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23 Of The Most Well Hidden Celeb Cameos We All Missed

Sometimes, we find ourselves enjoying a film and suddenly we have one of those "did I just see who I thought I saw?" moments.

Most of the time, we're totally right, but other times these moments slip right by us, and we have no idea that a celeb even made an appearance.

This is why the internet exists, to inform us of all those times we should have looked closer.

Daniel Craig in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens".

YouTube | ScreenSlam

Hollywood, how are we supposed to know when our favorite celebs are making cameos when you cover their faces? Oh. We're not? Fine.

Then no one can blame us for not noticing when James Bond appeared in a Star Wars movie.

Chris Martin in "Shaun of the Dead".

What Culture

I was a little more focused on Shaun escaping all of the zombies, so I'm sorry I didn't spot the lead singer of Coldplay attacking our hero.

Apparently, he was there — and today I learned that Chris Martin has multiple talents.

Matt Damon in "Deadpool 2".

Reddit | CrashOverride24

Everyone — and I mean everyone —missed this cameo. It makes sense, with all of the prosthetics and makeup they threw on him to appear as one of the hillbillies that Cable encounters. Color me impressed, Damon.

Cate Blanchett in "Hot Fuzz".

Flavor Wire

There is no way any of us knew that Cate was actually Nick Angel's ex-girlfriend, Janine.

I'm sorry that I can't identify celebrities solely based on their eyes.

Jimmy Buffett in "Jurassic World".

If you were like me, you had yourself a little chuckle during the movie when that guy was running away from the dinosaurs, margaritas still in hand.

That bit was on purpose since it happened to be Jimmy Buffett of Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville. So clever, those movie makers.

Jim Carrey in "Liar, Liar". |

Yes, you are correct and Jim Carrey does star in Liar, Liar.

However, some eagle-eyed In Living Color fans spotted the actor in the background of one scene dressed as his iconic character, Fire Marshall Bill.

Cameron Diaz in "Minority Report".

Mental Floss

I'd like to again remind everyone that I am no expert when it comes to identifying celebrities' eyes, which is why I didn't spot Cameron Diaz in this film.

There was also a lot going on. Tom Cruise ran way too much.

Richard Branson in "Casino Royale".


Branson's cameo in the Bond film was reportedly bought after he provided a plane for the film, and saved the movie several dollars.

That's one way to get a spot in your favorite franchise.

Garrett Morris in "Ant-Man".

YouTube | Screen Rant

If you blinked when Ant-Man fell on top of a car, then you missed who was behind the wheel. It was SNL alum Garrett Morris, who actually dressed up as Ant-Man way back in the day.

Cynthia Nixon in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall".

Twitter | @StarsHeadlines

This one blew a lot of our minds, because I'm pretty sure that no one saw this happen.

We might have been too busy laughing at Jason Segal getting totally wasted while quoting Sex and the City.

Brad Pitt in "Deadpool 2".

Cinema Blend

This was one of those, "Hey! I know that guy!" moments when he flickered before our eyes as Vanisher. Since Brad was in talks to play Cable but couldn't make it work, we're glad he appeared for a split second.

Bill Murray in "Dumb and Dumber To".

YouTube | Screen Rant

Since I'm sure we'd all just rather forget this movie altogether, let's take a moment to remember a cameo that was incredibly hidden. If I knew about it, maybe I would have liked the movie a little more.

Bill Murray played Harry's new roommate (whose hobby was just slightly illegal — hence the mask).

Peter Jackson in "Hot Fuzz".

YouTube | mrCOOKIEjunior

Being a huge fan of Shaun Of The Dead, Jackson jumped at the opportunity to appear in Hot Fuzz, even if it was only for a split second...dressed up as Father Christmas.

Dan Aykroyd in "Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom".

YouTube | gnaaade

Aykroyd's friends are cooler than yours, and by cooler I mean one of them is award-winning director, Steven Spielberg. This means getting a cameo in one of his films wouldn't have been all that hard to do.

