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16 Plot Holes In Disney Movies That Will Forever Be Annoying

Disney may be responsible for creating some of the world's most beloved films, but that doesn't mean they aren't guilty of some pretty annoying plotholes.

In fact, some of Disney's most popular movies contain huge plotholes that you won't be able to unsee.

From The Lion King to Frozen, these are some of the most annoying plotholes in Disney movies...

1. Why didn't Charlotte turn into a frog after kissing Naveen? 

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Charlotte kisses Naveen multiple times but doesn't turn into a frog, like Tiana did. She even kissed him after midnight, so this makes zero sense.

2. What is up with Rapunzel's hair color change? 

Early on in Tangled, we learn that when hair is cut from Rapunzel's head it turns brown.

So shouldn't the hair attached to her head have remained blonde after she chops off all her locks later on?

3. Why does Mulan have to sign up for the army at all? 

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During training, Mulan is told to go home because she can't keep up.

So if the army was willing to send home an able-bodied person for being clumsy, obviously her elderly father wouldn't have made the cut, either.

4. Hades would have definitely known if Hercules was dead or not. 

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Hades is literally the lord of the dead, so knowing who's dead and who isn't is kind of his whole deal.

But somehow, Pain and Panic are able to hide the fact that Hercules is actually alive for decades!

5. Honestly, there's so much wrong with Cinderella. 

Why didn't the glass slippers disappear like everything else after midnight? Why did one of the slippers fall off if they're supposed to fit perfectly? Why wasn't Cinderella way more chill when she found out the prince was looking for her?

6. If Buzz Lightyear doesn't think he's a toy, why does he freeze around children? 

This plothole has plagued Disney fans for years and has even lead to some pretty elaborate fan theories.

I seriously wish Woody had called him out on this so we'd know the real reason.

7. 101 is an unreasonable amount of Dalmatians for anyone to have. 


Guys, that's too many dogs. You don't need that many dogs, and there is no way you're capable of taking care of that many dogs. In fact, 101 dogs would probably ruin Roger and Anita financially.

8. What do the Seven Dwarfs do with all the riches they've been mining? 

These dudes are all sharing one bedroom, but haven't they been stockpiling diamonds every day for years? What gives?

9. Did Jafar really need Genie to get what he wanted? 

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If Jafar's staff can literally control people's minds, what does Jafar need Genie for?

He could have easily used his staff to gain control over Agrabah.

10. Why didn't Maleficent just send Diablo to look for Aurora in the first place? 

Maleficent's goons fail to find Aurora for sixteen years, but Diablo finds her almost immediately.

He's her constant companion and assistant, so why does she wait so long to send him?

11. Why did the villagers applaud when Anna punches Hans? 

When Anna leaves to find Elsa, she leaves Hans in charge of the kingdom, and he seems to be a pretty good leader.

So why do the villagers cheer when she decks him? They have no idea that he's actually a bad guy.

12. Also, where did Elsa's powers come from, anyway? 

Elsa has some pretty intense powers, but we never actually learn why.

It's strange, because most Disney movies give the audience a detailed explanation when something magical happens, but Elsa was simply born that way.

13. Why doesn't Woody remember where he came from? 

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In Toy Story 2, we learn that Woody is actually a pretty rare collector's item.

So if Woody is over 40 years old, why doesn't he ever mention his life before Andy? There's no way Andy was his first owner!

14. Why didn't Ariel communicate with Eric by writing? 

This would have solved a whole lot of problems.

Ariel read and signed Ursula's contract so we know she can read and at least she can write her own name!

15. How does Genie's magic work anyway? 

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Genie's magic is pretty suspect.

When Aladdin wishes to be a prince, he gets a makeover. But when Jafar wishes to be the Sultan, Genie effectively overturns the entire monarchy. Huh?

16. And finally, why did Scar leave Simba alive? 

I mean, he already killed Mufasa, so he might as well get Simba out of the way as well.

What do you think? Do you know a plot hole we missed? Let us know in the comments!