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15+ Times People Really Didn't Get What They Expected

There's nothing wrong with admitting that you don't know everything. It's better to be humble than a know-it-all, after all.

Also, with the help of helpful anonymous Redditors, you can usually get an answer to your pressing question.

The things you dig up in Estonia...

Reddit | Raudnagel

This Baltic state is a former Soviet republic so this find makes sense. But still, it would feel awfully weird to dig around on your property and unearth a Soviet-era semi-automatic sniper rifle.

Maybe we'll just stay out of the sandbox.

Reddit | Flatlandcavalry

After a few days of rain, this sandbox was filled with water and some mysterious black shapes. Turns out they're frog eggs, and the guy who discovered them is going to let them hatch.

Looks complicated.

Reddit | Smilingpiranha

This classy wooden box with indecipherable codes and coordinates is actually a World War II-era guide, designed to help members of the air force estimate various bomb trajectories and distances.

From the past or the future?

Reddit | the_m0n0lith

This Scooby Doo-looking van is clearly a relic of the 70s, so why does it appear to have alien technology?

Well, this tech is a video game from the 70s, an APF TV Fun to be exact.

This is fine.

Reddit | PreciousPuritans

It must be pretty gross to discover a random, pulsating ring of worms in your driveway. The fact that these aren't worms, but fungus gnat larvae, doesn't help matters much.

Fun police.

Reddit | jamz006

If this banister looks amazing for sliding down, minus the weird metal attachments, that's kind of the point.

Those attachments were put in place specifically to discourage people from sliding down.


Reddit | spangloss

I mean, is this a sign for birds or a sign for people?

The person who put this sign did so to stop people from frightening the flamingos who sometimes gather in the area.

From another era.

Reddit | idontreallygohere

These bizarre, ancient foot-level rings can be found in some old European cities. They aren't some kind of old-school bike lock — they're boot scrapers, from a time when the roads were far muddier.

Hydro homies.

Reddit | GidiusMaximus

A Redditor was rooting around in the basement when they found something unusual. This is a British/Commonwealth Pattern 37 water bottle, dating all the way back to World War II.

World's daintiest cow catcher?

Reddit | Hell_Camino

The truth of these weird things extending from the bumper is pretty fascinating: They're basically electronic noses which are designed to sniff out gas leaks. There you have it: a truck with a functioning nose.

I'll tell you what this is.

Reddit | SnappingGinger

The previous homeowner left whimsical, speculative notes like this all over the place.

To be fair, it is a bit confusing what this thing is. But a little research reveals that it is, in fact, a knife sharpener.

Dinosaur egg?

Reddit | SRT64

I mean, it was found in an oil patch, and dinosaurs did basically turn into oil, so it's not that far-fetched, right?

This appears to simply be sandstone that's taken on a weird shape.

Tough nut to crack.

Reddit | FatTortoise

What seems to be some kind of elaborate medieval torture device on the wall of an antiques shop is actually an antique nutracker. I guess everything just looked more disturbing back in the day.

Mystery in the woods.

Reddit | motion_through_event

It looks like a buried tank or a bomb shelter that someone found in the middle of the woods. Chances are good it's simply a turned-over hot tub that nature is slowly starting to reclaim.

Making a mark.

Reddit | Charredcheese

Weird marks like this are enough to engage anyone's imagination as they attempt to crack the code. But the truth is more mundane. These are benchmarks, designed to help surveyors and cartographers.

Secret message.

Reddit | dni3816

This is a perfect example of something that's mysterious to one person, but totally mundane to another.

It's a prayer necklace, likely containing a part of the Quran. The metal container has national symbols of Turkey on it.


Reddit | jaaack36

It's hard to know what to make of a solar-enabled garbage can hanging in a tree. Some MacGuyver is using this as a home-made deer and elk feeder with a solar-powered release system.

Never going to McDonald's again.

Reddit | oaktoast

A Quarter Pounder with Cheese, and extra blue mold? The good news is that this isn't mold.

The bad news is that is an employee's glove which somehow got mixed in with the meat.


Reddit | jomdo

On the surface, it's just a weird spiky thing whose function is unclear.

Underwater, it helps provide a safe haven for fish by picking up debris to create a sheltered area.

