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38 Things That Aren't Where They're Supposed To Be

There's a certain orderliness we all expect and seek in the world. Sure, it seems like the world is all kinds of chaos right now, and in many ways it is. But you should always be able to count on things like the loyalty of a good dog and the McFlurry machine being broken in the middle of summer, right?

Well, here are some things that took our expectations and threw them into traffic.

When you bite into a piece of dried meat and a bullet pops out.

Reddit | Jones641

Pretty sure all bullets are supposed to be removed first. I know I prefer my food bullet-free, as does everybody else I know.

Usually power poles don't take up room in traffic.

Reddit | legalapparently

It's not exactly in the middle of the lane, but this pole is still going to frustrate plenty of drivers.

This illustration in a kid's book shows a bust at the airport going down.

Reddit | rr2211

Which seems a bit hardcore for a kid's book. The detail is admirable, right down to the onlookers recording it for posterity, however.

Apparently one loaf of bread wasn't content staying in its own loaf and branched out.

Reddit | gunner_2019

And, frankly, I wouldn't eat either of them. Too sketchy, move along to the next loaf.

Well, this is clearly supposed to be around someone's ankle.

Reddit | Skipjack9

Guess they've decided life is better on the lam than constrained by actual consequences for their actions.

Finding an intact keyboard out in nature, largely reclaimed by the ground, is actually kind of cool.

Reddit | bredboidotcom

And also a bit of a statement on the amount of e-waste clogging up the world, which is more of a bummer.

Someone dragged a piano up to the top of a mountain.

Reddit | iTwango

Looks like maybe it has been turned into a planter. Makes me wonder if it was repurposed after realizing they wouldn't be able to get it back down the mountain.

A quiet jungle stream is not where you'd expect to find a park bench.

Reddit | Frosty015

But it would be a nice place to sit and dangle your toes into the water, so there's that.

Well, this is much less pleasant.

Reddit | iklegemma

Did this clown really need any teeth, let alone what appear to be real teeth removed from a real person's mouth?

Speaking of real teeth...

Twitter | @ashleyfryer

Someone found this typewriter outfitted with molars instead of keys at the Airbnb they were renting. Cue the horror movie music, amirite?

Root beer and cream soda are both fine beverages, but they are not the same thing.


To be fair, the cans really do look similar, but you'd think the good folks at A&W would be able to tell their products apart.

Likewise, finding a bottle of Coke filled with anything other than Coke is a betrayal.

Reddit | generalwolf1

And also something of a curiosity. The uploader of this pic said it contained Fanta pine-nut, but I wonder how they know that.

Finding peas in your can of olives will change your dinner plans in a hurry.

Reddit | PrestiJess

I may be biased as an avowed avoider of olives, but I think maybe the uploader should give peas a chance.

I'll see myself out.

If this is a prank, it's a good one.

Reddit | vvvrarepengers

If not, someone just caught UPS in a rather awkward situation, with a FedEx delivery notice stuck to the door.

Points for frugality?

Reddit | bigmoneymarge

I don't know why this sign needed a ring of rivets around it anyway, let alone one made from painted-over googly eyes.

The beach generally doesn't need doors.

Reddit | elastizitat

Or mailboxes or two-foot fences, for that matter. This reeks of being an art installation, perhaps one about the arbitrariness of defining spaces within our world or something like that.

Looks like a chicken nugget, but that's only half right.

Reddit | Minor_Heaven

It's a nugget — of Dorito flavoring. Which, of course, is supposed to be all over the chips, so it can get all over your clothes, your face, and your keyboard.

Coke has made a lot of fuss about the shape of their bottles over the years.

Reddit | junofornow

And that is not how a Coke bottle is supposed to look. It's like the neck didn't quite get stretched out enough in the production process. Close, but no bottle.

Imagine casually enjoying a beauty pageant and then glancing over at the judge.

Reddit | orphffn

Like, how can you possibly focus on the talent competition once you've noticed that those nails are a thing?

I really wish the photographer had gotten another angle, because I need to see how she's holding her pen.

Wondering why the carpet was wet, someone discovered THIS was the state of their HVAC system.

