8+ Storylines From 'Friends' That Were Left Unfinished

Over ten seasons and ten years, Friends went from a humble sitcom about a group of single friends looking for love, to a cultural touchstone.

In all that time there were just a few storylines that didn't quite get resolved.

1. The One With Their Middle Names


Middle names are often the subject of mockery between friends, and these Friends are no different.

We already know of Rachel Karen Green, Joseph 'Joey' Francis Tribbiani, Chandler Muriel Bing, and Ross Eustace Geller.

But Monica and Phoebe's middle names still remain mysteries.


Phoebe's sister Ursula sold her birth certificate so not even she knows.

And with Monica, the only clue we get is that it starts with an 'E'.

2. The One With Phoebe's Boyfriends


Phoebe's dating life has been as colorful as her.

But oftentimes her boyfriends are mentioned once in an episode, but then never again.

For example: Jake.


Don't recognize this dude? No worries because he only turns up in two episodes but is still described as a 'serious boyfriend' by Joey.

What do you think happened to him?

3. The One With Rachel's Degree


We know Rachel studied psychology for a while and then switched majors when she couldn't find any parking near the building.

But after that, we have no clue what happened!

She did describe herself as "qualified for nothing" in season 1...


Maybe she failed or dropped out?

With so many flashbacks and references to their college days you'd think we'd know if Rachel graduated or not.

4. The One With Phoebe's Stepdad


According to Phoebe's stories about him, he seems to be the only positive influence from her childhood.

And yet we never see him on screen or learn why he's in prison!

But at least we got some updates on him.


Remember Phoebe's wedding?

He couldn't make it because he stabbed someone inside the prison. So we know he doesn't have the greatest temper.

5. The One With Ross' Age


His parents, Jack and Judy, claim they got engaged right after finding out they were pregnant with Ross.

That sounds reasonable.

But that's not all!!!


In "The One in Massapequa" Jack and Judy are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary while Ross is only 33!

6. The One Where Chandler Went To Yemen


In order to break up with Janice in season 4, Chandler pretends he's being transferred to Yemen.

He goes as far as even boarding a plane to convince her.

But then in season 7, Janice returns and finds out Chandler and Monica are engaged.


She has seemingly forgotten he's supposedly been in Yemen for years at this point.

7. The One With Denise

NBC | Friends_hqcaps

In season 6 Phoebe says Rachel can move in with her, but only until December 26th when her roommate 'Denise" will return.

Spoiler alert: Denise never returns.

Did Phoebe make her up?

8. The One With Phoebe's Brother and Sister-in-Law


Frank Jr. and his wife Alice were noticeably absent from Phoebe's wedding in season 10 which confused many fans.

They were a huge part of Phoebe's life in earlier seasons.


With her even being his and Alice's surrogate for their triplets.

Could they have just lost touch over the years?

9. The One With Ross' Son


Another noticeable absence from a Friends wedding was at Ross's wedding in season 4.

Where was his son Ben?

Maybe he was double-booked that day...

10. Where was Ben after "The One Where Joey Dates Rachel"?


This episode in season 8 is the last time we ever see Ben!

Poor kid never even gets to meet his baby sister Emma!

Maybe he lost custody?


It is possible that Carol and Susan revoked Ross's custody off-screen.

But you'd think with something as important as that there'd at least be one episode about it.

11. The One With Rachel's Job


The end of the series tied up most of the Friend's storylines.

But when Rachel gets off that plane she forfeits the Paris job she worked so hard for!

And it doesn't look good for her after the fact, as she doesn't have too many contacts in the fashion industry.


So who is going to hire her when she signed onto a job but then didn't show up?!

12. The One With Phoebe’s Languages


A lot is left in the dark when it comes to Phoebe's past, and this is another example.

She knows Italian and French quite fluently, and she doesn't even remember learning Italian!

13. The One With Phoebe's Past


We could probably do a whole article on her.

We know Phoebe was a mugger and had a criminal record, but we never actually find out for what!

That's all folks!

Do you know of any more storylines that were never completed on the show?

Let us know in the comments!