A very tiny spoon.

Reddit | UndecidedHero

Yes, I know what the first assumption is, but it's actually an ear spoon. These are a common way people clean out earwax in Asian countries.

Yeah, I'd question a random package containing a balloon and a pill labelled "brain toy."

Reddit | emmmmmaaaaa

No idea why it has that label, but the "pill" is actually a magnet and the item is a magnetic weight loss patch.

These packages are becoming common as part of an Amazon reviews scam. Fake reviews need "legitimate" sales, so they're sent to random addresses.

No idea about the balloon, though.

I wish I found a cool safe in my house.

Imgur | sarmik

Usually, the safes are a letdown, but one couple found $51,080 in cash, a bottle of rare bourbon, and a book containing clues to some sort of treasure hunt.

Clearly, this office has a roach problem.

Reddit | Maximus7713

How else can you explain someone deciding to create an elaborate cardboard tableau in the break room? This is the sort of thing that happens when management doesn't address complaints.

This one is an internet classic.

Reddit | Bosco_George

It's been shared so many times that it's impossible to know who actually managed to bake their glasses into a loaf of bread, but that kind of mistake takes serious "skill."

It's not just glasses.


A spoon seems even more likely to be lost in a pan full of batter. I bet this is pretty common.

When you have kids, snacks need to be sneaky.

Reddit | Standard_Candle

One dad had the great idea of hiding mini chocolate bars inside a frozen vegetable bag. Eventually, his wife caught on and he had to at least share with her.

This is why you should always glance at the toilet bowl before sitting down.

Twitter | @caIidreams

Besides the awkwardness of nearly falling in when we don't notice that the seat is up, there could also be a frog in there, apparently.

The little shoot that could.

Reddit | numb3r1Sp0rts_fan

I get that seeds and such may blow in from outside, but what did this plant find down in that seat that it could germinate in?

Bonus pizza pan?

Reddit | Scmadrid

Usually, the pizza place slides the pie off the pan and into the box, but someone at Costco missed a step this day.

Yes, those are ice skates.

Reddit | Dspot16

According to the photographer, their grandfather left them hanging on a tree as a kid, then promptly forgot about them.

This Bathroom is filled with framed photos of Mr. Bean.

Reddit | lafshdctid

I mean, if you have to make an homage to someone, Mr. Bean isn't the worst choice.

Remember when he was putting up a picture for his girlfriend and he 'proposed' to her with a nail for the wall? Classic.

Usually, apples are yellow on the inside.

Reddit | JonesC9087

Which is why this person was pretty surprised to cut open an apple and find it red all the way through.

Not quite sure what this is indicative of, but pretty cool nonetheless.

I scream, you scream, we all scream "Get out of the way!"

Reddit | tburns1469

Bet you didn't expect to see a giant fallen ice cream cone on the road today, huh? Neither did this fella.

Guilty Feet Have Got No Rhythm

Reddit | greycoconut

If you look closely, this ornate butter dish has the lyrics to "Careless Whisper" printed on it. I'm never gonna dance again!

Mini Me

Reddit | WaffleFlame

This person was on their morning walk when they noticed a mailbox modeled exactly like the house it is for. Which do you think came first?

You can sample EVERYTHING now apparently.

Reddit | bebsaurus

This person couldn't believe it when they managed to secure a sample of none other than whipped cream!

Doubled Up

Reddit | haolepinoo

I feel like having all three of your eggs doubled up is the equivalent of having three generations of twins in your family.

Plumber's Chess

Reddit | Captn_King

Now if all of those were still connected to water lines, I think the stakes of the game would be much more interesting.

I'll take my house to-go, thank you.

Reddit | Hi-MetalAlien

As Billie Ellish once said, don't ask questions you don't want to know.

In A Similar Vein

Reddit | Icebrandic

Now, I'm no trained medical professional, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that something's not right.


Reddit | NQK002

This is normal, I swear.

During the second year of a carrot harvest, they apparently form a spiky, woody, inedible layer under the skin. Consider yourself lucky if you've never had a carrot like this.

How is this even possible?

Imgur | POYZN

My only guess is that someone actually cut the underwear down the back and then secured it out of sight to make it look like the undies were just slipped on.