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Chocolate-Covered Pickles Are A Thing We Don't Think The World Needs

Look, I love chocolate and it can make a lot of things great. Chocolate-covered pretzels? Awesome. Chocolate-dipped strawberries? Scrumptious.

But just because technically anything can be dipped or coated in the stuff doesn't mean everything should.

Case in point: pickles.

Malley's Chocolate is bringing their chocolate-covered pickles back for a limited time and I just can't with the idea.

Yes, sweet and salty is a great combo but this just doesn't work for me as a concept.

For one thing, pickles tend to be moist.

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A good pickle has some serious crunch, but due to how they're made, pickles also tend to be wet to the touch.

Encasing it in a hard shell would trap the moisture in there.

Trapped moisture probably means that the pickle loses a lot of its crunch by the time it gets to your mouth.

Opinions seem to be mixed among those who've tried it, but the snack must have done well enough last year to merit bringing it back again.

You can also get chocolate-covered grapes.

This seems like a better match to me. The sweetness of the grapes would pair really nicely and you'd have that juicy inside when you bite into it.

Still, I might try a chocolate-covered pickle just to say that I did.

Sadly, I'm not anywhere close to a Malley's Chocolate retail location. Both the pickles and the grapes are too fragile for shipping, so if you want to try them, you'll have to do it in person.

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