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Model Celebrates Her Indian Heritage With Her Own Take On The Classic Disney Princesses

Oftentimes, little girls dream of one day becoming a Disney princess. Unfortunately, it seems that most Disney princesses are predominantly white. So when you're a little girl with a different heritage, it might be hard to relate.

This is why Hamel Patel, a model from North Carolina, wanted to celebrate her Indian heritage by recreating Disney princess' looks with a unique classic Indian style. The the results are gorgeous.

This is Hamel Patel.

Instagram | @hamelpatel_

Hamel is a model and influencer with over 89k followers on Instagram who's known for celebrating her Desi heritage through her work. She's also a huge Disney lover.

Obviously. Who isn't?

She's even tried for the classic Disney eyes.

Instagram | @hamelpatel_

Okay, this was actually her look for the super popular Bratz Challenge, where beauty and makeup influencers tried to recreate a look like a Bratz doll. But it does look like the eyes of a Disney princess too!

Hamel has done more than imitate their eyes. She's created her own Indian-inspired takes on the princesses we all know and love!

1. Cinderella

Cinderella is a beloved Disney story which revolves around a young, sweet, and gentle orphan girl with a wicked stepmother and two even more cruel step-sisters.

Hamel Patel's version keeps true to the gentleness and sweetness of the Disney character, but she wanted to give it that special Desi charm with bright colors and gorgeous makeup.


Hamel added some magic to this look with the help of some bippity-boppity-blue eyeshadow.

She completed the look with a matching hairband and sari.

2. Snow White


This story of a young girl becoming the prettiest girl in the world and the envy of an evil Queen has captured the hearts of many.

Hamel captures the essence of Snow White perfectly with her clever use of colorful makeup and jewelry, staying true to the famous color palette of blue, red and yellow.

She even included Snow White's signature bow!

This look truly is the fairest of them all.

Anyone else marveling at her eyeshadow blending technique?

3. Belle


Belle is a girl who is willing to sacrifice her own freedom and happiness to help her father. She ends up falling in love, unexpectedly, with a beast.

Here, Hamel has paired Belle's iconic yellow dress together with her own elaborate gold accents of beautiful jewelry, a gorgeous pop of red lips, and the famous red rose.

She definitely looks like the belle of the ball!

A makeup look as old as time.

I think Hamal was born to rock this vibrant gold and red color palette.

4. Ariel


Ariel from The Little Mermaid has been captivating little girls with her kindness to others and her fascination with the human world.

I love Hamel's take on the look of Ariel.

She keeps her locks flowing and sticks to colors that are reminiscent of the deep depths of the ocean. Simply stunning.

This look would be a big hit under the sea.

I love how she played up her eyes with bold teal and magenta hues.

5. Princess Jasmine


This feisty Disney character from Aladdin is determined to live her life on her own terms and is a great role model for all little girls.

Hamel elevates Jasmine's look to a whole new world with authentic Indian makeup.

The intricate style of Indian jewelry, the detailed makeup, and the stunning outfit really shine here.

Anyone else ready to go on a magic carpet ride?

Not even the genie could have perfected this makeup look.

6. Pocahontas


Pocahontas longs to stay as free-spirited as she can be and doesn't want to settle for the life chosen for her by her family. She's strong and fearless.

Hamel's vision of Pocahontas stays true to her simple yet strong image.

By keeping her accessories such as jewelry very minimal while showcasing bold makeup, she evokes strength and femininity.

Hamel primarily used earth tones for this look's color palette with bright turquoise accents.

She really evoked the colors of the wind with this interpretation of the character.

7. Sleeping Beauty


Even with a curse cast on her by the evil fairy Maleficent, Aurora remains as enchanting as ever. Only a kiss from a beloved can change her fate forever.

Hamel's version of Aurora evokes romantic vibes and sweet dreams of fairytale endings.

Her beautifully crafted makeup and regal jewelry with pretty pink hues is the look of magic.

Remember when Aurora's dress changes from blue to pink?

I'm so glad Hamel stuck with pink for this look. It also suits Aurora's nickname, Briar Rose, perfectly.

8. Mulan


Mulan broke the mold for Disney princesses by...not being a princess! She kicks butt as a warrior and refuses to let anything stop her from doing what she knows is right.

Hamel's take on Mulan retains all that badass energy.

The glowing sword is a really nice touch, in my opinion. This is one princess I definitely do not want to mess with.

I got chills when I saw her gunpowder-style eyeshadow.

This look is fierce and strong, just like Mulan!

Disney or not, Hamel is obviously a real princess.

Instagram | @hamelpatel_

She clearly has a lot of passion and love for what she does, and for Disney princesses. What did you think of her takes on the classics? What other ways would you like to see the Disney girls reimagined as?

I for one am holding out for Disney princesses as Olympic Athletes.