24+ Photos That Showcase The Painful And Hilarious Realities Of Pregnancy

Lex Gabrielle
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Pregnancy is something that many women look forward to throughout their lives. The wonder and beauty of carrying a little, tiny human inside of you for nine months that you have created is both moving and special.

However, pregnancy is not all sunshine and rainbows. In fact, many women admit firsthand that pregnancy is something that hits you like a ton of bricks—and not in a good way.

Recently, BuzzFeed asked users to share photos of what it's "really like to be pregnant", and we found a few social media posts from other honest mamas.

Despite many women on social media frequently sharing stunning photos of their baby bump, there are those behind-closed-doors photos that not all women get to see.

Super swollen feet.

Instagram | @lcclark_creations

Swollen feet are no one's friend. "We walked probably like 4 miles today in the city so I’m guessing that’s what made them blow up ."

Heavy, heavy bellies.

BuzzFeed l ashleybarrettu

We've all been there. "While pregnant with my second daughter I could rest my pregnant belly on my counter top. People thought this photo fake. It’s real and my back still isn’t right....."

Things can get complicated.

Instagram | @battlewithendo_ox

Some women have problems throughout pregnancy. One mom who had hyperemesis gravidarum explained, "I was hospitalized at the start of my pregnancy due to it causing severe dehydration & it started to affect my liver function."

Rashes happen.

BuzzFeed l nataleec2

Sometimes, side effects can be a killer. "Rash life. Wanna know the kicker? Can’t take anything to prevent the itchyness. I’m surprised my partner stay by my side after all my complaining."

Sometimes you need help.

BuzzFeed l amyritterf

The potential morning sickness can be debilitating. "Being so nauseous you can’t brush your hair. Rats nest ensues- Mom has to help brush out the mess!"

Cravings on cravings on cravings.

Instagram | @millionaire_nanny

Who hasn't had pregnancy cravings?

This mom looks so excited to eat those M&Ms after a late-night run to the grocery store!

Swollen hands.

BuzzFeed l arielle7

Some women have swollen hands—so much so, that the rings on our fingers need to be surgically removed. "There's the ring cut off."

That pregnancy brain...it's real.

BuzzFeed l juliab4d5c058ecs

Every woman knows that pregnancy brain is real "Pregnancy brain.... I caught myself just before I brushed my teeth with deodorant instead of toothpaste... oops!"

It can be a truly emotional roller coaster.

BuzzFeed l courtneyh466e3012c

Crying on demand? Yup, it's true. "My friend is a naturally emotional person, but one night our group of friends was hanging out, and one of us was trying to rock another ones baby to sleep and all of a sudden th he newly pregnant Julie burst into tears because we are all friends lmao."

Trying to manage those aches and pains.

Instagram | @tadascolors

Without medicine, we're left with little else.

"They have me strapped in to these pump thingys at night to circulate my blood in hopes it’ll help my feet go down. My toes tend to look more and more like sausages each day. "

Not every belly is a cocoa butter commercial.

BuzzFeed l alexandrar4cdd5d910

Rashes happen—they're more common than people think. Not all bellies are smooth and picture-perfect. "Pregnancy and PUPPPS rash. Unglamorous side of pregnancy."

Pregnant feet vs. normal feet.

Instagram | @nonie_be

Some women swell up in more places than just their bellies. And, in comparison to pre-pregnancy feet, some women have the most swollen feet during pregnancy!

Some pregnancies are wonderful.

BuzzFeed l yogapoet

Some moms have easy pregnancies. "Pregnancy is not always a big bad scary thing! Both kids I had no morning sickness, no swelling, no stretch marks, no issues with natural labor, both labors less than five hours. Was back in size 3 jeans two weeks postpartum both times. Pregnancy was a healthy and beautiful journey for me!"

Sometimes bellies can be fun!

Instagram | @letsfaceit_facepaint

At the end of the day, pregnancy can be beautiful and fun. Loving this hilarious baby bump art!

Some soon-to-be moms can do it all.

BuzzFeed l brittanys4cb4e823d

Some moms don't feel the pain of pregnancy and instead, get through the day by living normally. "Me painting bathroom cabinets for a client eight days before I had my baby at 39 weeks exactly. Doesn’t have to be all bad."

Things often lean to the left...or right.

Instagram | @maybemummies

Our children tend to crawl around in the womb. Many expecting moms are surprised how much their babies will move around, causing lopsided baby bumps.

Most of the time we just want to relax and eat a hotdog.

BuzzFeed l incendiaryprincess

You know the vibe. "I went to a college football game the day I was due with my 10-pounder. Between all the Braxton Hicks, trips to the bathroom to pee, and trying to stay off my swollen feet, I was busy constantly stuffing my face. This security guard could NOT keep a straight face as I literally inhaled this sandwich while sitting on the tent anchor."

Some mommas go on bedrest.

Instagram | @bloom.life

While pregnancy can be easy, sometimes, we get put on bed rest. "My first two weeks in the hospital were the hardest. The highs and lows marked with many different emotions as I dealt with the extreme stress of a high-risk pregnancy."

That stability ball life.

BuzzFeed l katies4ec789fce

We do what we have to do. "End of third trimester pain relief includes sitting on a stability ball while simultaneously sitting on an ice pack for the lady parts— no one warned me about pelvic ligament tears!"

You try being on your feet all day while carrying a baby in your belly.

BuzzFeed l breannaleigho

Leg rest is a God-send during pregnancy. "For me, (the end of) pregnancy was wearing tennis shoes and leggings to my typically business casual job every day and putting my feet up every chance I got!"


Instagram | @jessicagalindo14

Some women know that pregnancy = very tiny, tiny bladders. Or, a baby just sitting on our perfect pee spot. "Just when I get comfortable I have to convince myself that I don’t need to pee."

Some ladies opt for relaxation and a moment off their swollen feet.

BuzzFeed l kyleel4c0fe2055

With swollen ankles, who doesn't love that motorcart life while shopping for groceries? "8 months pregnant = motorized cart at the store ?? #dontlookatmyankles"

Dressing up to symbolize the way you feel.

Instagram | @lexiiilouiseyyy

When Halloween hits around your pregnancy, you dress the part.

This cow costume is a cute and clever idea!

Needles leave their marks on us all.

BuzzFeed l heathers417727a6c

Getting blood taken and tests done is a normal part of pregnancy, but sometimes they leave a mark on us. "The joys of bruising when getting blood drawn by an inexperienced nurse. Yes I am your pin cushion."

Sometimes during pregnancy, we truly feel like a bloated goat.

BuzzFeed l Maternidarks

Pregnancy, while beautiful and moving, often times leaves us ladies feeling like a bloated farm animal—sweaty, smelly, and large. "I feel you sister."

Becoming a picky eater is an understatement.

Reddit | elmandingus

Foods, spices, and toppings that you never thought you would hate suddenly become your worst enemy.

There are also times that you wonder why you haven't applied to the show "Master Chef" yet.

Reddit | spootay

Your food combinations surprise yourself in a good way, and your partner in a bad way.

Your belly becomes a sweet food table and drink holder.

Instagram | @ewaelizabeth_

While others are trying to scope out spots to place their food and drinks, you never have to worry.

There's a point when that your belly gets so big, sweatpants become your go-too bottoms of choice.

Instagram | @pregnantchicken

And, to be honest, there's nothing wrong with comfort when it comes to this fashion choice.

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