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16+ Bizarre Trending Pics That Raise A Lot Of Questions

Most of the time, the stranger aspects of our world have at least some kind of logical explanation. That explanation may not be simple or even all that satisfying, but the point is that one usually exists.

Unfortunately, that often doesn't mean much when we stumble across something strange with nobody around to let us in on the context. It doesn't help that in a lot of cases, the only one who knows why the craziness that's suddenly been thrust into our lives exists is the one responsible for it.

And of course, they're nowhere to be found. Still, while I can't promise you'll understand all of these pics, we can at least get a handle on some of them.

There's usually no reason to get weirded out when Elmo's around, but that changes a little when you find a bunch of them in the woods.

Reddit | Televison

Not only do we have no idea why somebody made an Elmo tree, but with our luck, one of them will be a defective one that says "kill James" or something.

The photo quality makes it hard to tell, but this note says, "Do not ask about the spatula."

Reddit | AgressiveIN

Considering that, at best, it's serving the role of a poop knife, I think that we can infer that we're not supposed to touch the spatula either.

It's already very easy to take a bunch of risks while driving without staring at the car itself.

Reddit | Hermit2112

Someone had such bizarre design ideas for this truck that it really doesn't seem like we can call it that anymore. After all, we can't really trust this to haul anything.

Apparently, I was worrying about the wrong thing when I was concerned about hitting the pool balls too hard.

Reddit | Maelarion

Because as bad as it is to launch them at people, they're probably more prepared for that than a snake popping out of one of the pockets.

I'll admit it's kind of cute, though.

At first glance, this definitely seems like this woman's arteries are going wild inside her body.

Reddit | HumanNutrStudent

But in fact this is what was left as a reminder of the time this woman was truck by lightening.

I've seen Frankenstein mugs and skull mugs, but this is still a new one on me.

Reddit | Scragglebag

Like, are we even supposed to recognize the face here or is this just sold as "weird mouth with teeth?"

I may not know what the point of this suit is, but it definitely looks uncomfortable.

Reddit | lemans65

I'd also hazard a guess that unless this is supposed to be the Michelin Man's evil twin, this suit probably isn't supposed to be all puffed up like this.

What could possibly make a CT scan of someone's head light up this way?

Reddit | coco-ono

Apparently this patient came in to the hospital complaining of frequent seizures, only for doctors to discover he had small metal pellets throughout his head. The cause? His wife accidentally shot him several years ago while trying to get a raccoon off their property.

This definitely confirms that Tweety Bird should probably stay on the smaller side.

Reddit | LiveInLayers

Although he certainly intimidated Sylvester when he drank Dr. Jekyll's potion, even a non-monstrous Tweety can look pretty weird if it's big enough.

Believe it or not, there's actually somebody who was able to recognize what this is supposed to be.

Reddit | TheTwistedPepper

There's apparently a mythical beast that's supposed to reside in Bavaria, Germany called a Wolpertinger. Apparently, some Germans like bringing it up every now and then to troll tourists.

It's kind of like if somebody made an Australian drop bear.

I don't think I even want to know what this person did to that bra to make so many mushrooms grow on it.

Reddit | slyth3r1n

If nothing else, I guess we can take solace in the fact that they classed this outfit up with that paper plate bow-tie and...panda bear face?

When even your own house can't deal with the mess anymore.

Reddit | TheRealAspidistra

This takes hoarding to the extreme, but also begs several questions. For instance, (and perhaps most importantly), was the house always this shape or is this caused by the massive amount of junk pushing it to its limits?

Although this is definitely a strange sight, its location makes it even stranger.

Reddit | chiccup

Apparently, it's in the basement of a restaurant called Hanny’s in Phoenix, Arizona.

It's apparently pretty good and doesn't sound like a horror-themed restaurant so this choice of decor is even more confusing.

Yup, this is why I will never make fun of somebody for being afraid of geese.

Reddit | UnweildyArgonian

Not only do they look pretty terrifying when they're mad, but it really doesn't take much to make them that way.

They hung around campus, so in my case, all it took to make them mad was going to school.

I'll admit I don't know anything about making shawarma, but this really doesn't seem like part of the process.

