You Can Buy A Harness For Your Chicken So You Can Both Safely Cross The Road

Despite their popularity in the fried and oven-baked variety, chickens actually make pretty good pets.

My family had a chicken coop in our yard for a little while, and every morning we'd get to wake up, collect fresh eggs, and sprint away as fast as we could while ten angry hens tried to peck through our socks and steal our shoe laces.

You never realize how much chickens like human interaction until you take care of them yourself. They like to be held and petted; they have different personalities, moods, and attitudes; they have preferences for foods, sleep in different ways, and can be just as emotionally complex as any cat or dog.

The one difference being that they're, you know, chickens.

You can encourage them in different ways, but you can't really train them to do tricks or perform actions that could be life-saving (stay, drop it, come).

But that doesn't mean that there shouldn't be a market for chicken-centric pet products. Where are my chicken toys? My chicken outfits? My soft-sided American Air Lines approved chicken carriers?

Y'all better get ready, because the company Yesito has answered the call.


That's right—chicken harnesses.

Ever wanted to take your hen for a walk? That dream is now a reality.

Your chickens deserve stylish, comfortable options so they can enjoy their walking time as much as you do.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because you were able to safely walk her across.


The harness has a simple buckle and adjustable straps that fit any average sized hen.

And in case you didn't notice, there is a literal bow tie affixed to the front. We aren't here for base-level chicken-fashion mediocrity, no honey—this is the Met Gala of neighborhood walks.

The harness and its carrying case are available on Amazon for around $50.


The product has already gotten some rave reviews.

"I have a favorite hen that I can't resist holding because she's so fluffy and soft and now I'm able to take her for a walk," one woman writes. "It took less than a minute for her to get used to it. I let her take the lead while she investigated around my yard."

"Happy chickens lay happy eggs."


Pick up your own pink or blue Yesito Chicken Harness before they sell out, but there's no harm no fowl if you'd rather shell out for a duck harness instead. Happy walking hen moms!

h/t: Delish