16+ Things People Stumbled Upon That Are Way Out Of The Ordinary

January 14, 2021

Without consciously thinking of it, our sense of vision and our brain are constantly working together to catalogue everything we see. Most stuff can be anticipated. But sometimes, something's weird enough to demand a second glance.

This is what luxury looks like.

Reddit | GruffJM

This looks like someone tried to draw a bus, then forgot that buses need to have a front. But it's actually a mobile lounge that can connect to a plane, saving people the trouble of using the jetway.

Kool-Aid, fresh from the tap.

Reddit | musicaljerks

Just kidding, it's not a basin full of delicious watermelon Kool-Aid. The water is actually colored this way because of a mysterious chemical leak, which makes things just a little bit less appetizing.

This snake doesn't think outside the box.

Reddit | Oddthefox

I might be dating myself a bit here, but the way this snake negotiates this cushion reminds me of...Snake, the smash-hit game included on Nokia's dinosaur cell phones in the late 90's.

What's the point?

Reddit | shiiyaa

These highly secure doors that can also be easily walked around apparently don't always look like this. They're part of a larger system where fences can be deployed around them. This is what they look like without the fences.

If it works, it works.

Reddit | cold_lo_mein215

This HVAC system is made of old cans of antifreeze that have been soldered together. Looks pretty cool, until you wonder about the cumulative effects of antifreeze fumes being blown into the house for years on end.

Escape the rainbow.

Reddit | Zeusch

I guess the little S's stamped on each and every Skittle can detach (sometimes) when you put some Skittles in a glass of water. Guess I need to try this for myself. Or maybe I'm just looking for an excuse to buy Skittles.

What lies beneath.

Reddit | tw272727

This is a cool picture just by virtue of showing the above-water/underwater split, but it also reveals a hidden treasure underwater. These statues of Buddha can be found in Nusa Lembongan, near Bali.

Something isn't right here.

Reddit | Asmonymous

It's a good thing the person who posted this already knew there were plans afoot to shoot a historical movie on the street outside. Otherwise they'd be wondering if they'd slipped through the fabric of spacetime.

Modern Stonehenge.

Reddit | gizzardgullet

This weird looking array near Almendorf AFB in Alaska is a highly specific type of antenna. AN/FLR-9 antennaes like this are designed to send signals that can reach almost anywhere on Earth.

Some spy stuff right here.

Reddit | fallingfigtree1254

I'd like to think this is a secret message, designed to self-destruct after playing itself once. It's actually a geocache, for people who are into that sort of thing. Pretty cool regardless.

One banana, two banana...three banana?

Reddit | BanalPlay

This out-of-control fruit sprouted not one, not two, but three bananas inside its peel. Okay, now that's just overkill and a little excessive, don't you think?

Makes sense.


This bridge is probably just painted to look like Lego. But considering the company's willingness to get weird with its durable little bricks, I wouldn't be surprised if this bridge was literally made of Lego.

Two sizes for the price of one.

Reddit | beaverkc

A Redditor posted this pic of sandals after one was left in the sun for two months. I guess this is a lesson/lifehack: only leave rubber sandals in the sun if they're too big for you.

Extreme birding.

Reddit | 33arig

A human would see this as a motocross helmet, while the robin clearly sees it as an awesome place to nest. But in both cases, this helmet represents protection.

Rare buzzy boi.

Reddit | EliteDangerous72

If you ever chance upon this bumblebee that appears to be made of solid gold, you just kinda know that your day is about to get a whole lot better.

Alien scissors.

Reddit | raybobobob

Either that, or they're some kind of novelty brass knuckles. Turns out they're scissors that can accommodate two sets of hands — one for a toddler, and one for an adult to guide them.

Just a little bit of a pileup here.

Reddit | rbards

This person came across a vending machine after an error in its system caused it to try and distribute all of its goodies at once. It's just a bit crowded in there.

Giant makeup palette?

Reddit | honeybadger3891

Have you ever been on a flight and seen something weird on the ground? This traveler did, and they snapped this pic. It looks like makeup, but it's actually a lithium mine.

Boy in the bubble.

Reddit | tinkrman

This is known, appropriately enough, as an inflatable garage. If you're the kind of person who stresses about their windshield anytime there's a little bit of hail, this is the solution for you.

Bizarro world.

Reddit | RealZogger

Look, it's great to have a good condiment selection, even if mayo is gross. But Hellman's ketchup, right next to Heinz mayonnaise? This isn't the way the world is supposed to work.

Eerily beautiful.

Reddit | insanezane777

Nature can be scary. This is what a house looked like after a massive blizzard. It almost looks like it's covered in icing, but definitely has a spooky, strange vibe to it when the way those ice peaks formed.

Camo game not on point.

Reddit | eru_dite

This albino buck certainly is striking looking, but you've kinda gotta feel bad for anyone who sticks out this much. Who knows though, maybe he enjoys the extra attention.

When you have a stamp surplus.

Reddit | macbubs

You could always just go to the post office, pay the fee, and slap a shipping label on your parcel. But you could also painstakingly lick, then attach, nine billion individual stamps.

Right place at the right time with the right bar.

Reddit | AnGabhaDubh

When things match up this perfectly, it deserves a photo-op. I'm just impressed this person happened to have a Cliff bar on them.

Big smoke.

Reddit | BrackAttack

With its rusted bottom and perfectly white top, this fallen post looks exactly like a discarded cigarette. Imagine the size of the person who would have smoked it. Yikes!

Sometimes even destruction can be beautiful.

Reddit | Luke-Skywalk

It may look like some sort of map carved into metal, but this is actually a picture of a water tap that has corroded. Somehow, that corrosion made for a beautifully unintentional pattern.

Wait, something isn't right right...

Reddit | vseznayk

No, that's not an onion. That's actually garlic that was unpeeled to reveal it didn't have separate cloves. The entire thing was just one big piece of garlic. As it turns out, solo garlic (or pearl garlic, as it's been known to be called), is a thing and it's one solid piece of garlic. Still very strange to see!

Winter wonderland.

Reddit | calmdownlad

This person was treated to a beautiful sight in their driveway after the snow inexplicably settled into the lines between their bricks, making for a dazzling design.

You don't see that everyday.

Reddit | Eulielee

Ever seen a house being physically moved? Well, now you have. This person's neighbors were moving their entire house back about 200 ft, and apparently this is what it looks like when that needs to happen. Am I the only one who didn't even know this was a thing?