Amazon Is Selling A Drawer That Will Finally End The Struggle Of Organizing Tupperware

There are few things as universal as the struggle of finding the correct lid for your tupperware container. Everyone knows the frustration and rage that accompanies this experience. Until now, it seemed like there was no solution.

Thankfully, one company heard our cries for help and designed the ultimate Tupperware storage drawer.

Everyone knows that trying to store and organize Tupperware is a nightmare.

I personally avoid my Tupperware drawer at all costs because it is so bad. Don't even get me started on how it's impossible to find a container's proper lid.

This genius drawer from Amazon will end that nightmare once and for all.


It's about time someone invented something like this! As you can see, this drawer has a special compartment specifically for the lids.

Have you ever seen something so beautiful?


Now it's easy to find the right lid save yourself from going into a Tupperware-fueled rage.

The bottom drawer also features dividers that will help you organize containers by size.


These dividers can be moved to create your own custom layout.

The product currently has a 4.6 star rating on Amazon.


Many customers gave this product a five-star review and said that it really made organizing their Tupperware easier.

Here's what one happy customer wrote:

"Husband surprised me with this and I couldn't be happier!" they said in their five-star review.

Another customer gave it five stars in their review.

"Love it - was easy to install & I don't know how we lived so long without it," they said.

Of the criticial reviews, a few customers complained that the installation wasn't as easy as they had anticipated.


"Would love to have given this a five star review but the install was not as easy as it could have been. The pre-drilled holes were not in the correct place," said one customer.

However, besides the installation, they seemed happy with the drawer overall, adding, "Once the product was installed I was super impressed and pleased. Smooth quiet glide. High Quality. Everything fit and is organized."

The drawer retails for $226.99.


That could seem steep for some, but if it will bring more order to your kitchen, it could be worth it, right?

If it still seems like a hefty price to organize your containers, there are some more affordable and temporary solutions.


This organizer will fit on a countertop or in a cupboard and is great for renters or students in dorms. Plus, it's only about $14 on Amazon!

Whatever you decide to go with, your life will change once you get your Tupperware in order.

I am adding these genius inventions to my Amazon cart right now!