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15+ Accidents That Ended Up Being Kind Of Fascinating

There are serious accidents that happen every day, but there are also a lot of weird little mistakes that result in odd things.

And of course, when serious accidents happen and everyone is okay, it can sometimes be cool to look at the results and marvel at how fascinating they are.

Perfectly timed jalapeno drop.

Reddit | Scr3amingPhoenix

It happened to squash a spider on the floor. Assuming that the pepper was properly washed after this, I won't judge a person for still cooking with it.

And this is why frostbite is terrifying.

Reddit | twofortragedy

The Redditor openly admits that it was dumb to hike in the cold, but at least he got a cool post-amputation X-ray out of the deal.

That's a very fat gummy bear.

Reddit | Landowitz

Apparently, this is what happens when one falls into the sink and then sits overnight.

It's full of scuzzy sink water. Ew.

This giant gummy was left in a hot car.

Reddit | Rockingsockswithmilk

It was actually a pack of gummy soda bottles. Unlike the sink water bear, this is still technically edible.

So you were driving a Buick, huh?

Reddit | lankyblonde

This is the result of the steering wheel cover flying out as the airbag is released. It's a good example of how much force is actually involved.

Ew. Summer eye grease.

Reddit | IGrayMoon

This person accidentally smacked their glasses and the lens pressed against their sweaty eye.

Thanks, I hate it.

Reddit | sy13r

This person lost the top of their thumb in a childhood accident, but the nail still grows from the middle of the stub end. It even needs to be trimmed like any other fingernail.

Illuminati confirmed!

Reddit | ianconery

This is just a funny bit of accidental lighting. The hold in the paper has caused the eye on the dollar bill to glow in an eerie way.

This is why you never put real silverware in the dishwasher.

Reddit | dankmemethesecond

Is handwashing a ton of cutlery after a big dinner party annoying? Yes, but it takes a lot less elbow grease than polishing the whole set after the dishwasher causes some serious tarnishing.

Surprise rodent snack!

Reddit | Ash---

No matter what you do, pet food will never stay in the food bowl. In this case, some ended up mixed into the chips under the water spout and the seeds sprouted after the cage was left in a warm room.

1977 vs. 2011. I'm glad they don't make them like they used to.

Reddit | The785

A lot of older people point to the second image as proof that cars aren't made as well as they used to be, but it's actually the opposite. Crumple zones may mean more damage to the vehicle, but they make surviving the accident far more likely for the humans.

This is just a fun one.

Reddit | Poorlyhunger

When the tap was left on by accident, the soap bubbles rose up to create a bubbly bum.

The way the seam of the shoe lines up with the person's scar.

Reddit | Jonah-44

It looks like a design feature. Apparently, the scar is from a motorcycle accident.

This plaque commemorates the first car accident death in Great Britain.

Reddit | Growoldalongwithme

It happened in 1899, which is pretty cool. Sucks for the guy who went down in history for it, though.

That's some serious hardware.

Reddit | Camel-Walk

And I thought my dental X-rays were crazy, but this is really something else. The person was in a bicycle accident a couple of years ago and this is the hardware required to fix their face.

I think we all have a pencil lead scar somewhere.

Reddit | Rapogi

Don't worry, pencils have never actually contained lead and the graphite isn't going to hurt you. It likely dissolves quickly, but leaves a discolored spot behind, similar to how tattoos work.

Sometimes the remains of an accident reveal themselves years later.

Reddit | mcsmits

This is a small glass shard from a car accident in 2007. It worked it's way out on its own, breaking back through the skin in 2019.

This is why kids should never randomly throw things.

Reddit | JoeBoy89

A thrown stick hit this person's eye in childhood. After multiple surgeries, they've been left with okay vision and two pupils.

Post-accident reconstructions are pretty fascinating.

Reddit | a340timespi

This is a femur that was shattered in a motorcycle accident and needed a titanium rod to hold it back together.

This guy is both the unluckiest and luckiest person in the world.

Reddit | chemistrynerd1994

It's like Fate felt really bad about the whole 14 minutes dead thing and overcompensated when making it up to him.

Sometimes accidents result in usual sights.

Reddit | lordbaby1

Like a line of people in the middle of a freeway waiting to order breakfast from a taco truck. This occurred inAugust 2018 when a deadly crash closed the 105 Freeway for several hours.

Normally, it's not a big deal if you forget to bring your tether ball in for the night.

Reddit | spazzymcgee_123

But when you share the neighborhood with a tether ball-loving bear, things can get awkward.

There is a story behind every sign.

Reddit | storrowdrive

How many accidents happened before someone in city planning just resigned themselves to needing the second sign?

Reminder: real life is not video games.

Reddit | coraige7

How else can you explain this situation besides an attempt to jump the gap?

Quick! Get a pic!

Reddit | erica_60

I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they've called emergency services and confirmed that no one is burning alive in that car before they decided to pose for a photo.

But considering some of what we see on social media these days...

Waste not, want not.

Reddit | angry_forester

I mean, it looks like a hot day, so why not crack one open and sneak a drink before the cops arrive?

