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Ikea Is Letting People Design Their Own Couches And The Results Are Insane

A couch is the centerpiece of any cozy living room. It's the place where we can sit back, relax and enjoy some much needed TLC.

So Ikea has realized that people might have a need to design their perfect couch and they came up with a tool that does just that. But some have taken it to the extreme with hilarious results.

OMG, someone has definitely taken the Ikea couch design tool to the next level here.

I'm not sure what they were exactly going for. LOL! This is a bit much.

And then this is what happens when you simply get bored.

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Why not just start spelling out words with your couch? Huh? I admit this is kinda fun.

"I see your couch and I raise you this," said one Twitter user.

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Ha, ha, ha! People are really taking this Ikea tool and making it their own.

This one got the clever name of the "couchopticon".

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I'm not sure how you are supposed to get into this design but I'm starting to really like it.

And there's this interesting idea.

Twitter | @MeButInPogForm

It reminds me of some sort of a labyrinth. This would be a great idea for a fun run around the labyrinth game night thing.

If you like feeling claustrophobic, this one someone oddly called "the cage" might be something you would enjoy.

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Me, not so much. I'll take a crack at the next design.

Speaking of cool labyrinths, this one is even more elaborate.

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I'm totally digging this design as well. And the color of this couch is really starting to grow on me.

For those video game freaks out there, I bet you'll get a kick out of this Pac-Man-inspired couch design.

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This is creativity at its best people. Don't you think?

Who knew people can have so much fun with such a simple online tool.

I guess if you give it to them they will just run with it.

This would be perfect for a comic roast kind of night.

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The audience sits on the outside and the people getting roasted sit in the center. This is awesome.

This would be ideal for anyone who wants to keep their relatives far, far away.

Twitter | @ElPepinofficial

I wonder if they would get offended. What do you think of this? LOL!

And there's this one for those married couples who have spent way too much time together over the years and now need to take a much-needed break while watching TV.

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Absence can make the heart grow fonder, they say.

Funky Bunch

Twitter | @Two_Knees

I'm not sure what sort of design this might actually be but I have to say that I quite like it. It's an interesting configuration for sure.

A Fortress

Twitter | @Mrsquidgereen

This IKEA couch design looks more like a fortress than an actual couch but when the heck. Why not? It looks like it would be so much fun.

Hospital Style

Twitter | @Donovangela

Now I'm not exactly sure if this person was designing some kind of a waiting room that's really reminiscent of a hospital but I like the individual couches.

Game Of Tetris

Twitter | @FearTheCrumpets

Apparently, this is as far as the Ikea website would let you get with designing your game of Tetris. Oh, that's just too bad. Isn't it?

Just when we thought Ikea couldn't get any better, they come out with this nifty online tool.

I can just see people pretending to be working and doing this instead.

Square Me

Twitter | @Retroity

I dunno about you guys but I actually think this couch looks quite comfy. And I'm totally digging this color combination, too. This is really aesthetically pleasing

Stick Man

Twitter | @bamboolean

OMG, I didn't know you can create an actual stick figure out of your couch. Ha ha ha. I bet this would freak some people out.


Twitter | @lovlyxtae

This couch would perfect for anyone who wants to show off their K-Pop obsession proudly and take it up a notch. Hey if you've got the cash. Why not?

Well, this was inevitable.

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Someone always has to go there, right? But, hey, for only $5,200 you can have the most unique couch design on the block.

Boredom Solved

Twitter | @Charlie_____

I feel like we've found the ultimate antidote to boredom. We could all just still here all day designing the perfect Ikea couches. Am I right? Who's in?

Well, this was fun, huh?

I think I might give this Ikea couch design tool a try myself. Who knows what kind of crazy idea I might come up with.