Reddit | TurtleP95

Yeah...that's gross. I hope it's covered by insurance, because if the hub is rusty and moldy, you can bet the duct work is too.

This wouldn't be out of place in some sort of museum.

Reddit | AstroBillyBob

However, it was spotted among the items on offer at an estate sale, so someone apparently thought it was worth having in their home.

That's not where it's supposed to be at all.

Reddit | Splatacus

That's a roof water reservoir tank that got thrown into the power lines during a thunderstorm. I can't imagine how hard it's going to be to get it out of there safely.

Why is this a thing that needs clarification?

Reddit | seandrives

In what world does an urgent care clinic feel like a sign is needed to explain that no, babies don't go into the dumpster? Instead, you should bring them to the clinic.

I mean, the dog looks like it's having fun, but no...

Reddit | FireWaterAle

It's an accident waiting to happen. Even if the bike isn't going very fast, the doggo could get hurt.

This is a tetanus shot waiting to happen.

Reddit | -XenoGent-

A sharp, rusty point like that would be bad anywhere, but this was spotted on a sidewalk along a beach, where many people would be walking barefoot.

The photographer did find a rock to hit it with and flatten the point after taking the pic. Hopefully, they reported it to the maintenance team too.

Possibly not the best place to leave your religious literature.

Reddit | KnowerOfSomeThings

I mean, sure, there's a lot of traffic and lots of people will see it, but no one will be willing to touch damp paper that's sitting on the back of a urinal.

Yeah, it's pretty hard to think of a situation where a car should be on top of another car.

Reddit | CortlyYT

I suppose it's sensible enough to do that in a crushing yard or something, but it's certainly a sign that things went very wrong here.

Although that crushing yard may be their next stop.

These guardrails are supposed to serve as a fence, but it's hard to see how.

Reddit | magama_rocket

Any animals that would otherwise be deterred from wandering over here can come and go as they please.

And as for humans, the thought of this keeping anyone out is so insulting that people might trespass purely out of spite.

The uploader asked if we want some cornflakes, and it's easy to see that the answer is a resounding "no."

Reddit | QUuh1337

And before anyone starts, no, they're not going to convince us that these wriggling bugs are Rice Krispies either.

Apparently, the uploader happened to find these while cleaning their room.

Reddit | gbthegreat194

Presumably, these teeth didn't belong to them, which just raises further, more disturbing questions about how they got there.

The Tooth Fairy has some explaining to do.

Oddly enough, this car actually works.

Reddit | KneeDeep185

And since only the cab of the truck was taken off, whoever did this managed to avoid screwing with all the parts that affect performance.

Good luck finding out why they did this, however.

Hopefully, this isn't the scene this guy has to deal with when he wakes up.

Reddit | NuNu___

Although I'm not sure if if it's more or less discomforting to realize this could have happened to each of us many times without our knowledge by now.

The last thing anyone wants in their tires are air pockets like these.

Reddit | the300zguy

Apparently, they're caused by breakages in the wires resting on the inside of these tires and are definitely a sign that it's time to get new ones.

It's hardly unusual for spider webs to end up in trees, but that doesn't make this any more comforting to look at.

Reddit | Gentleman_Onion

When a tree top looks like it's more web than actual tree, life is about to get way too itchy.

This guy decided the best place to go for a sun tan was on the support beams of London's Tower Bridge.

Reddit | maruchanboy

All he did was shut down traffic for a while — the important thing is that he got his rays, right?

"So I hear that you swerved to avoid a squirrel..."

Reddit | TheRealAspidistra

There is so much going on in this pic, but really, it speaks for itself. Does the man in the squirrel suit belong there? Who knows?

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Reddit | princesskuzco666

A giant inflatable gorilla raises questions of its own, but it's especially odd when it just appears overnight in the yard of a 60-year-old neighbor who lives alone.

Speaking of weird things in Doritos, this flattened, dried-out broccoli floret.

Reddit | Order66WasFaked

If I'm eating Doritos, I've made my choice about broccoli. No thank you.

Although, maybe Dorito dust would make a good broccoli topping...

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