12+ People Who Lied On Social Media And Got Caught

I don't think I have to tell you that social media can be totally deceiving. Some people go through a lot of effort to put their best foot forward when it comes to posting online.

Others, however, may need a lesson in how to either be better liars or just give up on lying altogether. Because when you're caught in a lie on social media it's never pretty.

1. Photo Credit


As a budding photographer myself, this really bugs me. Don't take credit for a photo you didn't take yourself. Let's thank the watermark for getting them busted.

2. When You're A Winner In Cyber Space


Maybe we shouldn't be so hard on this guy who wanted to win so bad he faked it on social media. LOL.

3. Busted By Google


When you're pretending to be somewhere you're clearly not just make sure you don't use images from Google. Other people can Google too, you know.

4. Made Up Versus Au Naturel

Reddit | Human-Sounds-Records

Okay, so most of us do wear a bit of makeup on any given day but these lips don't look real to me.

5. Going Vegan


It's funny how some people announce on social media that they're doing some drastic lifestyle change to appear more righteous only to get busted by a friend.

6. Travel Junkie

Reddit | mimosaholdtheoj

Don't pretend you've somewhere you're not when you're clearly just floating on the sand in this badly Photoshoped job. This Instagrammer got called out for her BS.

7. Busted By Mom


Pretending to have grown up poor just to enlist some kind of pity on social media is never okay especially when your mom outs you. Ouch!

8. Blurred Vision

Reddit | Gleepglorp76

Apparently, this girl has 28,000 followers and swears this is not Photoshopped. How are they not dropping like flies after seeing pics like this? It's beyond me.

9. Lame Excuse


I can't believe the lengths some people will go to so they can avoid having dinner with their friends and then they post what they're actually doing.

10. Beetlejuice

Reddit | felvert

Doesn't this picture remind you of a scene from Beetlejuice when that guy shrinks the other guys head? LOL. That's the first thing I thought of. ROTFL.

12. FaceTune Gone Bad


That time you took some time off from Facebook only to come back and find out everyone has discovered FaceTune and has gone berserk with it.

13. Flex Those Fake Abs


Well, it's great to hear this guy has been working hard in the gym but wait a minute these aren't real abs. Busted hard here.

14. Those Eyes Can See My Soul

Reddit | -Fateless-

When you're casually scrolling through Tinder, the last thing you want to see is a pair of eyes that can see your deepest and darkest secrets. Swipe left!!

15. Trying To Post A Fake Review And Failing

Reddit | titwankthethird

Posting a fake restaurant review doesn't exactly work when the restaurant isn't even open yet.

16. I Thought The First Photo Was A Doll

Reddit | poppyhill

Nope, just turns out that someone enjoys using filters and photo editing when it comes to their pictures. Like, they really like to use it.

17. Gotta Give It To This Guy For Trying

Reddit | causingscenes

First, he posts a rude comment on this girl's Instagram. Then, when he's called out, he pretends like he didn't do and tries to score a date. What?

18. I Get It. Everyone Wants To Be Bradley Cooper.

Reddit | PutPantsOnPlants

This guy tried to steal Bradley's face for his Tinder profile, but a quick Google search confirmed what we already knew: he's no Bradley Cooper.

19. FYI Don't Tweet Fake Threats Against Airlines

Reddit | No_Name_Is_Left

You'd think this would be a no-brainer but sadly, no. I wonder how this worked out for her.

20. I Thought I Was Looking At A Painting

Reddit | midnightonight

Perhaps a still-life of a grocery store? Oil on canvas? Nope, just out good friend, Facetune.

21. Sometimes, Even Celebs Lie

Twitter | @RitaOra

Rita went for the reliable "my account was hacked" excuse. Sure it was, Rita. Sure it was.

22. Try To Keep Body Proportions In Mind

Reddit | LadyGrimSleeper

Unless you want to be caught in a lie online. No one's eyes are that big!!

23. Because Five-Year-Olds Have Astonishing Insight Into The Royal Family

Reddit | ohgodhelpme_

This definitely sounds like something a little girl would say and not something a parent would make up for social media likes.

24. It's Impossible To Edit Every Photo

Reddit | xUnoriginal

Sooner or later, the truth is going to come out so we might as well embrace what we really look like!

25. Tom Cruise's Double

Reddit | sav2391

If I had a nickel for every time someone mistook me for a celebrity, I would have nothing because this literally never happens to anyone.

26. What Happens When You Post An "Unedited" Photo On Facebook

Reddit | violetcyanide

When you get called out, I guess the best thing to do is blame your brother. C'mon, bro. This pic was clearly photoshopped.

27. A Record-Breaking Dog

Reddit | deadzenith

To be fair, maybe this person meant 37-years-old in dog years. It's possible.

28. When You "Accidentally" Lead A Pride Parade

Reddit | WantTacos

Leading a Pride parade would be awesome, we just aren't buying the fact that she happened to be wearing a rainbow cape when this photo was snapped. Seems pretty staged to us.

29. The Old "Chuck Bass" Excuse

Reddit | ThatGoodZucc

Maybe this happened at the peak of Gossip Girl's fandom, but I really, really doubt it.

30. This Influencer Set Them Straight Real Fast

Reddit | Hemmeliig

Nothing like trying to call someone out on Twitter and getting it thrown back in your face.

31. The Accidental Selfie

Reddit | AlwaysShip

I, too, have accidentally taken a photo and then posted it on Instagram. Wait — no, I haven't.

32. Seriously, Who Took This Photo?!

Reddit | garnaches

I always wonder that when I see people's "sleeping selfies". You aren't fooling us!

33. Because Everyone Is Secretly A Professional Cake Decorator

Reddit | carinastarr

Of course, they had to turn down the job offer (probably because there was no job offer).

34. Text A Stranger, Get A Dog

Reddit | Lizardledgend

Imagine if getting a free dog was as easy as texting a random number.

35. Where Are People Meeting These Characters?

Reddit | princesslisa_

I swear, it seems like everyone has these amazing stories from running errands and all I have to show from my trips are... groceries.

36. When The Makeup Looks Too Perfect

Reddit | Zaza9000

There are some incredible makeup artists out there on Instagram and YouTube, but I have a feeling a little photoshop created the finishing touches on this look.

37. Another Wunderkid

Reddit | sveinrei

How come all these kids are out there putting adults in their place? Whenever I see kids in public, they're just crying or running around on a sugar rush.

38. Legs For Days

Reddit | shrinkingbabe

Everyone wants long legs, but let's not resort to trying to photoshop them into our photos, okay? These just don't look right.

39. When Your Real Face Shows Up

Reddit | boogslau

I don't understand why people post fake pictures of themselves on the 'gram and then do a real-life interview. Really?

Next time you try to fake something on social media make sure you're ready for the consequences.

But I guess some things are worth the risk for certain people.