12 Moments From 'The Big Bang Theory' That Did Not Age Well

The Big Bang Theory was an amazing show for a lot of people, even though it had a lot of misses.

We're here to walk you through some of the best worst decisions that would not fly on TV today.

'The Big Bang Theory' may have been funny to some...


But it was quite controversial to others.

Mostly because of the very bad jokes that shouldn't have been written.

1. Howard or Raj: Who Can Tell?


Raj faces a conundrum when he needs to call a woman to get his parents off his back.

But he's prevented by his inability to speak to women.

So how does he solve his problem?


Howard solves this by borrowing his phone and pretending to be Raj in a racist imitation of his accent.

2. America’s Next Top Stalkers!


Howard and Raj decided that just watching America’s Next Top Model wasn’t enough for them.

They instead decided to spend months tracking down the house where the models stay.

Then they use a military drone to spy on them.


And all the while Leonard has been watching disapprovingly from the sidelines. The most he does is tell them they’re creepy.

No thanks.

3. Sheldon's blackmail.


After failing to assert his superiority over Leonard’s current girlfriend Priya, who is a lawyer, he instead blackmails her.

He says that if Leonard doesn’t sign a new Roommate Agreement, then he would tell Priya’s parents that she is dating the whitest of white men.

4. Penny not being smart.


She was basically the punch line of every joke, which was in very poor taste.

She deserved more than being the hot blonde next door.

5. When the boys were jerks (again).


When Penny requests some help with carrying in furniture the last thing she wanted was to have Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, and Howard pile into her apartment and overcomplicate the assembly process.

They pour over the instructions and propose ridiculous ‘improvements’ leaving Penny to do all the work.


When she points out that it’s really simple, Howard tells her: “Hold on Honey, men are at work.”


6. Mary Cooper and Raj.


Sheldon’s mother comes to visit and takes over the apartment's kitchen.

She tells Raj that she made chicken and she “hopes that isn’t one of the animals you people think is magic.”

This clumsy attempt at cultural sensitivity slid right into racism.

It is not the first or last time that Big Bang Theory would do something racist.

7. Christy and Howard’s short lived affair.


Penny’s friend Christy from Omaha comes knocking and takes over her apartment.

Penny seeks refuge in the guy’s apartment to vent her frustrations.

The next morning...


When Howard hears there is a young woman who sleeps around across the hall he wastes no time locking Penny out of her own apartment.

The next morning Howard mentions his last name is Wolowitz to which she exclaims, “My first Jew!”

8. Leonard's Lucky Penny.


At an opportunity to schmooze the tenure committee, Leonard shows up with a skimpily dressed Penny on his arm.

He had the worst possible plan.


His plan is for her to flirt with them so he can get a leg up in the competition.


9. Sheldon mansplaining.


When he's called into Mrs. Davis’ office to discuss the Sexual Harassment Complaint filed against him, Sheldon takes the opportunity to ‘explain’ that he thinks that:

‘All women are slaves to their baser desires and instincts. All of them! Even you! You’re a slave!”

Let it be known that Mrs. Davis is, in fact, a black woman.


And he’s just told her that she’s a slave. Later on, to try and apologize he gifts her a movie called:

“Roots: the tragic history of slavery in America”. He views this apology a success.

10. The Egg Salad Sandwich Equivalency.


Sheldon has ‘a talk’ with his assistant Alex in which he refers to women as, “egg salad sandwiches on a warm Texas day … full of eggs and only appealing for a short time.”

I feel like I don't even need to add any comments on this one.

But I will anyway!

If you think it's okay to talk about women like that, you are SORELY mistaken.

11. The Entirety of Raj’s Character.


Who allowed this to happen? C’mon.

He was just the most awful character of all time...

12. The fact that girls aren't geeks.


In “The Bakersfield Expedition,” the girls have a conversation about Thor's body.

Hot take: girls like comic books too! For the actual story!

What were some moments that you hated?


Let us know in the comments if some of the moments just didn't fly for you!

We are sure there are plenty more.