A jacket with a powerful story.

Reddit | Dire

Redditor Dire was wearing his favorite leather jacket when he was hit by a car, and paramedics were forced to cut the jacket off him.

That Christmas, his father surprised him with the repaired jacket, the bright red stitching acting as a reminder of how lucky he was to survive.

This motorcyclist decided to be prepared for any future accidents.

Reddit | orionnebulus

While few first responders will trust a tattoo in favor of just using O negative blood that they know is safe, the allergies can be helpful.

It looks like a time traveller forgot something.

Reddit | iamsumitd

It's funny to see floppy disks these days and the trash seems like the best place for them, but floppies are actually still used in high security situations.

Why? Because it's hard for people to steal data on media they can't even insert into their computer. Plus, they're harder to smuggle out than a teeny thumb drive.

This isn't Photoshop.

Reddit | aidencraig

These trees were discolored when a caustic waste reservoir breached at an aluminum refinery in Hungary in 2010. 35 million cubic feet of "red mud" from the reservoir spilled into the surrounding area.

The flood resulted in at least six deaths and many chemical burns from the high pH of the red mud.

Silicon vs. plastic.

Reddit | Speedysparrow55

This spatula was accidentally left in the oven and unintentionally gave us an example of the difference in heat resistance between the two common kitchen tool materials.

That's a lot of buns.

Reddit | verb833

This person ordered a dozen buns through Uber Eats. Instead, they got 500 frozen ones.

The driver insisted that she asked three times if the shop was sure it was the right order. It wasn't.

The best way to "draw the accident" on a collision report.

Reddit | rlhoffmann

I mean, you could draw the dark road and a box for the car and the deer, but insurance companies don't really need the diagram to figure out "fault" in this case.

This kitty's warts were cured by accident and it was super exciting for the veterinarians.

Reddit | willowwrenwild

The warts were "incurable" but when they began to fall off during a two week visit with family members before coming back after returning home, the cat's owner looked for the cause.

The well water the cat had been drinking during the visit was high in sulfur, so they tried a supplement and the new warts were cured again!

All mop water, no bucket.

Reddit | Tidalsky114

According to the owner, they took the mop bucket outside to rinse it out after cleaning, but got distracted and forgot about it.

A bottle rocket "ripped" this person's iris.

Reddit | Nyroc12

Besides giving them alien-looking eyes, it also turned their vision green, which is kind of...neat?

Accidental hybrid gardening.

Reddit | HippieWizard666

When gardening, it's possible for plants to cross-pollinate and sometimes, it even bears fruit. Or gourds, in this case where a zucchini and pumpkin mingled.

You know those pulpy gobs paper becomes after accidentally going through the wash?

Reddit | _MothMan

This is what happens when the paper in question is actually an entire deck of cards.

This is a bug trapped in an air bubble in a water cooler.

Reddit | LillyNin

Which is kind of neat when you don't stop to consider the fact that the water cooler apparently has bugs in it. Ew.

This is why I'm militant about dirty dishes being left around the house.

Reddit | FastFerrari

This coffee scum has grown so many different colors of mold.

Excuse me while I go check every surface of the house for forgotten mugs...

If you're going to accidentally put a plastic plate in the oven, at least the results look cool.

Reddit | SkyfireNexus

You can display your abstract sculpture while you scour the rest of the melted plastic off the floor of your oven.

This rock formation isn't letting go of this souvenir from a car accident.

Reddit | sherrenisabelle

When future archeologists dig it out, they'll consider it proof that the Transformers were real mechanical gods worshiped in our time.

After an accident caused this tiger to lose a tooth, it was given a gold replacement.

Reddit | Here-For-The-Comment

It seems like a lot of bling, but it's probably a cheaper alloy. Gold is actually the best metal for dental work, since it doesn't rust and is even resistant to biofilms that form in the mouth.

In 1903, both cars in Bolivia crashed into each other.

Reddit | KebabRemover1389

Not two cars, both cars. They were the only automobiles in the country at the time.

Do mosquitos know that there's extra blood in a bruise, or did this one get lucky?

Reddit | MikFizzle_

The whole area around the bite is clear of bruising, leaving a weird ring.

Some commenters worried about ticks and lime disease, but those rings are red, not bruise-colored.

It's tempting to stick pop in the freezer for a quick chill, but don't forget to take it out before it freezes.

Reddit | Operator141

It's a shame about the glass, because it's probably a pretty tasty root beer slush now.

A man in a motorcycle accident survived, even though his heart twisted 90-degrees.

The New England Journal of Medicine

Doctors only realized when they tried to find a heartbeat. Lung damage had caused air to leak into the body cavity, pushing the heart. Once the lungs were repaired and the air pressure released, the heart moved right back on its own.

"Mom had a weird accident while cooking," says Zekkens.

Reddit | Zekkens

Since everyone really needed to know how a fork got hot enough to do that, they clarified:

The fork was left in the hot cooking pan. The mom moved it to the plate, but when she was adding food to the plate, the fork got knocked, flew through the air, and hit her stomach.

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