12+ Secrets About Costco Only Employees Know

Costco is one of those places that unlike other people I still love to visit in person. And if you read this article you'll find out why.

Turns out there is a method to the Costco madness that only those in the know can truly appreciate. Here are a few secrets from Costco employees you should take note of.

1. Everyone Helps Out


When reinforcements are needed anyone jumps in and helps out — even managers. So your next cashier could be the general manager of the store. Nice!

2. Generous Return Policy

Unsplash | Ali Yahya

As they place very minimum restrictions you can return almost anything, even if you don't have your receipt. Some people even go back after years. Wowza!

3. Cancel Membership Anytime

And if you get tired of shopping there and you want to cancel your membership, go ahead. You can get a 100% refund at any time.

4. Costco Is A Great Employer

If you're looking for a job Costco may be the right place for you. They have generous pay and plenty of great benefits.

5. Employees Get Free Membership


Not only do employees get a free membership card but they get the Executive card, which gives them a 2% reward on qualified purchases.

6. Costco Contracts Out Food Samplers

Those folks who give out the free food samples aren't actually Costco employees. They're hired contractors, so don't ask them where stuff is located, because they probably don't know the store that well.

7. No Express Checkout Lane Needed


You may have noticed no Express checkout lane, but it's because they take a headcount and call for more reinforcements when needed.

8. Avoid Shopping On Sundays

If you prefer a more leisure way to shop at Costco, forget about going there on Sunday. It's their busiest day of the week.

9. Food Combo For $1.50


Believe it or not, the price for their popular take-out food combo of a hot dog and soda hasn't increased since the 1980s. Pretty cool!

10. Reduced Labor Costs


So, Costco may not carry all the varieties and sizes of products but there's a good reason for that. It's to reduce labor costs. That means you pay less, too!

11. Costco Operates Worldwide

Unsplash | Calle Macarone

I had no idea that Costco had locations in such places as Japan, Australia, France, and South Korea. I thought it was just North America.

12. They Don't Offer Bags

Unsplash | Sylvie Tittel

If you have shopped at Costco you know that they don't actually offer shopping bags. It's because the company thought it would make them too retail-like. Ha, ha!

13. Employees Get Quite A Workout

If you think working at Costco would be just standing around you'd be wrong. Employees get quite a workout lifting all those heavy items.

14. Costco Employees Get Paid Well

In addition to perks like free membership and free meals, Costco employees also get paid pretty well, between $11.50 and $20 per hour.

15. Anyone Can Buy Booze From Costco

Unsplash | Nick Karvounis

Turns out that even those without a membership can still buy booze in certain Costco locations. Wow, I didn't know that.

16. Kirkland Is A Real Place


If you ever wondered where the Kirkland name of Costco brand merchandise comes from, it's from their corporate headquarters in Kirkland, Washington.

17. A Little Costco History Lesson


And here's an interesting historical fact perhaps you didn't know: Costco was actually started by a former Price Club employee. How neat.

18. Costco Was King In 2015

In 2015 Costco was selling more stuff than Amazon, but that has probably changed since then. Nonetheless, that's pretty impressive if you ask me.

19. Costco Is Mega Popular In California

Unsplash | Julian Howard

As of 2015, a third of Costco's U.S. business came from locations in California. Wow, I wonder why that is? Cali loves Costco!

20. Chicken Bake Secrets


Their popular chicken bake is so good because it's actually made with pizza dough. That, and of course, chicken strips, mozzarella, bacon, and Caesar dressing.

21. Pizza Secrets

Speaking of pizza, Costco is one of America's biggest pizza chains, trailing only behind Chuck E. Cheese. And their pizza sauce pouring is now automated. Wow!

22. No Signage


There's a reason there are no signs in the aisles of Costco and it's because they want you to wander the whole entire store to find stuff (and buy more stuff).

23. Look At The Front Of The Store For Deals

Featured items and sale items are usually found near the front entrance so shoppers see them right away. These displays change weekly, compared to the aisle layouts.

24. Deals Can Also Be Found At The End Of Aisles

The ends of aisles are another popular spot to feature the week's sale items. Good to know!

25. Look For The Asterisk On Product Signs

Consumer Reports

This little star means an item will soon be discontinued. Stock up now before it's gone forever!

26. Have You Checked Out the Road Shows?


Specialty products will set up pop-up stores in some warehouses for a week or two at a time. This is a way to feature or test new products. The items can become permanent based on demand.

27. You Can Order Bulk Flowers Online

Unsplash | chuttersnap

If you have a wedding or event coming up, you can buy fresh flowers in bulk through the Costco website and save a ton of money!

Honestly, I love shopping at Costco.

The store is so big and spacious it never feels cramped. And who doesn't enjoy free food samples? Amirite? I totally dig it.