Akroyd plays Weber in the second installment of the Indy series and is on screen for only a few seconds.

Glenn Close in "Hook".

Mental Floss

In my defense, I didn't even know who Glenn Close was when I first saw Hook as a child, so this one is not my fault.

Now we know that the pirate who was put inside the Boo Box to be tortured is also Cruella de Vil. The more you know.

George Harrison in "Life Of Brian".

Twitter | @beatlesbyday

Believe it or not, everyone's favorite British comedy group had a hard time financing this classic film.

Lucky for them, and all of us, George Harrison stepped in and actually started his own production company to fund Life Of Brian.

Carrie Fisher and George Lucas in "Hook".

YouTube | ItsAlwaysTheQuietOnes

No one can blame you for missing this one — it's literally impossible to tell who these people kissing on a bridge late at night actually are.

Jimmy Buffett in "Hook".

YouTube | ItsAlwaysTheQuietOnes

Jimmy Buffett may have had a cameo in Jurassic World, but waaay before that, he made an appearance in every '90s kids' favorite movie. He's credited on IMDb as "Shoe-Stealing Pirate."

Nathan Fillion in "Guardians of the Galaxy".

Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki

Yeah, I know, I missed it too. That's because our other favorite space cowboy was the voice of an alien who got in Star-Lord's way in the prison.

Nathan played Captain Mal in Firefly, and we would pay a lot of money to see a space cowboy standoff between Mal and Star-Lord.

James Cameron in "Titanic".

YouTube | Raju Srivastav

Draw me like one of your French girls, James. Unfortunately for all of you Leo fans out there, those talented hands actually belong to Titanic's director, James Cameron.

And because he's left handed, Cameron had to flip the film to match DiCaprio's dominant right hand.

Ron Jeremy in "Ghostbusters".

YouTube | 1humanguy

Obviously, this was one of Ron's more family-friendly movie scenes. The role was uncredited and happens about an hour into the movie after the explosion at Ghostbusters headquarters.

Trevor Noah in "Black Panther".

YouTube | Ankka5

Don't beat yourself up if you missed the host of The Daily Show since you wouldn't have seen him, but you might have heard him.

Noah offered his voice for the Wakandan ship that Everett Ross pilots in the film.

24. David Beckham in "The Man From U.N.C.L.E".


Beckham appears as a Russian projectionist, with only one line of dialogue.

Considering the quick cut, it was practically impossible to tell it was him.

Ozzy Osbourne in "Trick Or Treat".

Although Ozzy is literally in plain sight during this movie, a lot of people had no idea it was him!

He seems so tame in the movie that people didn't recognize the rock star without his makeup and accessories!

Edward Norton in "Kingdom Of Heaven".

YouTube | Saint Paul Media

Fight Club star Edward Norton plays the king in this movie, but unless you're really good at listening to voices, it is impossible to tell it is him, due to the mask he wears.

Alfred Hitchcock in "Lifeboat".

20th Century Fox

In the movie Lifeboat, the director was barely seen as he's presented in a newspaper!

It shows his real-life weight loss in an advertisement called "Reduco Obesity Slayer".

Danny Glover in "Maverick".

Danny Glover appeared as a train robber that a lot of people missed.

Although we can't blame you for not noticing, considering the fact that he wore a bandanna covering his face for most of his scenes.

Gary Lightbody in "Game Of Thrones".

Gary Lightbody, frontman of Snow Patrol appeared in an episode of Game of Thrones.

People only knew it was coming because the singer shared a behind the scenes photo of his day filming.

Mark Hamill in "Rise of Skywalker".

Hamill did appear as Luke Skywalker, but he also voiced the alien Boolio.

He gave the Resistance information that was crucial to their mission before he met an untimely fate.

Did you happen to catch any of these clever cameos? Which one surprised you the most?

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