People Are Ditching Wedding Cakes For These Tiered Cheese Wheels Instead

Coming up with something unique for your wedding can be a challenge, but if you're one of those people that is always looking to stand out of the crowd, listen up.

Forget about getting a typical boring wedding cake when you can get a 'cake' made of cheese. Yes, you heard me right. This idea is now trending and here's why.

Imagine serving this beauty to your guests?


If you're in the UK head over to your nearest Tesco to get this 5-tiered cheese cake you can serve at your wedding.

There's a cheese for every palate.

This particular version is made of Coastal Cheddar cheese, Red Leicester cheese, Blue Stilton cheese, Wensleydale cheese with sweetened dried cranberries and sweetened dried blueberries, and St. Endellion Brie. Whoa!

But if you don't live in the U.K., not to worry.

Turns out these "cheese cakes" are gaining more popularity. Check out this version served alongside various yummy fruits.

And speaking of adding fruits, this cake might seem like overkill when it comes to all the fruit decorations, but why not?

Go for it. LOL! I bet it's yummy.

Don't be afraid to get cheesy on your wedding day and offer up something different to your guests.

I bet they would be so surprised by this cheesy goodness.

A cheese tower is a perfect choice for those cheese lovers at heart and can be an awesome alternative to the traditional wedding cake idea.

This one is a stunner.

I'm such a big fan of figs and you know how well they go with cheese, right?

I would have a field day sampling all the goodies on this tower.

With this cheese, I thee wed. LOL.

Did you know you can also opt for a vegan cheese to create your unique cheese tower?Wow, that's such a great option.

At first glance, you would think this was an actual cake, but nope, this is all made out of cheese.

I love how they adorned it with such pretty flowers.

Here's another gorgeous version of the cheese tower cake.

I can't believe these cakes are styled just like regular wedding cakes. They could have fooled me. Just amazing.

Turns out people are really digging this alternative cheese cake idea.

Instagram | @thegirloutnumbered

And a lot of them want to do the same for their wedding day.

Ha, ha, ha. Sounds like this guy is ready to marry just about anyone to get this hands on this awesome cheese cake.

Twitter | @AskJames

Here's your chance. Hurry up and marry him!

And this girl is about to propose to herself so she can have an excuse to run out and buy this cheesy goodness.

Twitter | @LauraWeill

Oh, what people will do for cheese.

This cheese tower is such a cool and different idea to do on your wedding day.

Assuming you're a cheese lover, is this something you would consider?