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Donkeys Are Actually The Cutest Animals In The World And I Can't Deal With It

Some days, you just need to look at endless pictures of cute animals. For me, that's borderline almost every day. And it's so easy with people tagging and making accounts for their cute pets on Instagram!

I'm here to show you some ultra cute pictures of donkeys, because I know you need that right now.

Donkeys are already pretty small, but check out this little one!

Imgur | IvanDobskytheMeatsafeMurderer

It looks like it's absolutely loving the sunshine and green meadow.

I mean, same.

I would be so happy to frolic in this meadow, too.

This donkey is so cute I'm having a difficult time being able to handle it.

Check out this one's hairdo!

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Is this donkey starting a hairstyle trend?

What a trendsetter!


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Is this donkey real life?!

I love it so much.

Guess it's time for me to give up everything and own a donkey farm, bye!

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