16 Hilarious Teachers Getting Straight A's In Humor

School is literally the worst. I pretty much hated every second of it.

But, now that I'm out in the real world, things aren't much better. Everyone told you things were gonna get harder as you went up in grades and then into college, but no one told me how lame being an adult is!

At least we all meet some interesting teachers along the way, and some of them are pretty cool people.

1. This teacher does have a point.

Reddit | guardontheright

Like, you can either be basic and have your bubble letters or you can commit and praise Satan. Pick ONE. Trust me, you can't do both.

2. These teachers get it.

Twitter | @SoDamnTrue

There is an honesty here that I really appreciate. It's really good to know that I will probably still have anxiety and sandwiches when school finishes.

3. My guess is that this guy is a drama teacher. 

Reddit | [deleted]

Or an English teacher...definitely someone in the arts — or biology. Or geography. You know what? It's really hard to say.

4. This is straight-up ridiculous.

Fusion Yearbooks | Fusion Yearbooks

Who has the time to collect enough tears to put into a water bottle? Just kidding, I know it's a joke, and a pretty funny one, tbh.

5. "Fake it 'til you make it."

Tumblr | himynameissamanthaa

That is advice even Drake could stand behind. This is hilarious, though. I want to know where he downloaded that font.

6. Do you think he did the voice, too, while teaching?

Reddit | Tredid

If he didn't, then this would pretty much be a waste of everyone's time. He looks really good, though. Right?

7. So, I need to know exactly how this happened.

Imgur | Imgur

What subject is this? How did you get on the topic of putting hands in mouths? How is his mouth that big?!

8. How does he think this makes anyone less nervous?

Twitter | @izynfrhn

I would rather feel like I'm failing than be taught by some guy who thinks it's OK to wear an Iron Man mask as a grown adult.

9. It's amazing how many people challenge these rules.

Reddit | [deleted]

Everyone thinks they're above the law of fonts and formatting, but let me tell you: no one is! None of us are safe.

10. Look at that look on his face.

Twitter | @Janedoe783

He knows what he did is cool and he knows he's good at math. So, what I need to know is...is there anything this guy can't do?

11. This is hilarious.

Reddit | Skwuruhl

Will any of us recover from the tragic loss of Pluto? This teacher is cold-blooded and has apparently already moved on from the touchy subject. This Post-it hurts my soul.

12. Why did this have to happen?

Reddit | OfficerOvaries

I'm seriously asking. Yeah, OK, ovens have timers, but guess what! People also make mistakes! Does it have to be that big a deal?!

13. Gotta love a meme-savvy teacher.

Reddit | That_Male_Nurse

Being able to speak the language of kids these days is very important. It makes learning easier and much more fun. Mad respect for this crazy-girlfriend-sun meme.

14. This teacher is waiting for a student to come out of the washroom so he can bust her for smoking.

Reddit | dspman11

That is definitely next-level dedication to his students. Awesome that he was cool with this photo being taken.

15. Here is another teacher who hopefully did a funny voice.

Reddit | Ginger_Rogers

If he didn't speak in a hilarious English accent, I would legit leave. I don't have time for halfhearted productions.

16. These kids aren't getting away with anything. 

Reddit | NYstate

He literally stopped any kind of shenanigans imaginable. I gotta say, that is some serious talent. The drawing is pretty good, too. Sad that my name isn't butchered on there.

17. This teacher who knows how to discourage frivolous bathroom breaks.

Twitter | @BEANBURRlTO

Trust me, you're not going to walk around the school for 15 minutes carrying that thing around.

18. This teacher who isn't afraid to make jokes about how long his students take on their bathroom breaks.

Reddit | woodcrest

19. This professor who knows how to work the system.

Twitter | @KaySiizzle

Hey, if no one comes to your office hours, what's the point of being there?

20. This professor with a specialty in quadratics and memes.

FunnyJunk | FunnyJunk

There aren't a lot of things that make math tolerable, but memes are definitely one of them.

21. This professor staged a peaceful protest for the greater good.

Reddit | Reddit

Social activism is an important part of any college education.

22. This teacher who compared their PDA-inclined students to slobbery cows 

Reddit | Amk1221amk

Not exactly The Notebook material.

23. This teacher has no time for fire safety rules.

Imgur | SpatziKiller

I had a science teacher who would use any excuse to do an experiment like this, and had set off the fire alarm more than once.

Mr. Stewardson, if you're reading this, I hope you're still starting fires.

24. This teacher who was clearly sick of their students looking at the clock non-stop

Reddit | Erikm96

Nothing like some engaging wall art to encourage learning!

25. This teacher has a special bin for late papers.

Reddit | MrMegaGamerz

If I were ever a teacher, I would strive to reach this level of hardcore.

26. This teacher just awed the class with his sweet PowerPoint skills.

Twitter | @KatieMettam

I'm sure most teachers wish they could start their lessons with those first two words, but only the cool ones can get away with it.

27. This teacher discovered the best method of taking attendance.

Reddit | kevbawt

Two birds, one stone! Now that's problem-solving...

28. This troll professor who trolled his students in the trolliest way ever. 

Reddit | isaynonowords

Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye

Never gonna tell a lie and hurt youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

29. This teacher exercised their artistic abilities. 

Distracify | Distracify

Marking exams can be one of the most tedious tasks in the world, so you may as well make it fun if you can!

30. This teacher who decided it wasn't worth the eyestrain 

Reddit | merryano

I would have killed to have had a teacher like this in my day.

31. This teacher clearly wasn't interested in staying after class.

Reddit | mjohnson125

I'm sure his replacement is fully capable of explaining how to do quadratic functions...

32. This prof who swiped right

Reddit | lavenderribbons

Out of all the awkward message situations that occur on Tinder, this is probably the least upsetting...unless you were hoping for an A...

33. This prof and his sweet paperweight take the cake.

Reddit | tcwer

We all have different ways of coping with our problems...sometimes, it's to burn them.

34. This teacher knows how to deal with students who skip.

Twitter | @grace__sheehan

The effort they put into that milk carton is particularly impressive...

35. This teacher who knows what you're really doing in class. 

Reddit | iam_fat_guy_

Speak for yourself, Mr. Teacher Man, many people find my crotch highly amusing!

36. This teacher who isn't sparing any feelings

Reddit | Im_Not_Juan_Martinez

If you hated writing it once, just think about spending your whole weekend marking it thirty times!

37. This teacher makes the penless students use quills and it's hilarious.

Reddit | masturprobation

"Despite the fact I'm just coloring in test bubbles, I feel like the Bard himself!"

38. This teacher created an extremely intimidating hall pass.

Reddit | Irrelevantusername31

If that doesn't stop people from stealing it, I don't know what will!

39. This teacher's morals are definitely for sale and on their salary, I don't blame them.

Reddit | LePotaters

Parent-teacher interviews are not only for getting to know your students better, but they're also a great opportunity to make a little extra cash on the side.

40. These teachers give less frigs than Beyoncé when she wrote Lemonade.

Twitter | @Frances_M_G_R

Look closely and you'll see they've also superimposed their heads on her backup dancers!