Reddit | 2path-1cup

Not only do most people not want to eat something that somebody's put their feet in, but it doesn't even seem safe for the guy based on the way he's holding onto those fan blades.

If this person isn't in a costume, I'm honestly stumped as to why they have eggs in their hair.

Reddit | unoiamaQT

There's actually a character in Final Fantasy XII who wears a green jacket and keeps a baby bird in his hair, but the resemblance to him might be a coincidence.

There are definitely ways to make Toy Story shoes, but this probably isn't it.

Reddit | muzznation

I'm not even sure that Sid Phillips would do something this nightmarish to Woody and Buzz.

He might mess around with their limbs, but pulling their faces into a permanent, silent scream is still somehow worse.

The worst kind of balancing act possible, if you ask me.

Reddit | NadaCJ

Perhaps they just needed a place to build a house and the only spot left was atop this random wall. Or, perhaps someone just wanted to pull off the most head-scratching piece of home design possible. Either way, you won't catch me staying in that place, no sir.

This is the very definition of dropping a log in a toilet.

Reddit | prokjs

Several questions come to mind when I see this photo, but I suppose the biggest one has to be, why? Just why? It's even more confusing when you learn this was spotted in a high school bathroom, of all places.

Well, I suppose that this doesn't leave much room to wonder where the bathrooms are.

Reddit | willdayeast

It definitely makes me wish I was a fly on the wall when whoever commissioned this told the woodworker they'd have to lovingly render a stream of dog pee, though.

Oh, why hello up there you spiky fellow.

Reddit | bassistmuzikman

So this is a puffer fish in a tree. And if that alone didn't spark a million and one questions in your head, clearly you're used to seeing some weird stuff. This is the result of a massive storm in New England.

Okay, we're going to need an old priest and a young priest because this is definitely some kind of evil.

Reddit | iDrinkOxygen

Apparently, this monstrosity spotted crawling on someone's basement ceiling is actually a spider covered in fungus that's still half-dead, half-alive, and still able to move around. And that's one big "nope" for me, thanks.

If this bathroom couldn't get any more disgusting, I'm pretty sure that's where the toilet is supposed to go.

Reddit | Zenkosaur69

I'm not sure a jury in the land would convict me for taking a dump in public if this was the only alternative. Why oh why are there so many cockroaches?

I genuinely don't even have enough words to explain how uncomfortably this makes me.

Reddit | SligPants

This person recently realized that not everyone has the same strange underside to their tongue as they do, prompting the question, "Why does their tongue look like that??" Apparently this phenomenon is thanks to your tongue being fimbriated, meaning it has hairlike protrusions.

I guess it's true that we never really know when a cat is just going to pop out of the ceiling.

Reddit | ragabooty

That might feel like a gift from Heaven to some folks, but that's less true when you're both allergic and wondering how much it'll cost to fix that.

Suffice it to say, I think the end is quite possibly very nigh here.

Reddit | GucciKrane

This is what Rome looked like with an unimaginable amount of starling birds flocking to the skies. Why? Because they are all returning to the city at the same time, making for a near blackout of birds soaring over top of people's heads.

Braces are hardly an unfamiliar sight, but it looks like the dentist decided to get a little extra with this set.

Reddit | almansayin

Apparently, that extra piece is called a Herbst appliance and it's supposed to help with jaw alignment. It's also not all that cooperative with the actual braces so...yay?

As much as we may not want to think about our shoulders touching, it's just part of life for this man.

Reddit | AaronSanJohnn

That's because he has Cleidocranial dysplasia, which is a genetic skeletal disease that can affect the bones in many different ways, but often include short statures, extra teeth, and unusual clavicles.

Sometimes, which is likely the case for this man, some bones simply don't develop.

Apparently, it's possible to get a sunburn that only appears on your bellybutton.

Reddit | zavodny

This guy put sunscreen on before he went outside, but he apparently underestimated just how thorough you have to be to keep the sun out of your business.

If someone can explain what we're seeing, I'll actually be so surprised because it's not at all what you think.

Reddit | quatraine

This is apparently a gecko hiding the butt cavity of a kid's toy spider. The poor parent who found the nightmarish hybrid had a hard time getting the gecko out of the spider's booty, which is a sentence I quite literally never thought I'd ever type in my life.

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