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10+ Feel-Good Pics That Put Some Warmth In Your Heart

Good news tends to get steamrolled by bad news, at least out in the real world. You have to take time and effort to find all the news that will actually put a little glow in your chest and not drag your mood into the basement.

Well, we've compiled some of the lighter, happier stories and pics out there right now, and they ought to put some warmth in your heart, where it belongs.

One of the nicer things about growing up is being able to do good things for the folks who mean the most to you.

Twitter | @Sferreira_22

Like getting to take your grandmother to see a Toy Story movie for once! Look at the smile on her face.

When a homeless man walked into a Burger King to ask for some spare food, this lady didn't let him settle for that.

Reddit | FakeMeeMees

Instead, she got up, asked what he wanted from the menu, and bought it for him.

How many of us spent time playing games at the store like these kids?

Reddit | KSIChancho

And how many of us fought with our siblings to get the controller, very unlike these two? Rare harmony and teamwork.

An older man's mobility scooter fell off a trailer at a stop light.

Reddit | megska-doodle-doo

Instead of everyone honking and swerving and speeding off, people put on their four-ways and got out to help wrangle the scooter back onto the trailer.

The guy on the right was found collapsed out front of a store, having suffered a massive heart attack.

Reddit | frigginnathan

Two total strangers stepped up and performed CPR on him until paramedics arrived and took over, adding in defibrillations, and got him stable enough to get to the hospital.

He died three times there, only to be revived each time. Turns out he plays Santa Claus for local kids every year.

The woman on the right is listening to her daughter's heartbeat for the first time in a year.

Reddit | Necoya

After her daughter died, her heart went to this man, saving his life.

Just a few small steps for man to inspire the next generation.

Reddit | Tad0422

That's Buzz Aldrin re-creating steps taken on the Moon with a very happy young man.

Good reason to celebrate: One of those rare occasions when someone gets to graduate high school and head to college at 16!

Reddit | swhub

Yeah, I'd want to celebrate too. You know that's the result of plenty of hard work!

Massive protests have gripped Hong Kong recently, but protesters don't want local businesses to suffer.

Reddit | edgar_de_eggtard

Here's an example: When protesters stormed a building, some took some drinks from this cooler, but not without leaving cash behind to pay for them.

After a trip to the Philippines, this girl made a momentous decision about how her parents should use her birthday budget.

Reddit | Guevarra25

Instead of a party, she wanted to use the money to help out the less fortunate kids she'd seen on her trip.

Talk about keeping your spirits up.

Reddit | cabarne4

This guy had to have a leg amputated due to traumatic injuries, and apparently he hasn't stopped making jokes.

A determined customer made a young barista's day with a rather concerted effort to leave a tip.

Reddit | blobinsky

Apparently the baristas weren't supposed to accept tips, so the lady dropped cash in among the syrups for the barista to take.

Just a girl reading a comic book to her cows at the state fair.

Reddit | Mongo1021

Specifically, she's reading Wonder Woman to two female heifers, Sally and Bethany.

Sometimes dogs pick their humans.

This is as sad as it is heartwarming, seeing a dog so determined to love this guy, and having it returned.

The guy on the right left a 40-year career at another airline to fly with the woman next to him, his daughter.

Reddit | pervertmaindo

In fact, both of his daughters are pilots with the same airline, and all he wants to do for the rest of his flying days is spend as much time in the cockpit with his daughters as possible.

It's not at all uncommon for dads to get cards like this for their birthday.

Reddit | crawlspeed

But this comes from a child adopted out of foster care, and it represents the first time saying "I love you" in the eight months since adoption.

Just to make this wedding extra special, the father of the bride went out of his way to make sure the bride's stepfather walked down the aisle, too.

Reddit | Noticemenot

Talk about an unusual arrangement — and an indication that there's a lot of love to go around in that family.

This is just a sampling of the stuffed toys this woman has made to send to underprivileged kids overseas.

Reddit | CountVonBenning

Apparently she's been making them for decades. "She's made countless thousands of them," the uploader wrote.

This pair is spending their layover time being helpful.

Reddit | sadfishbird

They found a pigeon with a string caught around its leg, so they decided to help the poor bird out and removed it.

A few truckers lined up beneath an overpass to prevent a woman in distress from hurting herself.

Reddit | xThe-Legend-Killerx

It's always heartening to see truckers come to a person's aid like this, especially when you consider the tight deadlines they're often under.

This hardware store has a donation bin where people can leave their old tools to send to underprivileged countries.

Reddit | garry005

Always nice to see things like this and know that good tools aren't going to waste.

Not the most wholesome of circumstances, perhaps, but this person's heart was certainly in the right place.

Reddit | @Ehvaskinho

I mean, going out of your way to wish a stranger well is always welcome, right?

This pic of a dad and his daughter at the fair is nice enough on its own.

Reddit | OhSick

Even better, the photographer behind it asked the dad out of the blue for his email and just sent it to him to make sure he had this memory.

Carson Pickett, who plays for the Orlando Pride of the NWSL, saw a unique opportunity to make a young fan's night with a powerful bump.

Instagram | @tiddbit_outta_hand

I think she has a fan for life now.

Tim Howard is the goalkeeper for the Colorado Rapids of Major League Soccer. He also has Tourette's.

Reddit | Scotty_Hassett

And he has a program to meet kids who also have Tourette's, which has to be an incredible inspiration for them.

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