10+ Mistakes In 'The Little Mermaid' Nobody Noticed

Hold on to your butts, people, because there are some mistakes in this classic Disney movie!

I know, I know, it's almost impossible to believe, but you're going to see the truth!

The photos in this article were taken by moviemistakes.com.

The Fork


Now this one is a doozy. The first time she seems a Dinglehopper, it's got four prongs. Seems pretty standard for a Dinglehopper, right?

However, the next time she picks it up, it only has three!

The Cheek


So Ariel is watching the sailors dance at the beginning of the movie, and then a dog runs over and licks her face.

However, when she goes to wipe off the drool, she rubs it off the wrong cheek.

Flounder's Flounder


Alright, so when Flounder tries to slide into the porthole, his fins are clearly outside of the ship.

However, when we cut to the other side, his fins are suddenly inside the ship!

The Sauce


Louis throws poor Sebastian in a sauce, then tosses some flour onto him. Keep in mind that the sauce is brown.

Well, in the next shot, the sauce is completely white. Yeah, flour doesn't do that.

The Chariot


When King Triton enters on his dolphin chariot, we see that he's holding two separate reins.

However, moments later in the scene, you'll see that it's actually one continuous rein.

The Blanket


Awww, she's an adorable sleeper, isn't she? (He said, trying his best not to sound creepy).

Anyways, when she drifts off to sleep in the Prince's room, you see that she has no blanket. However, later in the evening, one appears on her.

The Ruckus of Buttons


So when Chef Louis is apologizing for the ruckus his buttons are on the right side of his shirt.

However, in the next shot, the buttons are on his left.

Where is she crying?


In one scene, Ariel lays her head down to cry. Check the background: wooden plank, vase.

Now in the wide shot, the wooden plank is gone, the vase is different and so is the rock she laid down on.

The Handles


So Carlotta brings in a bunch of food for Eric and Ariel to eat, and they have a certain kind of handle.

However, in the next scene, they have these black dot handles instead.

The Statue's Face


King Triton destroys Ariel's statue of Prince Eric when he discovers her grotto.

However, moments later, we see that the face of the statue is totally fine, despite being blown up.

The Crown Spikes


In that first shot, we see that King Triton's crown actually has 5 spikes on it.

However, when he's turned into the weird little monster, it has seven.

The Ponytail


Alright, so during "Kiss The Girl", we see that Ariel's hair is half down, half up during most of the song.

However, when we look at her shadow in the water, it's in a ponytail.

Random Buckles


At the beginning of his song sequence, Chef Louis has no buckles on his shoes.

However, as he goes on singing about killing fish, these random gold buckles appear on his feet.

Magical Shoes


And I thought only Cinderella had magical shoes!

Apparently, Ariel does too, because when she arrives at Eric's wedding she has no shoes. However, right before they're about to kiss, she has them on again.

The Shirt Colors


In the beginning, when Grimsby is presenting the statue of Prince Eric to Eric, the shirts of the crew members suddenly change from white to blue.

It's a ghost ship!

The Bookmarks


So let's take a look at Eric and Vanessa's wedding ceremony, and try to avoid any references to erections. Oh! Nevermind!

Anyways, take a look at the bookmarks. They switch colors between frames.

The Plate


At dinner, before Carlotta brings everything out for Ariel, Grimsby and Prince Eric, Grimsby has a plate in front of him.

However, a couple of shots later, Carlotta puts one down in front of him.

The Depth


At first, during the "Kiss The Girl" sequence we see that from below it looks as if the water is very deep.

However, near the end, Eric and Ariel are suddenly standing up in it.

The Thimble


In Ariel's cave, Sebastian is trying to talk to her when suddenly his foot gets caught in a thimble (or whatever the undersea term for 'thimble' is).

In the next shot, however, the thimble is gone.

What is Grimsby Eating?


Uh... Lettuce, lemon, and crab? Is that some French dish that I don't know about?

Nevertheless, in almost every scene of this sequence, Grimsby's dish changes and even disappears at one point.

The Cleaver


As Louis is going after Sebastian with a freaking cleaver (terrifying, I know) at one point he raises it over his head.

When he brings it back down, the style of the cleaver has changed.

The Rock


No, not that Rock, although that would be cool.

No, when Ariel washes up on shore as a human, the rock she's washed up on appears to be in the middle of the water. But that's not the case in the next cut.

The Ribbon


Grimsby, Grimsby, Grimsby! You and Louis man, I tell ya, you're always in these mistakes!

Anyways, when Grimsby is presenting the statue of Eric to Eric, the ribbon disappears between shots.

The Bowl


Ah, what a surprise, Louis is showing up here again.

Well, it's his bowl this time, folks. Specifically, before he throws Sebastian into it, it's colored grey. Then, it suddenly turns blue.