Use The Stuff You've Already Got To Try These 12+ Sweet Home Hacks

As much as I love a good lifehack, what's the point if you don't already have the stuff to try it out on hand? That's what I love about this list, most people already have this stuff at home!

And if you don't, it might actually be worth it to pick some of this stuff up. I don't think you'll regret it if you do!

1. Do you have an online shopping problem like I do?

In My Own Style | In My Own Style

Next time you get something that comes in a round mailer, keep it! You can use them to store bags for groceries and other necessities. Throw on a label and you're golden.

2. Having trouble hanging your broom, mop, or other cleaning supplies?

Sew Many Ways | Sew Many Ways

Add a zip tie through the loop of your cleaning device and you can hook that baby anywhere! Such a simple and easy solution for saving space in your home.

3. We all know how gross a build up of hair in the drain can be.

Instructables | jovino

But zip ties can actually come in handy for this! If you make a loop of them, you can use it to grab all that nasty hair. Check out Instructables for full details on how it's done.

4. I actually said out loud, "This is smart!" when I saw this hack.

Pinning With Purpose | Pinning With Purpose

There is so much unused vertical space in the fridge, why not try to utilize it to its fullest? Add a cheap dollar store drawer set to your fridge like Pinning With Purpose did.

5. Who else fumbles with every single switch before getting the right one?

Reddit | vrrroomvrrroom

Use labels or stickers to mark which switch is for what. I like the idea of a star for the one that you use most often!

6. Who else loves to get their nails done, but just can't justify it all the time?

Reddit | TopConcept88

And who else is just not good at doing their own nails? Try this hack to see if it helps!

7. I always look forward to moving until I remember it involves packing and actually moving stuff to another space.

Reddit | Necrotroph

I've seen similar hacks using garbage bags to move multiple items at once, but this one takes it to the next level!

8. Have ugly water stains on your wood surfaces?

Myanmore | Myanmore

The Spruce suggests using mayonnaise to get rid of them! Basically, you leave the mayo on for an hour or even overnight and then the stain will be gone.

9. And if you thought mayo was weird, try a banana on a CD to get rid of scratches.

I'm Elfin | I'm Elfin

No one really uses CDs or DVDs that much anymore, so it might be worth a shot to see how it fares. Then you can use them for cool DIYs!

10. Got a toddler who's ready for a big kid bed?

Pinterest | Baby Needs

If you're worried about their safety, try adding two pool noodles to either side of the bed. Now they'll have a guard against falling!

11. Want to create your own natural cleaning wipes?

Homemade Interest | Homemade Interest

Start by cutting a paper towel roll in half, or so that it fits in one of those store-bought cleaning wipe containers.

Put that roll in the container and create your own cleaning solution to pour inside.

Homemade Interest | Homemade Interest

Homemade Interest suggests a combo of:

- 1/2 cup vinegar mixed with 1 cup water
- 1 teaspoon liquid dish soap
- 5-10 drops essential oil (optional)

12. CD racks might be outdated now, but that doesn't mean they aren't useful!

Ikea Hackers | Ikea Hackers

If you have one on hand but don't have a dish rack, you can totally use it to dry your dishes!

13. Keep your empty cereal boxes and turn them into useful storage.

The Muddy Princess | The Muddy Princess

The Muddy Princess wrapped them in fun paper, but you could keep them plain. Store papers, plastic containers, or other things in these!

14. I'm never using a candle warmer for a candle ever again.

Reddit | cjslc1

It is now a queso warmer. Say goodbye to lukewarm crusty queso dip!

15. Don't know what to do with an old parm container?

Reddit | BionicUtilityDroid

It makes for a fantastic lidded glass that will keep bees away from your poolside drinks in the summer.

16. They're also great as salt shakers for icy driveways and steps.

Reddit | WightHouse

17. Who knew a drying rack for dishes could be used to protect dishes in the dishwasher?

Reddit | thecatunderthebed

It's a wild inception sort of deal.

But yeah. Doing something like this will ensure your lids and plastic containers will stay put.

18. Tiny apartment? Can't fit any holiday decor? No problem!

Reddit | venusproxxy

Just attach some tinsel or make a wooden wall hanging in the shape of a Christmas tree.

It's so cute too!

19. This is also a great tiny space hack.

Reddit | randomusefulbits

I need to start doing this. I end up dropping everything on the ground!

20. This is a great space-saving hack for small freezers.

Reddit | [deleted]

Or any freezer, really. More space for ice cream!

21. There's nothing worse than a flimsy garbage bag.

Reddit | bobret

And then you have to get another bag for the garbage bag and clean up the mess and it's a whole fiasco!

Using a hook upside down will ensure the bag stays put and that your garbage stays in the garbage bag.

22. Have you ever thought about using a pool noodle to dry your makeup brushes after cleaning them?

Reddit | prettyvulgar17

Probably not! That's why Gail is here to save the day.

23. Line your fridge with placemats for easy cleaning.

Twitter | @MisMaRissaRoo

Cleaning the fridge might be my top three chores I hate doing, so this is a lifesaver.

Although, then I have to clean the placemats...but that's neither here nor there.

24. I have a lot of tools, but I never have a level on hand.

Reddit | Fockelot

If you want to be sure that a shelf you are hanging is straight, use a measuring cup! If the water lines up with the line, it's roughly level.

25. Need a way to freshen up the smell of your car?

Twitter | @xcassidyo

Put a couple of wax melts in a salt or pepper shaker. They'll look adorable and it'll smell amazing, too.