15 Shocking Coincidences That Made Me Question Everything

I've always been on the fence about whether or not I believe in coincidences. Sometimes it seems like that would be lazy of the universe, ya know? Like here we have a whole universe full of energy and humans and space and time, and thinking that things line up perfectly just by accident is too crazy.

Of course, that makes more sense when you're thinking of huge coincidences that may have life-changing messages if you choose to see them that way. But there are definitely other things where the timing is just too perfect and you simply capture the universe's sense of humor.

They say that books are super powerful and words can change the world.

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Or at least they have a good guess about how the book itself will end up. This poorly titled book is now in a couple of pieces and the irony is painful.

I know that seagulls can't read or even understand this sign, but there's a lot of conviction in his sassy little face.

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It's like he just knew he should land there and pose like a champ. Serious question though, how do you keep birds away?

While I'm sure it isn't much of a coincidence that this purple van is surrounded by purple people, there's still a part of me that wants to believe it is.

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I wonder what the reason is for having so much purple. I guess they don't really need one, purple is a great color.

I really like this, I think it's simple and sweet.

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It's the kind of thing I would see on my commute home that makes me smile and feel like life is OK.

It took me a minute to see the dog in the background posing just like the dog on this baby's shirt. It took me way too long to figure that out, but it was worth it.

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That, you've got to admit, is pretty bananas. What are the chances?

This is so cool! I know it may seem silly, but this is something I secretly wish would happen to me. 

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How badass about it be to show up with a bottle of water that had the mountains that the water came from inside?

I wonder if this kid sat here a lot and wore this shirt so much that his friends and classmates wanted to play a bit of a prank.

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It's pretty funny, I'm not gonna lie.

I've never seen anything that sums up my life the way that this does. 

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I mean, if I get to the same place in the end, does it really matter how I got there?

This is gonna be a showdown for the ages.

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Who's gonna win? UPS or FedEx? Honestly, it could go either way and we know this. Stay tuned to find out!

This is hilarious. Firstly because someone can actually die from nail biting, and secondly because this woman seems blissfully unaware of that fact.

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I would also probably snap a picture to send to all my friends.

I can hear the X-Files theme playing in the background. 

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It looks so beautiful, doesn't it? Those trees from the wilderness are creating a beautiful backdrop for this UFO.

My guess is that this person is totally accident-prone and saw this coming. 

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It's like you prepare for the worst and hope for the best, then you can only be pleasantly surprised.

This woman was taking a picture of her boyfriend celebrating his birthday...he does not look too pleased, but no one really likes getting their picture taken.

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The real kicker? She caught a pick pocket in action right behind him. Hello, 9-1-1?

This was totally on purpose, whoever did this was one of the greatest Motley Crew fans of all time. 

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I feel like this took a lot of careful planning and a secret midnight operation.

I was not clever enough to get this at first, but here it is. 

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These iceberg lettuces are being shipped by a company called Titanic. So ironic. The world is a mysterious place, isn't it?