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12+ Celebs Who Worked In Fast Food Before They Became Famous

While we've seen photos of celebs taking out the trash before and fetching their own coffee, nothing is more "just like us" than celebs that have slummed it out in fast food joints.

This means that they've wiped tables, dealt with rude customers, and one celeb even squirted jelly all over someone!

While they may have supersized careers now, check out these 12+ celebs who used to supersize fries — plus much more — before they became famous!

1) Chris Pratt

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From flipping shrimp to training dinosaurs, Chris Pratt has quite the long way from his old serving days.

Pratt was actually working at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. when he was discovered.

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It was by actress and director, Rae Dawn Chong.

She ended up casting him in a short horror flick called Cursed Part 3.

And the rest, as we know it, is history.

2) Jenna Fischer

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While she may have played a receptionist on the comedy series, The Office, the actress also worked a different kind of menial job growing up.

It was working at Long John Silvers.

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"My parents taught me that if I wanted something I had to work for it and earn my own money,” she captioned the throwback pic.

3) Madonna

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Madonna did work for Dunkin’ Donuts in Times Square, but things didn't last long.

She only lasted one day since she squirted jelly filling all over a customer.

Luckily, she was able to pick up some other fast food jobs before becoming a star.

4) Pink

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Pink worked at not one, but several fast food joints before finding fame.

This included Pizza Hut, McDonald's, and Wendys.

She also worked at McD's for a year, despite saying that she smoked cigarettes in the drive-thru window.

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And then, there was the record-breaking 90 minutes that she lasted at Wendy’s!

5) Brad Pitt

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Brad Pitt wasn’t always the super-successful A-List actor we know him as today.

While trying to support his acting dreams, he had to take on some fast food jobs.

This meant dressing up as a chicken for El Pollo Loco in Hollywood.

Yes, really.

So to everyone who is currently spending their days in this profession, just know that you could be the next Brad Pitt!

6) Rachel McAdams

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Before she was making us bawl our eyes out on The Notebook, Rachel McAdams was serving up customers at McD's.

She even admitted that she’s not sure why they kept her!

When speaking to The New York Times about the experience, she called herself “slow."

She said that she was only allowed as the “friendly voice” that greeted customers.

7) Amy Adams

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Get this: Amy Adams once worked at Hooters.

She’s got quite the body, so we believe it, but still, talk about surprising news.

“It was a great way for me to earn money for college,” she told ET.

8) Megan Fox

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Just as Brad Pitt’s bosses royally screwed up in covering up his gorgeous mug in a costume, so did Megan Fox’s.

While on "The Ellen Show", Fox admitted that she used to literally dress up as a giant banana.

It was for the smoothie shop that she worked at in Florida.

Um, pics, please!

9) Bobby Flay

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He may be pretty unbeatable on his TV show, Beat Bobby Flay, but back when he was younger, he was helping people beat the heat through his job at an ice cream parlor.

In his book, "Bobby Flay’s Boy Gets Grill", he wrote that he would go a little crazy on the toppings.

He was determined — even back then — to find perfect flavor combinations.

10) Nicki Minaj

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Looks like Nicki hasn't changed much since her Red Lobster days.

According to GQ, the rapper got fired for flipping off customers who took her pen from the restaurant.

She just keeps on proving: don’t mess with Nicki!

10) Pharrell Williams

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Ah, Pharrell; he truly is just like us!

The singer got fired three times from three different McDonald’s. That’s actually quite impressive, no?

Since he told Seth Meyers that he was “very lazy” and was only good at eating chicken nuggets, we’re sure that’s to blame for his dismissal.

11) James Franco

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Is there anything James Franco can’t do?

The actor/professor/performance artist/etc/etc/etc can also add “McDonald’s worker” to the list.

He worked there when he was just a struggling actor.

He even wrote an op-ed on the restaurant in The Washington Post, because, James Franco.

12) Barack Obama

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Before he was leading a country, former President Obama was dishing out ice cream at Baskin-Robbins in Honolulu.

I've worked at McDonald's, Tim Horton’s, and Subway, so maybe there's a presidential role in my future, too?

13) Eva Longoria

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Eva Longoria is one dedicated worker!

She worked at Wendy's for six impressive years.

“I wanted to have a Quinceañera when I was 15 and my family didn’t have the money, so I got a job at Wendy’s and paid for it myself,” the actress told Redbook

We bet these celebs are more than happy living the high life now.

But still, can we pls get some fries with our shake?