9+ Times Going To The Beach Was Far From A Vacation

Going to the beach is one of my ultimate favorite things to do. I literally can't wait for it every summer. But sometimes chilling at the beach can come with a few hazards.

These people found out that beach time is not always fun and games. Sometimes things happen and when they do it's not that pretty.

1. Intimacy Fail

OMG, that must've been quite embarrassing. Right? I mean what are the odds of the cops being on the lookout for a suspect that very night. LOL!

2. Bird Attack

I guess this is one of the reasons why they tell you not to feed the birds at the beach because they get pretty bold afterwards.

3. Wrong Kind Of Attraction

At least this is one way of never having to hear that song again. I would call this a #beachwin instead of a #beachfail haha!

4. Fish Attack

Oh my, I'm not too sure where this girl was swimming because there ain't big fish like this where I usually go. Thank goodness for that.

5. It's Just A Nudge

Holy crap! What a way to start off your Florida vacation. Huh? I don't think I would go back into the water after that.

6. Lost Keys

Now this will teach you to not make fun of "dumb" people because sometimes it turns out you're the dumb one. Hope he had a spare key.

7. '80s Throwback

Kids don't do this at home. Even though this sounds like loads of fun it can also get you in a lot of trouble. Okay?

8. Shark Paranoia

To be honest, I don't blame this guy for freaking out because if it was me I would probably do the same thing 'cause of #sharkparanoia.

9. Poop Sunscreen

Again, watch out for the birds at the beach because they can play tricks on you. This one doesn't sound fun at all. Facepalm indeed.

10. James Bond Style

Guys just a word of warning here when you try to act like James Bond on the beach just make sure you've got what it takes.

11. Accident Prone

It's so much fun taking your kids to the beach. Isn't it? As long as they don't end up getting caught as this little guy did.

12. Playing Dead

Again, when you bring your kids to the beach just make sure it doesn't look like you took them to murder them, okay? Not a good look.

13. Redhead Ruins The Wedding

A beach wedding is totally my dream wedding scenario so thankfully I don't have any redhead in my family 'cause I would get so pissed.

14. Ouch!

What is the recovery for a stingray sting anyways?

15. Do Your Research

This is definitely an experience to cross off an unofficial bucket list!

16. Something's Burning

Who knew that armpits could burn? I guess none of us are really out there exposing our armpits.

17. Too Close For Comfort

This is too funny, but is also giving me bad secondhand embarrassment.

Serves that couple making out right!

18. Nice To Meet You

When the beach is busy, it can be hard to find where your crew is laying out!

19. Pepperoni Sunscreen

Oh man, this is wild. What a waste of perfectly good pepperoni and pizza!

20. Bringing Some Of The Beach Back With You

This poor woman brought an unexpected friend home in her swimsuit.

21. You Can Never Have Too Much Sunscreen, Even On A Cloudy Day

Those clouds can be deceiving. It's best to just slather on a thick coat of sunscreen no matter what the weather is.

22. Lifehack Gone Wrong

This is a lesson to at least tell your family and friends what's actually IN the diaper.

Who knew going to the beach could be so dangerous?

Well, I hope we all learned a valuable lesson here and now our trips to the beach will be accident-free.