful around the house and just courteous in general, sometimes a woman will say, 'your wife/girlfriend has trained you well!'"

This man writes, "No, we managed to become decent human beings without a woman’s help."

Goal Oriented

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"That if a man talks to a woman he must want to take her to bed," this guy shares, "Maybe we just want to talk???"


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"That we need soap, shampoo, and conditioner all in one," this man shares, "Because we don’t know how to wash our butt correctly."

Tell Me I'm Pretty

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"That they don't need compliments," one man writes, "I hate it when I do it to my male friends and some other acquaintance will overhear and tease me for it. But when I do it to a female friend, nobody cares. I believe that guys deserve to be complimented sincerely once in a while, like everybody else."

One Direction

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"Most men have zero issue asking for directions," one guy reveals, "I don't like being lost, it's god damn annoying."

Man Up

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"That men don't have self image issues," this guy shares, "You only get to hear about body positivity when it's about women bodies."

I Do

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"Ya know what, I did care about my wedding day," one man writes, "I cannot believe the amount of people who just straight up assumed, 'all you have to remember is where to be and to say I do right?' I had ideas of how I wanted it to look and how I wanted it to go as well. But my goodness, not a single person thought I cared even though I constantly was trying to give my take on stuff."

Cry Baby

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"That men don't cry," this guy writes, "They do. Obviously."

Good To Go

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"That if a man refuses sex , then he is no longer interested in his SO or finds her unappealing or having a side chick," this man writes, "Some days are so stressful that we just want to hit the bed and sleep."

Him Too

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"That we can’t be raped," this person writes, "I have been twice, I did not want to have sex. I was told if I had a boner then I wanted it."

The Other Woman

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"That all men cheat," this guy writes, "I know just as many women that cheat, as well."

No One Home

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"That men are 'simple,'" this man shares, "It's infuriating. Honestly. We can be just as complex."

Bread Winner

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"That we don't cook or do housework," this man writes, "I come home from a hard day of work and cook my family dinner every night."

Little Spoon

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"I love when my wife is the big spoon also," one man writes, "It's called backpacking and it's lovely."

Rub One Out

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"That masturbation means we're sexually unsatisfied," one person shares, "Does having dessert mean that I hated dinner?"

All Hands On Deck

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"That men don't multi-task," one man writes, "It's a person thing, not a gender thing."

Be A Man

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"That saying 'man up' to a kid that is crying about his dead pet makes him, 'man up'" one person writes, "Obviously, it doesn't."

Settle Down

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"That we are all the same, just after sex," this man writes, "When most of us want a stable relationship."

Take Aim

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"That when you pee you have total control over where you're aiming," one man writes, "Sometimes you could be pointing right the bowl and pee on the mirror."


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"That we hate rom coms because it makes us cringe and stuff or that were just grumpy or whatever people assume," this man writes, "No, Karen we don't hate them for that reason, we hate them because they put unrealistic expectations on men, in all those movies they sacrifice jobs, college ect. for a woman, we won't sacrifice a successful life so I can be at your ever beck and call."

Either Or

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"Men are either big brutes that lack intellect or they are weaklings with a PHD and no social skills," this person writes, "There's no middle ground for it."

Too Cute

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"I like cute things and it does not emasculate me to talk about them," this man writes, "I baby talk at my dogs, like pointless anime garbage what's sole purpose is to tickle the cute sensors in your brain, and I like seeing girls wear cute clothes regardless of whether or not I want to see those clothes come off."

Baby Sitter

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"I really hate how commercials pin us as completely incapable of taking care of children," this man writes.

"And TV shows. And movies. And the justice system," added others.

h/t: Reddit | Mr-StealYourMan