17 Hilarious Examples Of Angry Drivers Getting Parking Revenge

Whether you have a license or not, bad drivers are a danger to all of us. Maybe you're the one driving when Johnny with his head in clouds cuts you off. Or maybe you're in the passenger seat waiting to ask your dad, who happens to be in a very good mood for once, if you can go to that party this Friday, when that very same Johnny cuts off your old man, sending his blood pressure through the roof after nearly causing an accident. Yeah, that party you thought you were going to this weekend, well, thanks to Johnny the jerk in the Toyota Corolla — the second most popular car in America — you can forget it.

You don't need to have a car or a license — or even be old enough to drive — to feel the impact of bad driving. It's an issue that touches us all. So let's work together to exorcise these dimwits. I'm doing my part by shaming them with this list.

1. If you're gonna fail, fail big

Imgur | IntrigueMe

2. Exploring fresh terrain

Imgur | JenDvorak

3. Just another average day in the neighborhood. Nothing to see here

reddit | Pantheonofoak

4. Huge traffic jam, but at least everyone gets a snack

reddit | kvonner

5. Irony at its finest

Imgur | fbi24

6. The sign spoke too soon

Imgur | fbi24

7. Yeah, you check that tire pressure, girl

Imgur | portalbeleza

Because that's her number one concern, right?

8. This guy's license plate took the words right out of my mouth 

Imgur | johnwickismyhero

9. You're right he did

Imgur | Imgur

Part of me wishes this guy blew right through the roof then took this beater airborne

10. It's what we call adding insult to injury

reddit | itypewords

What a way to end a driving test.

11. It's cool, guys, he drives a BMW

reddit | WarpathII

12. And they leave this dude in charge of 40 kids...

Imgur | WhatWhatYoYo

13. He's not a fan of the franchise, apparently

Imgur | waschbaer

14. Who knew accidents could be this impressive?

Imgur | pancinci

15. He's not bad at parallel parking, he's just a jerk.

Imgur | pcwhiz24

16. Just because it's a Smart Car doesn't mean that goes for the driver, too.

reddit | m3r41ck

17. When revenge is this sweet, being the bigger and better person isn't even a viable option.

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