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9+ Celebrities Who Left Hollywood For Regular Jobs

Sometimes, the world of celebrity can be a little too much.

For these stars, the spotlight didn’t interest them as much as the promise of a normal life did.

Hey, “retired celebrity” is a pretty cool thing to have on a resumé, right?

Mara Wilson

Twitter | @MaraWilson

After Matilda came a roller coaster for Mara Wilson: critical success, but personal tragedy.

Her mother passed away shortly after filming wrapped. Mara turned from acting to writing, and has now published a book.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Remember when we called him JTT? Just me? It’s okay, I’m old.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas left acting at the height of his fame to focus on academics.

You can catch him occasionally guest-starring on Last Man Standing, though.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes became a media sensation for all the wrong reasons.

However, she left Hollywood for all the right ones: she’s now studying fashion, and intends to become a fashion designer.

Jack Gleeson

Vulture | @sophiet

Jack Gleeson portrayed one of the most hated characters of all time when he starred in Game of Thrones as King Joffrey.

He deliberately chose to leave Hollywood after that, and now owns his own traveling theater company.

Gene Hackman

Did you know Gene Hackman retired?

Well, now you do, and so do I. We’re learning together!

He quit acting and now writes historical fiction novels full-time. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

Danny Lloyd

Getty Images | Sunset Boulevard

Co-starring in one of the scariest movies ever made was quite enough for Danny Lloyd.

After his role in The Shining, he retired from acting. He’s now a biology teacher!

Dylan Sprouse

Instagram | @allwisemeadery

You may see a face that looks like his on Riverdale, but make no mistake: this Sprouse twin is not about that Hollywood life.

While Cole conquers the teen world, Dylan owns a meadery in New York.

MC Hammer

Ever wonder where MC Hammer went?

After music, he tried a huge variety of jobs: he owned a stable for race horses, started a mixed-martial arts company, and even invested in tech.

JB Gill from pop and R&B group, JLS

Instagram | @jbgill

What would you do if you were looking to change your life after being in a boy band?

Here’s what JB Gill from JLS did: he became a farmer! Cool, right?

Nikki Blonsky

Instagram | @nikkiblonsky

I guess you could say Nikki Blonsky’s role in Hairspray prepared her for her future career.

She left Hollywood for a quieter life, and became...a hairstylist. Because of course she did!

Cary Grant

It took Cary Grant a while to retire from acting.

He was well into his '60s when he quit, but he had a number of side businesses in play.

When he retired, he joined the board of Fabergé.

Cameron Diaz

Instagram | @benjimadden

Have you noticed that you haven’t seen Cameron Diaz around in a while?

That’s because she quietly retired. These days, she’s a critically acclaimed author who has actually been featured on The New York Times best seller list.

Yes, we're counting "author" as a "regular job" because it's hard, okay?

Freddie Prinze Jr

Instagram | @realfreddieprinze

Freddie Prinze Jr left acting behind when he and Sarah Michelle Gellar became parents.

These days, he’s a successful cookbook writer, dad, and does occasional work as a voiceover artist.

Dan Spitz from Anthrax

Dan Spitz opted for a much quieter occupation after he left his heavy-metal band Anthrax behind.

He now owns a successful watchmaking business. He even has two degrees to prove it.

Kevin Jonas


Okay, listen: Kevin Jonas was retired for a while! He co-founded a real estate development company after the Jonas Brothers broke up.

However, the Jonas Brothers are back together again, and all is right with the universe.

Shirley Temple


Shirley Temple was so famous that she received a special Juvenile Academy Award in 1935. She even inspired a delicious drink.

She left Hollywood for politics and was the United States Ambassador to Czechoslovakia.

Lark Voohries


After appearing in the '90s television classic Saved by the Bell, Lark took a step back from Hollywood to try her hand at writing.

Peter Ostrum

MPTV Images

You may remember this face from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory because Peter Ostrum played the main character Charlie.

He left the chocolate factory life to be a veterinarian.

Brittany Ashton Holmes

YouTube | columbia fan

Brittany Ashley Holmes left Hollywood for a more low key life after starring in The Little Rascals when she was only five.

She is allegedly now pursuing a degree in political studies. Alfalfa would be proud.

Jeff Cohen


Goonies never say die!

Even though one of our favorite characters from The Goonies, Chunk, left acting in the early '90s, he never fully left.

Now, he's an entertainment attorney in Los Angeles.

Charlie Korsmo


Even Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman couldn't hook the Hook actor onto Hollywood.

Charlie Korsmo, who played Jack in the 1991 movie, is now a Professor of Law and holds a long list of accolades in relation to his work.

Michael Schoeffling

YouTube | Movieclips Classic Trailers

Michael Schoeffling started his Hollywood career strong when he played teenage heartthrob Jake in Sixteen Candles next to Molly Ringwald.

However, he left the acting scene to spend more time taking care of his children and become a carpenter.

Mike Vitar


Even though Mike Vitar starred in some Hollywood '90s classic, like The Sandlot and the sequels to the_The Mighty Ducks_, Hollywood wasn't forever.

He became a firefighter for the Los Angeles Fire Department.