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13+ Of The Worst Pics To Ever Exist

Have you ever seen something so ridiculous that you have to take a second and really think about it? I mean, for me it happens on the daily. But I work on the internet, so that's to be expected.

Most people don't come across a real head-scratcher all that often. So, when you have a bunch of bits this ridic back-to-back, you just know people are fixin' to get shook!

Something this awkward can't happen in real life, can it?

eBaum's World

Honestly, this is the type of thing that makes me want to pass out with cringe. Just imagine having your foot fondled by an actual stranger. Gah!

Some kids draw vague pictures that you have to work hard to decipher, while others give you an actual log complete with dates and times.  


Sometimes, you just gotta keep a record in case you need proof.

I think you're cursed, too.

eBaum's World

My best advice would be to change your name, skip town, sell all of your belongings, and start a new life.

The demon may still follow you, but it's worth a shot.

If this is spewing out of your school's water fountain, then you're probably better off skipping. 

The Chive

Sure, being uneducated is hard, but being dead is even harder. Well, actually, it's the dying part that's hard, but still.

Fresh mints? More like death mints!

eBaum's World | eBaum's World

I'm just about done with ants. All they do is carry crap around, pile up sand, and crawl into my shorts whenever I pass out in a bush. Get a life, ants!

And you thought you were having a bad day. 

eBaum's World

I don't see how things can get any worse. This just seems like the bottom of the barrel as far as unfortunate events go.

I guess this isn't your chair no more. It's with the bees now. They've claimed it as such. 

eBaum's World

It's time to move on and fork out a couple grand for a new one, which is probably easier than trying to reclaim this chair.

Can you imagine buying an adorable puppy dog, then taking it home only to have your own mother destroy it?

The Chive

This dog looks like he steals cigarettes and runs around on the dark side of town.

You may see a giant head, but I see a giant brain. 

The Chive

Well, I don't actually see a giant brain, but I know there's one in there. I mean, just look at the size of his head.

I wish I could tape a sign to my forehead that reads, "Still works". 

The Chive

Maybe then people wouldn't just assume I'm dead just because I passed out in a bush.

The devil would be really pleased with this promotion. 


Despite the unholiness of it all, I'm still behind this promotion. Everyone knows Ben & Jerry's ain't cheap, and a girl's gotta have her ice cream.

This looks like the kinda thing that would make me want to burn down my entire house and then have the ashes blessed by the Pope himself. 

Twitter | @YunSpur

That spider is hella huge, and I'm not here for that kinda arachnid.

Wherever this is is somewhere I never want to be. 

Reddit | cinephile46

Just imagine how many angry men in tight, skinny jeans are taking the bus right now. Honestly, public transit must be near jam-packed.

File this under things I'm better off never seeing.

Reddit | ThePonyMafia

New game controllers can be expensive and if you have the know-how to fix them, it makes sense to try.

Except this is what's inside. Years of gamer gunk.

In case it's hard to tell, that's a dude just chilling on a traffic light in NYC.

Reddit | principle_fbundle

Why he is up there or how he managed it, I don't know, but he probably started regretting it by morning rush hour.

Imagine being the driver of that Jeep.

Reddit | grandyy

You're driving along, minding your own business, when suddenly the truck in front of you loses its cargo, which happens to be a massive drum of white paint.

This worm thing is gross on it's own.

Reddit | World_Wide_Deb

But it's a million times worse when you learn it came from: the neck of a two-month-old kitten.

I am so freaking itchy just looking at this.

Reddit | bowstring0924

As someone mosquitoes love to chow down on, I need to know where this was taken so that I can never go there.

I KNOW the walls and floors of my house hide creepy-crawlies.

Reddit | lunarisjuice

But when this guy found millions of dead bug babies under his linoleum, I would have noped the heck out of there.

"Someone left their urine sample in our employee lunch fridge."

Reddit | TehFuriousOne

Who does this?!?!?!?!

We've officially found the worst doll ever sold at an antiques mall.

Reddit | chubachus

I'm going to be seeing this in my nightmares for the rest of eternity. Thanks, I hate it.

Restaurant art can be hit or miss.

Reddit | fatproduce

But this art hanging in an ice cream shop is literally a hit.

I don't care how badly you parked — this kind of nonsense is rarely justified. 

Reddit | justsH1fty

Can you not just leave a note and call it a day? Why does everything have to be so dramatic?

I don't even feel bad for this girl. I just feel terrible for all these fishes. 

Twitter | @madiwoodhouse

These fishes are just clinging to life, and you're taking a picture for Twitter. Aquaman would be shaking his head right now.

Starbucks really needs to cut back on the sass. 


I know I asked for seven modifications to my drink, but can you reserve the judgement for the person who orders decaf in the morning?

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