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Makeup Artist Transforms Herself Into Our Favorite Nostalgic Cartoon Characters

There are a lot of amazing cosplays out there on The Gram thanks to many extremely talented and creative makeup artists. Most of them feature popular Disney princesses or the protagonist of shows, but what about the other guys with equally important roles?

Check out how this Instagram makeup artist has given cartoon characters new life in her cosplays.

Anger From 'Inside Out'

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Gina Box is the makeup artist responsible for her cosplays of numerous cartoon characters. And she happens to do a lot of characters that don't quite get the spotlight they deserve.

Like the characters from Disney's Inside Out.

Kim Possible From 'Kim Possible'

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She makes the impossible seem incredibly possible with her cosplay of Kim Possible. She even made sure she got the dark upper lip and sassy strong brows!

Disgust From 'Inside Out'

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There is nothing gross or disgusting about her take on Disgust from Inside Out.

Her photos are seriously on point. She also made sure to twist her mouth up in, well, disgust.

Coraline From 'Coraline'

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Coraline definitely doesn't get the recognition is deserves! Yes it was a bit quirky and eccentric, and maybe creepy at times, but it was a very sweet story in the end.

Sadness From 'Inside Out'

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Okay, Gina fully k i l l e d this cosplay of Sadness from Inside Out. Explain to me how this look makes feel the exact opposite of sad.

Blossom From "The Powerpuff Girls'

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When I was growing up with The Powerpuff Girls, everyone wanted to be either Bubbles or Buttercup — they wanted to be either sweet or spicy.

But what about our umami Blossom?

Roxanne From 'A Goofy Movie'

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Was Roxanne and Max's relationship not the cutest cartoon relationship you've ever seen? This cosplay look definitely makes me want to binge the movies soon.

Ashley Spinelli From 'Recess'

Instagram | @ohmygeeee

Ashley was our favorite little rebel from Disney's Recess television show.

And honestly, her outfit is on point.

Boo From 'Monsters, Inc."

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Gina looks exactly like Boo here, it's incredible!

This would be such a cute and easy Hallowe'en costume. I'm already getting some ideas, here!

Velma Dinkley From 'Scooby Doo'

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If you're like me, you grew up watching 'Scooby Doo,' and who could forget about the love action movies, too?

Gina even has the same sweater here and everything!

Jessica Rabbit From 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?'

Instagram | @ohmygeeee

A cosplay lookbook isn't complete without a Jessica Rabbit cosplay. She is a classic character that so many people have fun dressing up as!

Maleficent From Sleeping Beauty

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Even though Maleficent has such a strong look, I feel like she's a villain that just doesn't get the attention she deserves.

Thankfully Gina is helping to give her some exposure.

Cruella de Vil From '101 Dalmations'

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Another classic Hallowe'en costume. Cruella de Vil is such a fun villain to dress up as because you have an excuse to get glam and feel sassy.

Shego From 'Kim Possible'

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I have to say, I am loving all of these villainess looks that Gina is serving.

And if you're an OG Kim Possible viewer, this Shego look will bring you waaaaay back.

Edna Mode From 'The Incredibles'

Instagram | @ohmygeeee

Yes, our queen! I don't think I've seen an Edna cosplay yet, and I'm so glad I finally have.

She has the best one-liners that we could never forget, like, "No capes!" When Edna says something, you listen to her.

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