33 Bad Tattoo Cover-Ups Making Things Worse

Regretting a tattoo is nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe you change your mind, or maybe your artist's vision doesn't match yours. No sweat, though — you can always get a cover-up, right?

1. Laura must be feeling great about her prospects

Candysite | Candysite

2. If his name is crossed out, does the insult still apply?

night.owls.sb | night.owls.sb

3. When you cover up using a Sharpie

reddit | sataninflames

4. From bad to worse to worser

reddit | emilyanne1992

5. Pikachu's terrible with ink

reddit | Donnol

6. I get it... but your ex-wife is still on your arm

reddit | SomeJagaloon

7. "Can you turn my cross into a blurry mess?"

reddit | ReasonedBeing

8. If this is a cover-up, how bad was the original?

reddit | unauthorisedcinnamon

9. The best part? The stamp is facing the wrong way.

Imgur | Imgur

If you're going to cover it up, at least make sure you're not making a major mistake with it.

10. Must be a big Cheers / Frasier fan

The Ellen DeGeneres Show | The Ellen DeGeneres Show

11. Someone must've had a falling out with Hyundai

Imgur | Imgur

12. Still cheaper than a Polo shirt

Runt | Runt

13. A devilish monstrosity

reddit | EdenC996

14. Who wants to go to Lilith Fair?

Imgur | Imgur

15. The cover-up solved nothing

reddit | Trigun292

16. Adios, Edwin

Mandatory | Mandatory

17. Is it really a cover-up if it doesn't cover... up?

reddit | Nessa0071

18. "Can you turn this into an irritable panther?

reddit | superbuttblast

19. Did things really get that much better?

reddit | xLEXORx

20. Their relationship has clearly reached the next level

reddit | redlipstick26

21. Kids: Never get a tattoo just because everyone else seems to be getting a tattoo. 

Reddit | LockStock99

The dinosaur is way better, but the whole thing could have easily been avoided in the first place.

22. Homer is a lucky dude.

Imgur | Dewyxybuxynek

I feel like there were so many other ways to cover this up that didn't involve having a Simpson on your body for the rest of your life.

23. The cover-up for this one isn't all that bad at all actually, I just can't get over how bad the original was.

Reddit | Kami_No_Tanjou

Why does it have a mustache?

24. "Turn my nightmares into a cover-up, please"

reddit | Rooseveltspelts

25. It's like the cover-up tattoo is laughing at the hideousness of the original tattoo.

Lines & Dots | Lines & Dots

Seriously, why is it making that face?

26. Is it really though?

Dump a Day | Dump a Day

Too bad you can't cover up a cover-up

27. Would we consider this cover-up to be better or worse than the original?

Hap Happy | Hap Happy

Only you can be the judge.

28. Just add wings

reddit | ThatTattooedChick

29. I believe the word you're looking for is "has" not "is."

Acid Cow | Acid Cow

30. I mean...at least it's a fix.

Imgur | EnigmaNL

Not a great one. But it's something.

It's giving me flashbacks to what my high school English papers looked like.

31. It's probably best not to get your significant other's face tattooed on your body to begin with. 

Imgur | Imgur

32. Yeah, that's right. You cover up that stupid tattoo you got during your angst-filled teenage years.

designzzz | designzzz

33. It hurts my brain that this was considered a "cover-up."

off beat | off beat

What's even happening here?

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