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11+ Pics Only Monsters Would Ever Find Satisfying

I like to think I'm pretty laid back about most things. I'm not going to freak out if the coasters on the coffee table aren't straight or if my dresser doesn't match my side tables.

In fact, I find that the best way to avoid those small annoyances is to just not try to be matchy-matchy in the first place.

But I'm certainly not immune to becoming mildly infuriated over small irritations.

Someone confiscate this person's highlighter.

Reddit | NeonGLite

The point to highlighting is to make the important points stand out, but in this case the "important points" are apparently more than half the text, thus defeating the purpose of highlighting any of it.

How could this ever be fun?

Reddit | chevcheli0s

I'm all for difficult puzzles where I need to recognize minor variations in hue to fit the correct pieces together, but there are no minor variations here. You're basically stuck trying every piece in every spot until one fits.

Is this a trick question?

Reddit | Thornke

How about E) an apocalyptic wasteland where the energy grid has been destroyed and it's too dark to take any bright photographs let alone tell a boreal forest from a deciduous one.

I'm not a stickler for perfect cable management, but this is ridiculous.


Also, seeing as those are all Apple cables, it's extra egregious. Not because I love Apple, but because their power cables are more fragile than they should be and cost a ton to replace.

I hope these are still in their return window.

Reddit | WaterTempleSurvivor

The person who shares this travesty said that they'd bought the shoes "about a month ago." Which is unacceptable.

Whoever cut this pizza is a monster.

Reddit | miquesadilla

The customer just wanted to split the slice with their friend and this is what they were given in return. Dibs on the part without crust and on the napkins I'll need afterwards.

I fail these tests more often than I care to admit.

Reddit | GJ_15

But it's details like this that cause it! Not catching that bit of bumper doesn't prove I'm a robot; it just proves that the system is flawed.

Cue the traffic jam in 3...2...1...

Reddit | DogRescueThailand

I've done the sidewalk shuffle enough times to appreciate the good intentions here, but someone mixed up the arrows when painting.

How did this even happen?

Reddit | waverlyfishman

Besides the fact that it looks awful, how is it easier to remove part of an ancient window than the entirety? And if the clock is just attached on top, why not center it?

Um, Hallmark knows all the dads in these stories are dead, right?

Reddit | M1st3r-C

I love how the image chosen for Simba is looking so angrily at the word.

Also all of the son's listed were either present for or indirectly caused the deaths of their father (or in Spidey's case, father-figure).

I think we can all agree that this is robbery.

Reddit | labravin

Three tiny pieces of broccoli do not make a meal. Either just sell us the carbs in creamy cheese sauce or give us enough veggies to let us pretend it's a healthy choice.

Excuse me, but I need to go wash my hands just from seeing this.

Reddit | Sparragon1

This is why you need to clean your keyboard regularly. This is a particularly bad case, but it's only really visible because the keys are white.

I really hope this pay terminal comes before getting the item and not after.

Reddit | RadicalAlexGMU

This always seems to happen to me in parking garages. Like, I've parked and I'm ready to pay, but now I can't get out because the card reader is broken and I don't have cash.

Well, that bread was all air.

Reddit | latca

This is why it's important to knock out the bigger air pockets after the dough has been proofed. No one wants bread that can't be easily used for sandwiches or toast.

Fixing his ear may be worth the awkwardness of touching a strange in this case.

Reddit | NatMaxim7

Since I wear glasses, I already can't stand over-the-ear headphones because the press the arms of my frames into the backs of my ears. This is so much worse.

"Certified," eh?

Reddit | enganere

Who exactly is in charge of certification of frustration, and how do we send this to them as evidence that it should be revoked on this product?

Is it really worth saving a few more seconds?

Reddit | Askmeu

If you've already gotten the new roll out, why not finish the job? Judging by how much is left of this roll, everyone who uses this bathroom has been passive-aggressively leaving it for the next person to deal with.

Just looking at this photo brings back bad memories.

Reddit | ByTheWayGiveItAway

What is the point of an eraser that is supposed to get rid of unwanted markings when it just leaves an even bigger and brighter marking behind?


Because why would a mail delivery person take even a millisecond to read large bold print with important instruction for delivery?

Reddit | GummybearGoddess

Receiving a diploma like this really sums up college, to be honest.

Imagine opening not one, not two, but THREE teabags from the same box that are all missing the main star of the show: tea.

Reddit | nyratevoli

And it's pretty ironic that the name of the tea is called zen, because no one is going to feel very zen after seeing this mess.

It's already difficult enough to find the perfect ripeness of banana.

Reddit | Sonnyk04

This banana is both ripe and unripe.

What gives?! This is purely outrageous.

When you can't for the life of you remember your password, but then you try to make a new one and this happens.

Reddit | GerardWayNoWay

And you could have sworn that's what you've been typing variations of all along.

What a waste of precious time!

I thought it was common sense that you don't park in front of someone's driveway?

Reddit | Caboose4life

Yes, it can be hard to come by a decent parking spot on the street. But this person just breached the number one rule of street parking.

100% is the new 80%.

Reddit | Ceapa-Cool

You had one job, graphic designer. Did they really think no one was going to notice?

And if you're not sure what 100% battery life looks like on an iPhone, there's always Google to come to the rescue.

Ou. This one hurts.

Reddit | fluffynuff

I am thoroughly shocked at how uncomfortable this chandelier makes me feel.

You couldn't install it in the center?? REALLY?!

Oh man. This tangled mess stresses me o u t.

Reddit | Cppnv

I have a feeling this Newton's cradle's energy wasn't just extremely off.

However, I will say it's energy will be messed up for awhile, because I just don't see this getting untangled anytime soon.

But that's his middle name!

Reddit | keelymepie

Why ask if you're not going to be happy with the answer?

Your father's middle name is now Paaul, but you will need to remember that.

The only saving grace here is that at least one of the rolls is facing the proper direction.

Reddit | I_Love_paper

Anyone who orients their toilet paper going under is my enemy.

These easy pull tabs on fast food sauces don't make any aspect of life easier.

Reddit | Itsjustmerk

After this happens, little pieces of the plastic continue to get ripped off and sauce ends up all over your hands.

Might as well have just held your hands out and asked the worker to dump the sauce in your hands.

Isn't this just the worse?

Reddit | here2sharemyopinion

And then it takes at least 10 attempts to finally get the lining free from the zipper's death grip.

I'm not mad about the screen.

Reddit | ___________f

If letting your kid watch something on the iPad while waiting for the server to bring dinner is what will keep them quiet, awesome. Except that in this case, there were no headphones involved and the volume was on high.

A tree guard, meant to help protect nature, has been destroyed but what it's trying to be protected from.

Reddit timegoesback67

It is absolutely mind-boggling how people had to throw their garbage out so bad they literally went to great lengths to dispose of it here.

Farewell, fingernails.

Reddit | jakeboyle13

Anyone else just let out a giant sigh of frustration when this happens to them?

Maybe it's time to get rid of these tabs.

But at least the last one wasn't see-through.

Reddit | SprouseR

What came first? People using too much toilet paper and businesses opting for cheaper, single-ply alternatives, or are people using more toilet paper because it's cheap, single-ply tissue?

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