13+ Things That Look Delicious But You Better Not Eat

You can always trust your tastebuds to tell you what's delicious and what isn't. But you can't trust your eyes. Even when something looks delicious, there are absolutely no guarantees.

Mmm, pancakes.

Reddit | Grilledwaffles

Normally, I wouldn't think that the worn, frayed stools where many butts have sat look very appetizing. But normally, these stools don't look exactly like freshly griddled pancakes. All they need is some syrup.

Shrimp tempura?

Reddit | mikevigs

First of all, if this thing didn't have such an adorable face I'd be utterly convinced it was a piece of shrimp tempura, fried to perfection. I mean, this thing might be delicious either way.

That's not a tree.

Reddit | hootersbutwithcats

We all know that broccoli florets and trees can look pretty similar sometimes, but usually you can tell the difference. Sometimes, though, a tree looks exactly like broccoli, and things get confusing.

So many flavors.

Reddit | RealmUniverse

Gummy candies will forever be my ride or die candy choice. But if you bit into these, they'd be more glassy than gummy...which makes sense, since this delectable-looking handful is actually sea glass.

Expressionist pizza.

Reddit | chiggo

I'm always up for a new take on the old classic of pizza. Even though these slices look a bit like the surface of Jupiter, I'd still try them...until you told me they were actually gems.

Perfectly done.

Reddit | Percell

Everything about this steak looks perfect. It's expertly cooked, not very fatty, and has just the perfect thickness. Not sure why it's in the water or why it's covered with trees, though.

This is a big find.

Reddit | potatochippopotamus

The internet isn't as bacon-crazy as it was a few years ago, but most of us still acknowledge the essential deliciousness of bacon. That's why this guy shared this pic of a truly impressive bacon deposit on the beach.

A burrito 65 million years in the making.

Reddit | kelsiuhm

It just feels good to hold a burrito, you know? It's a weighty piece of deliciousness, all expertly wrapped up into one unit. This burrito looks perfectly toasted, which makes it all the more tragic that it's actually a dinosaur bone.

Pass the wasabi.

Reddit | Ostrantula

Yeah, these sushi rice rolls haven't been sliced, but that's okay, you can just eat them burrito-style. You'll just need to put aside the fact that they're actually....paint rollers or something?

The perfect summertime refreshment.

Reddit | dadaw00ta

On a hot day, there's nothing like a blue raspberry popsicle to cool down. You might think this is deodorant, but I'd counter with this: why would Old Spice put it on a popsicle stick?

Pure decadence.

Reddit | d0c70rd0raz10

Even if you're not the fancy type, sometimes it's nice to enjoy some high-end truffles. These stereo dials, which appear to come in both white and dark chocolate varieties, are perfectly bite-sized.


Reddit | Zekey3

Seeing what appears to be a delicious hunk of shawarma meat on a random pole by the side of the road creates a dilemma: is it worth the possible sanitary issues to sample some of that delicious meat?

I need to try it.

Reddit | dfrensdorff

These leather wallets look like some incredible dish that hasn't been invented yet. The shape suggests ravioli, while the color suggests something that's been baked to the perfect level of golden brown doneness.

*Definitely* do not eat.


This might seem a little bit unnecessary, but perhaps there's a good reason to carry around a straight-up sword that's masquerading as a baguette. I just haven't thought of that good reason yet.

Once you pop, you can't stop.

Reddit | avoidancebehavior

It's interesting that this perfect elliptical shape is not synonymous with potato chips in general, but with Pringles specifically. I wonder if Pringles can sue this styrofoam company for ripping off its design.

Great way to start the day.

Reddit | TeaQueer

Look at it this way: orange juice may be delicious, but it's absolutely loaded with sugar. Orange paint water may taste gross and may literally kill you, but it's pretty low calorically.

Who knew?

Reddit | yash_chem

I've never thought much about what's inside tennis balls. But after viewing this pic and learning that they're apparently lined with milk chocolate, I think it's time to pick up a tube of Dunlops.

It's easy to get confused.

Reddit | sappy_yeojachingu

Kiwis are basically weirdly hairy fruit, and a baby's head is basically a weirdly hairy...cranium. When you see them next to each other, it's easy to think you've a) found a huge kiwi, and b) lost your baby.

Just a teeny-tiny sunny side up.

Reddit | joshaff

Nope. It's a dollop of moisturizer with a drop of rose hip oil in the center.

Now I'm craving pasta for dinner.

Reddit | Keanulaszlo

But not linguine. After mistaking these rubber bands for that kind of noodle, I have developed linguine trust issues.

There is child somewhere is a mouthful of disappointing chocolate.

Reddit | SatansBigSister

I bet they thought they were pretty sneaky as they stole a chunk of what turned out to be modelling clay.

Mmm, popcorn...

Reddit | alice_m100

Sadly, these kernels would be very disappointing. Not only is there no butter, but they are also rocks.

Opinions differ on the appeal of cereal milk.

Reddit | killapanda5280

But whether you're for or against it, don't try this one. It's actually a melted mosquito candle.

If I fits, I sits.

Reddit | killapanda5280

And if that means kitty looks like a baguette at first glance, so be it.

Dude, don't leave your toast by the sink!

Reddit | yummytuber's a crusty sponge. need a new sponge.

Just throw it in a pan and watch it sizzle.

Reddit | lewisisgud

This yarn doesn't look delicious in a "ready to eat" kind of way, but it does look delicious in a "just add heat" kind of way. Unfortunately, adding heat to this wouldn't be very delicious at all.

Heavyweight Oreos.

Reddit | Bejci

Considering all the other crazy special editions they release, I'm surprised we haven't see giant Oreos before.

Why do companies do this?

Reddit | Lewysgeorg

I mean, I understand why it would come up in the brainstorming session, but then it should be crossed off because your hair products shouldn't be easy to accidentally put on a sandwich.

Just pick one from the bunch.

Reddit | OperatingOnScientist

These bananas look like they're at the perfect stage of ripeness, so I'll just...oh no, that's a snake, probably a murderous one at that, and I'll never eat a banana again.