13+ Photos That Sum Up The Hilarious Differences Between Being A Mom Versus A Dad

Everyone knows that moms and dads parent in totally different ways. Society has the assumption that dads chill and get to relax while moms are the hands-on, proactive types. While this isn't always true, we know that dads definitely sometimes get the easier end of the bargain.

Mom's morning versus Dad's morning.

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It seems that every morning when the kids wake up, they immediately go to mom and not dad. So, while mom struggles to get the kids away from her, dad enjoys his morning coffee in peace.

Moms never get alone time.

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Kids always feel the need to ask mom, because we all know that mom always knows best. But, while mom is getting hounded with questions in the shower, where is dad?

Why do dads get all the downtime?

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Moms are the ones forced to play all of the games, dress up, read to kids, and make snacks. Where are dads? Sleeping on the couch in front of the TV, of course.

Dads tend to embrace "free-range" parenting.

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Moms will take long strolls with their friends with their kids in strollers hanging out in the sun. But, dads grab their kids and go — stroller or no stroller.

Yup, this is true.

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When you leave mom home with the baby alone, she'll kiss them and coo over how precious they are. But, when dad is left alone with the baby all day, prepare for funny faces and pictures.

It's called tough love.

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Putting the kids of bed can be a struggle. Mom will read, sing, dance, and rub backs until the end of time to just to get the kids down. Dad? He asks them to quiet down ASAP or he'll do it for them.

Mom naps are basically non-existent.

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Dads can nap with no regard to anything around them or anyone. But, moms hear one thing and they are immediately shaken awake to see who is crying and what's happening.

Every parent wants company in the bathroom, right?

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Moms can truly never get a solid moment alone. Even when they're in the bathroom, the kids are following them to the toilet bowl. Dads, on the other hand, are texting and left totally alone.

The one question all kids know to ask dad.

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Kids will never ask dad questions, in fact, they always run to find mom because mom has all of the answers and dad is just good for letting kids know where mom is.

Oh good, time to catch up on chores.

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Dads get a day off and they sleep in, eat a full course meal, and they sometimes play a bit with the kids. Instead, when moms get a day off, they have chores, chores and more chores.

Why does this always happen?

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Dads take the kids to the park and sit on their cell phones, but get praises for taking their kids at all. Moms are constantly judged for being on their phones at the park.

Moms do tend to show more concern.

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Moms are always more concerned with their child's safety and health and dads are always there to make a quick joke.

Vacation? What vacation?

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Mom can never get a break, even on vacation. But, dad gets to relax while the kids swim away. Typical!

Moms are troopers.

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Men (all men) when they get sick, dad or no dad, fall into shambles. Cold, cough, you name it — they are down for the count. Moms, on the other hand, are up and at 'em!

Moms, of course, think about what they feed kids.


Dads are always trying to do things for the laugh of it, even if it means feeding their toddlers really horrible foods (just for the pics!).

Moms need to know all of the details.


Dads are okay with knowing where you're going, but moms want to make sure you've done all of your HW, who you're going with, and give you a curfew.

Moms give baths to actually clean the kids.


Dads give baths to give babies bubble beards and a new hairstyle, and if they get clean along the way — cool!

Moms always know how to multitask.


Dads can barely stay awake long enough to make sure that the baby doesn't fall off the bed, with the laptop and all.

Moms look out for the wellbeing of their kids.


Even if you got into a car accident, every dad wants to know that the car is okay (and, maybe you, too).

Moms leave nice lunch notes.


Dads leave hilarious notes saying that they put "boogers" in your lunch box. Enjoy lunch!

Moms are up all night feeding.


But, dads are the ones who wake up in the morning saying they are so, so tired.

Moms try to teach their kids how to ride a bike.


But, dads will take the bike and ride away, making you chase them and laughing along the way.

Moms have a unique way of spending downtime.


Dads have a different version of relaxing during downtime, including kids serving him!

Moms tend to be more "cautious".

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Moms always take extra special care of their kids, including safety. But, dads sometimes forget to take that extra step. We know dads are out to be the "fun ones."

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