28 Pics That Provide A Brand New Perspective

Photographs can be pretty interesting, but they're also limited. They only show you one angle, and often there's some missing context. That's what this list is for. Let's take a look at some alternative angles that tell a brand new story.

Kill it with fire.

Reddit | Minifig81

You know how sometimes it's best to confront your fear to get over your phobia? This zoomed-in pic of a virus really doesn't make me feel any better about getting the flu.


Reddit | DillyWithTheBigWilly

We're so used to seeing pics of the late, great Stephen Hawking that show him sitting in his wheelchair. Here you can see the joy that zero gravity put on the physicist's face.

Is this on Earth?

Reddit | -sUBzERoo-

When I sprinkle a bit (too much) salt on my favorite dish, I don't think about the salt mines that it came from. Maybe I should, because salt mines look pretty freakin' cool.


Reddit | iamcorner

It's tough to capture a lightning bolt with a snapshot, but when you do, the results are worth it. I don't think I've ever seen lightning reflected on water in such a unique way.

Plenty of leg room.

Reddit | Mass1m01973

It's easy to see passenger planes as cramped because, well, they are. But when you take out the seats that cram you in like sardines, it's pretty clear how big planes like this Boeing 787 truly are.

Plenty under the hood.

Reddit | DinimoTNT

If you've ever wondered why a Lamborghini sells for six figures while your 2002 Neon is worth $250, just look at this pic. I don't know what that tech does, but it sure looks impressive.

Back to the salt.

Reddit | BunyipPouch

The macro view of a big salt mine was pretty cool, so let's flip things around and check out the micro view. It turns out individual salt crystals look wild under an electron telescope.

You are my sunshine.

Reddit | ErronCowboy4522

Capturing the International Space Station as it passes in front of the sun makes for an awesome photograph. Now consider the fact that the ISS is about 350 feet long and the sun is 864,000 miles across.

No pink, no problem.

Reddit | ashiruuu

I think I knew that flamingos got their vibrant pink color from what they ate, but it never occurred to me what they might look like without the pigmentation. Turns out they look...super weird.

Glitch in the matrix.


You don't have to be a weather nerd to know that there are tons of different types of clouds out there, but this formation really seems to be one-of-a-kind.

Slip the surly bonds of gravity.

Reddit | 610NH

What if I told you that this majestic view of the ocean from space could be captured in your own backyard? You really just need to look at the sky and use your imagination.

Drones are neat.

Reddit | NPerez99

This otherworldly scene was captured by photographer Reuben Wu. He used drones to illuminate these rock formations at night, creating a vibrant and surreal looking rocky landscape.

Ancient meets modern.

Reddit | PrimalMusk

Just about every pic of the Pyramids shows them standing alone in the desert. These pics might highlight the Pyramids, but they do a disservice to the fact that the bustling city of Cairo is right next door.

What am I looking at?

Reddit | Keeganxvx

I thought it was, like, a whale's heart or something, but it's actually a giant amethyst geode (emphasis on 'giant'). Those souvenir shop geodes you can buy have nothing on this.

Something seems incomplete.

Reddit | Arya_13

You're looking at a blissfully ad-free image of Times Square in New York. If you're noticing there's a lot of blank space, that's because those areas are all plastered in advertising.


Reddit | Littlemeggie

Aviaries, or bird enclosures, need to confine birds in such a way that they can still enjoy their natural habitat. When snow settles on the netting that covers an aviary, the view is incredible.

For tactile learners.

Reddit | SamwiseGimli

This globe, which has raised continents and even rivers, is a little different from your normal contour globe. This one has exaggerated textures to serve as a learning tool for people who can't see well.

Creepy birds.

Reddit | GraveBreath

These African black herons rest on the surface of the water and use their wings to create shade. Fish wander into the cooler, shaded water and get gobbled up.

The Redditor that shared this called them "carnivorous umbrellas" which is great.

List Item #23


Real life Pokémon?

Reddit | GytisG8

This adorable thing is an armadillo girdled lizard. While the pose is super cute, it's actually a sign that the little guy is super stress out.

Also not actually a Pokémon.

Reddit | 123thr0w4w4y456

This is an albino racoon. They look so different without their distinctive markings, and yet, still cute.

Just stop rifling through my garbage.

The same process can actually happen with pyrite.


You may know pyrite by the name "fool's gold" and so the results of this one are an awesome gold-plated shell appearance.

That rock appears to be defying gravity.

Reddit | Fawn_Dell_Megonads

But it only looks that way. This is actually a case of confusing perspective, and the rock is in a lake.

Practical movie effects are sometimes really strange.

Reddit | moniso

This is from the filming of Baby Driver. Instead of filming the interior driving shots on a green screen, they went out on the actual streets. But the real person driving was actually on top of the car.

Quick, name what animal this is from.

Reddit | CallMeKudu

Elephants are so distinctive with their unique trunk, gigantic floppy ears and pearly white tusks. It's almost enough to make you forget that these beasts also have tails, and that these tails look really weird.

Sperm whales don't have upper teeth.

Reddit | rugbyjames1

Instead, they have sockets for their lower teeth to fit into. Which is really creepy.

Beneath the snow?

Reddit | Littlemeggie

This is actually a view from within a zoo's aviary after a snowfall.

TV magic.

Instagram | @kuyakim_atienza

Do you ever see those little lav mics on a newscaster and wonder what they're attached to? The answer is that they connect to a labyrinth of cables that make an anchor look like they're part robot.

Outdated technology.

Reddit | mossberg91

I don't care if you built up an impressive cassette collection, that format is dead. Time to get with the times and sign up for Spotify...oh wait, these aren't tapes, they're buses. Public transit is good. Carry on.