12+ People Who Know What A Hard Day Feels Like

Some of you might not have to think back too far, but I think we can all remember a time where we thought we were having a bad day, only for the next day to prove us wrong.

It's like life took a look at us pouting and laughed because that was just the appetizer for the real failure feast.

Well, these people just had a whole buffet's worth, so let's have a look at them while we wait for sunnier skies.

1. Well, if the world is actually bending its own rules to mess your day up, there's nowhere to go but up from there. 

Reddit | shassamyak

I don't even know how this was possible, but I know creative license with the laws of physics when I see it.

2. Huh, I suppose that when you buy these scissors, they throw in a free puzzle. What a bargain! 

Reddit | TabooTwin

Once you solve it and get these scissors free, your prize is a tool that ensures you won't have to do it again.

I guess that's a victory.

3. Ooh, sorry. It turns out that only the people actually reading those newspapers will be rewarded for this kind of curiosity. 

Reddit | TheWilley

But who knows? Maybe the next news day will be slow and this person will actually make the paper they got stuck in.

4. Look, the reason why Frankie's day is worthy of a red, sad face isn't important.

Reddit | leftcrow

The point is that while all the other kids hover between the green and yellow faces with uncertainty, Frankie can look at them and say they've seen the world's true face.

5. Oof, no matter what she did, you know it's gonna suck when everybody takes her ex up on this. 

Reddit | OraleAmigo

Honestly, I'm not even sure they needed to give a reason. If you tell everyone to give people the finger, most folks just go for it.

6. Not only did somebody's curb get some unwanted decorations, but I think this was garbage day, so the collectors looked at this and just said, "Nah."

Reddit | HawkeyeBubber

And now it's just going to waste when there are probably raccoons starving...somewhere. Oscar the Grouch cried a single tear.

7. Yikes! I like Slayer, too, but I'd probably have to put in my two weeks’ notice if this is the dress code I have to deal with. 

Reddit | igor33

If they're gonna put their employees through this mess, they better at least have the health benefits right.

8. Oh, whoops. Well, whether this guy meant to do it or not, at least he was transparent about his brand deal. 

Reddit | penguinplant

I don't know about y'all, but I can't wait for his next post where he'll say, "Please tell him to stop quoting our instructions verbatim."

9. Apparently, this person knocked over the mop bucket on their shift and this was the result of them panicking to clean it up with some paper towels. 

Reddit | dxlta

And while this doesn't look like it was fun, the realization that they could've just used the mop all along was probably worse.

10. Yeah, that's a pretty big oopsie. This is why you see what's on your lawn before you take the mower to it. 

Reddit | BriteBier

In a way, they got lucky. Going around picking up newspaper shreds will suck, but not as bad as needing to replace the blade.

11. Well, if a crappy situation like this does anything for you, it gives you a chance to sit and reflect until AAA shows up. 

Reddit | sirphreaksalot

Unfortunately, that's only true when you don't have mocking passersby to argue with like this guy apparently does.

12. Whoever did this isn't great with a forklift, but there's something admirable about how they stopped to take this photo while their coworkers came to yell at them. 

Reddit | phiceramicsatl

At least, that's the impression I'm getting. I guess they could've just done it and bailed.

13. Aww, this guy's gonna have a pretty hard time being scary when his threats just make everybody say, "My next what?"

Reddit | mrflounderthethird

I can't imagine he can really put his heart into beating anyone up after he has to awkwardly explain the typo.

A slight shove, at best.

14. Wow, what the fork lacks in durability, it really makes up for in efficiency.

Reddit | Kvas_HardBass

See? It managed to ruin two things for the price of one! That is, I don't imagine it'll be all that doable to scrape the melted plastic off that pan.

Such interesting flavors.

15. Apparently, this person's day was already tough before this happened and it was obviously destiny.

Reddit | MaryWeatherfield

I mean, if it's getting to the point where even pizza has turned against you, just go to bed and hit the reset button on the whole thing.

16. Even though I don't care about soccer, I'll definitely allow that folks in England wouldn't call their post-defeat day very easy. 

Reddit | stephen-melrose

You know when your friend gets you all excited for their visit and then bails at the last minute? Imagine that with an entire sport.

17. Hmm, yeah. This is probably something that's worth calling the flight attendant about.

Reddit | -Xyllex-

After all, they want to start flying at people's faces when the turbulence picks up about as little as you do.

I wouldn't count on using this to bump yourself to first class, though.

18. I'm guessing that it was a whole lot easier to get this truck stuck in the forest than it'll be to get it unstuck.

Reddit | V8TITAN

At this point, their only hope is for there to be so many Walmarts around that they'll find one in here.

19. Even though the driver's obviously going through it, the real hard day belongs to whoever owns this barn.

Reddit | Deliem7214

Because even if they make a sign saying, "Trust me, you won't make it" after all is said and done, somebody will still smash through it and try.

20. Oof, I can think of easier ways to leave a legacy behind than getting hurt so bad that you actually mark up the floor.

Reddit | Palifaith

Let's just say that if somebody brought me around to take a picture with this, that's not one I'm smiling in.

21. Did the driver somehow slide it into the parking spot like this, or did it somehow have an accident while it was parked?

Reddit | Raythebeast707

Unless a werewolf attacked it because they hated that wheel in particular, somebody managed to miss this bright, red car in the lot.

22. I’m not really sure how this cop ended up in this pothole, but it looks big enough to fish in, so I'd say he's appropriately unhappy about it.

Reddit | mad66

Still, it seems pretty hard to miss, unless some joker put a rug over it like they do in cartoons.

23. From what I've heard about root canals, taking a nap on the lawn seems like an understandable reaction.

Twitter | @scixpmas

Even without all the stuff they put you on, I think your first instinct would be to find anything more comfortable than jagged rocks to curl up with.

24. Well, not all of us have the balance and strength of character to do this without completely wiping out, OK? 

Instagram | @nochill

I'm not really enthusiastic about wearing fanny packs again, but I'm kind of tempted if they make this possible. It's worth a try, right?

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